Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 3


Thank u so much Guys for all your suggestions….i will make sure to fullfill your hopes from this ff

Ragini-Y…you what r u doing here

L-Calm down baby

Laksh comes close to her

R-Stay away from me…otherwise I will shout

L-No one will listen to you today …all r busy
celebrating…. N the DJ sound n all haan…..hahahaha

Today is our day darling

R-Plz leave me plz ….
She cried badly

Laksh kept on coming near her

She hitted against the wall

Laksh holds her face n kissed her passionately

He sucked her lips n then bites her lips

He tried to enter his tongue into her mouth but she gritted her teeth
Laksh Then kneedles her front

She opens her mouth in pain

Laksh entered his tongue into her’s

He tastes her whole mouth
N then broke the kiss


R-Laksh plz let me go

L-No baby see today why we r here in restroom….here is a bed n all

Ragini started crying badly

R-Plz leave me…..what have I done to u

L-Nothing baby….but the thing laksh maheshwari like….he will get it at any cost…..n you.. . you r that thing

Laksh removed ragini’s dupatta

Ragini crossed her arms on her body

Laksh picked ragini in his arms

Ragini kept on begging
But laksh threw her on the bed

Ragini closed her eyes

Laksh kissed her neck

Suddenly swara knocked the door who is there plz open the door I have to take flower from here

L-What the hell

Laksh goes from the window

Ragini composed herself and opened the door

Swara-Ragini what were you doing here…

Ragini-S…swara…ac…actually…my chunni got tored so I was setting that

Swara-Ragini r u okay??? Your eyes r wet

Ragini-Y…yes..I’m….I’m okay…dust has entered into my eyes

Swara-Okay now let’s go…..the flag is likely to be hoisted


All hoisted the flag and celebrated the independence day But……….

Was it really an independence day for ragini???? Or the starting of her being slave

What do you think guys????…..

plz give your precious comments and suggestions…. Thank you

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  1. Sindhura

    She should protect herself yar

  2. Wowww…….but show Ragni bold.

  3. No it was not for ragini. Thank God swra came in time but if she hadn’t come also it could be superb. Haha….. ?????? Amazing update soon

    1. And please make ragini brave.

  4. Awesome yaar can’t wait for their cute romance short episode yaar so as a punishment update one more chpter 🙂 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Ragz_teju

    interesting hope ragini becomes bold

  6. Rafeee


  7. Let ragini take a stand for herself… BTW good going….

  8. Pls show bold ragini.she should protect herself…

  9. Plz dear make rags courageous…she should fight back for herself!!!thank god! Swara came,orelse……..???? Loved d episode ,its awesome!!!!hate dis cheap laksh?..hope soon he”ll realise his mistake…keep rockng n stay blesed????

  10. Snehahari

    so sad and make ragini bold

  11. ragini should become strong, anyways awesome update, pls update next part soon

  12. How cheap laksh make our ragni strong pls

  13. SakshiJ

    Don’t worry guys you will see a bold ragini in the next epi

  14. Akshata

    laksh is just forcing himself on her and she is behaving like a dumb cow. i know laksh wont understand anything soon as its an obsessive lover’s story. he will definitely try something new to harass her but make her strong fighter. update is awesome and i loved it.

  15. Pooja26

    post asap……….

  16. laksh is a ass poor ragu

  17. Superb episode

  18. Hemalattha


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