Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 7


At college
In the classroom
Laksh came and sat near ragini

L-Hii baby

He kept his hand on Ragini’s Waist

Ragini shivers

L-Meet me in library in 5 mins

In library

Laksh pinned ragini to the wall

L-You want to get rid of me naa…now see what will I do……I have a big plan to trap you…that you will know in the been ng

Ragini(Angry)-Laksh leave me….
She pushes him ….how date you touch me

Laksh slides his hand on her back….

L-Like this…oh baby you r so hot

R-Just control your tongue okay

L-Okay baby I can control my tongue……but….

He moves tongue oh his lips

R-W…..what r you trying to say…..what r u going t….to do???? Laksh do not dare …..otherwise

L-Otherwise what haan????

He holds her face tightly…..and kissed her lips …..sucked them

He bring his hand under her clothes and pressed her front

She screams in pain…..you do whatever…but you can’t win

L-Oh I’m enjoying so much baby…..are you

Oh My God you r a heaven beauty Ragini

R-I didn’t a ridiculous person like you in my life Laksh…..you r a Wild animal

L-hahahaa…..that Toh i am…..By the way(in angry Mode)Ragini……I can’t afford this now…..if another rishta will come for you…..but I have an idea now
I have a surprise for you in the evening

Laksh goes

R(In mind)-Now what is he up to…what he will do…..ragini got tensed

Dp(in anger)-what r you saying Laksh…are you in your senses

L-Plz papa plzzzzz…..I will die if you don’t allow me to do this…you don’t know how…..

Dp interrupts-Laksh….didn’t you hear me….I grown you up for this?????How can you do this Laksh

Ap-Jii… Plz listen to him once

Dp-You r saying this ap jii…are you serious

Ap-Jii…..he is our son….don’t want your son to be happy

Dp-I want some time to think over it

At Baadi

Shekhar-Maa….how can you think of this…and Now only….you saw naa waht had happened…and after all this you r sayanything ng that all will be okay

Dadi-Shekhar who is elder you or me….i will take this imp decision not you
Ragini came in the living room after freshen up

Ragini in washroom

She was feeling disgusted…she thinks about the kiss….she washes her face her lips many times….cries

Ragini came into the living room after freshen up

Dadi-Laado come sit here

Ragini sat beside her on sofa
Dadi said something …..hearing that ragini got tensed

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  1. Wow…nyc episode.

  2. Sindhura

    Lak is crossing his limits dear
    No girl will love a person lije this
    As its ff
    Its good but change lak behaviour

    1. if u dont like my ff then no need to read it ……go to hell …….i dont write for people like u

  3. I think lakshya marriage alliance for ragini next part soon

  4. I think laksh proposal for ragini,!! Nice

  5. Teja

    Awesome I think laksh is going for alliance

  6. Nice. Try to update long epi

  7. Love it

  8. Varsha

    Super dear

  9. Shana98

    Awesome. Waiting for the next one xx

  10. Hemalattha

    awesome.think laksh will make ragini to fall for him.

  11. I think its lak marriage proposal to rag…………….

  12. Rafeee


  13. Akshata

    I guess laksh wants to marry ragini, interesting…. update soon

  14. Laksh marriage proposal for ragini.. .good going

  15. Nice but Pls change laksh behaviour.

  16. Superb episode and plz change Laksh’s character

  17. Ragz_teju


  18. SPP

    He crossing his limits
    Change his behavior

  19. Sreevijayan

    He is a monster..no girl can fall in love wid a guy like him…nice update dear

  20. Superb update soon. Love this ep

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