Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 4

So here is another chappy Aditi….as a punishment..and guys keeping in mind all your suggestions I have written this one
At home
Ragini was in the washroom crying badly in shower

Next day
At college

Ragini went to the library
Laksh came

L-Hi baby

R-Now I will not keep my mouth shut…don’t you dare to touch me otherwise I will tell the truth to everyone

L-No baby you can’t ….remember y’day incident…..it is recorded in this chip

R-How dare you

L-Oh common Ragini…if I can snatch your dignity then I can do even this …he smirked

R-L.a…Laksh give it to me…she had anger and determination in her eyes…….

L-You know baby if u will co operate I will keep it safe

R-Laksh why r u doing this to me …..what I have done to you……give it to me

L-Oh poor ragini……he smirked

R-I’m not poor Okay……she tries to snatch the chip in anger

L-Baby just calm down….he slided his hand on ragini’s cheeks….in Lust

Ragini slaps him

Laksh held her wrist and pull her closer…..he pulled her hair from behind

L-You have this much attitude haan….Now you will see how I will break you attitude….For now I’m going……but keep this in mind that from tomorrow you will see the hell

He was going

Ragini screamed from behind-You will not be able to do that Laksh Maheshwari…..I will show you the girl power

Laksh keeps on going laugheher
R(In mind)-Now I will have to do something …I can’t tolerate this now…..this is a limit Laksh Maheshwari .. …You can’t buy everything with your money…..but…..

What will I do……should I take swara’s help…..no how will I tell her….I will do it myself….Ragini had confidence and determination in her eyes now

On the other side

Laksh(in mind)-I want you ragini….I want you badly and I can do anything to get you….your everything…..(He had an obsessiveness and Lust in his eyes

So what do you think guys….Will Ragini be able to get rid of the tortures of Laksh or Laksh will make Ragini’s life hell……….who will win this battle of life Ragini Or Laksh???????

Next epi will be a shocker one…so plz stay tuned to my ff guys

How it was guys plz post your precious comments and suggestions thank you


  1. Fairy

    Thanks for considering our suggestions dear,it means a lott!!!😊😊😊…superbbb episode n loved d confidence of rags!!!!waitng for nxt one eagerly…keep rockng n stay blessed dear😊😊😊

  2. aditi syam

    Awesome like eveytime thanks fr updating fr me and plzzzzz introduce a negative character to make raglak closer update soon will be waiting

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.