Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 5


Next day
At baadi
Dadi-Shekhar…..the boy is coming to see ragini today….that is a good family…and they r saying ragini can continue her study after marriage

Shekhar-But maa Ragini….

Dadi-i want to see ragini’s marriage before my death …she acted to cry….and ragini shouldn’t have any problem as she can continue her study after marriage

Shekhar-Even after this I will ask ragini

Ragini came

Dadi-Laado you came sit here…today a boy is coming to see you…and you can continue your study even after marriage

Ragini-I’m ready Dadi

Shekhar, swara and sharmishtha got shocked
As well as happy

Ragini(in mind)-Atleast I will get rid of that laksh….and I know he will not show that MMs to anyone in the society as he also belongs to a respected family…

The boy n family came

They liked ragini

Pandit ji came
Pandit-there is a very goof muhurt at the day after tomorrow for the engagement

Dadi-That’s perfect

Next day


Sanskar-Laksh tomorrow we have to attend an engagement

Laksh-whose engagement??

San-Namish’s(? played by Mishkat verma)


Next day(Engagement day)

At Baadi
Ragini was getting ready and all guests are coming

Sanskar and laksh came

They sat

Laksh-Hey Namish where is our bhabhi yaar….I want to see who is the girl that stole our nami’s heart

Ragini came

Laksh and Ragini both got shocked to see each other

Namish-Ragini you r looking pretty…by the way meet my childhood friends Laksh and sanskar

Ragini holds her hands…..laksh too

Ragini-I’m just coming

Ragini goes

R(in mind)-Now what will I do…..he can do anything if he will get angry

Laksh came after her

L(Full of anger)-Ragini….how can you do this???

R-Its my life I can do anything…..who the hekk r u asking

Laksh pinned her to the wall

L-I will show you who I am…..now you will deny this engagement……otherwise…you know wharmt can I do

R-Laksh plz . ….leave me….
She cries

L-Didn’t you hear what I said

Ragini goes

Ragini Shouted I can’t do this engagement

All got shocked

Sorry guys i know its becoming boring but next epi will be surely good……How was it guys…plz post your precious comments and suggestions…thank you ?

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