Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 2

Thank u so much guyz Aditi,Anjali,Mica,Lucky,Keerthi,Lovely,Ashnoor,Akshata,Sindhura,Nikky,Fira,Rafeee,Tamanna,Vijay,Sreevijayan,Tani,Cutiie,Athira,Ammy,Aasthu

Ragini-wh…what r u d..doing???
Laksh-That u will know now only
Laksh comes near her
R-stay away from me
L-Baby how can I??
Ragini was going back
Laksh kept coming forward

Ragini was hitted against the wall
R-plz Laksh I’m sorry let me leave
L-No baby u don’t have to be sorry……I will get my sorry by myself
Laksh pinned her to the wall
L-Ru ready baby???
Ragini was crying
Laksh holds her face n kept his lips on her’s
Laksh kissed her….sucked her lips
R-Swara(it was an excuse)

Laksh leaves her
Ragini went away running
L-Run run…how much u run…..I will get what I want from u
At home
Ragini was crying badly
Ragini-What will I do now???

In college
Ragini was sitting on the bench…laksh came n sits next to her
Ragini fears
L-So how was the kiss baby??
Prof. Came n started the lecture
L-By the way I really enjoyed y’day
Laksh kept fingers on her waist she shivers

In library
Laksh came
Laksh closed the door
L- held ragini’s waist kissed her on her neck…kneedles her bre****
L-Now be my gf….now you lost your dignity….nothing is left
R-No…..she slapped him…..I will not do anything like that….I didn’t lose my dignity
Got that
L-Now you will definitely lose your dignity….you will be mine

Next day
It was independence day and the whole college was going to celebrate it

Ragini entered the college
L-U don’t know today what will happen Ragini

All were decorating the college

Rajat-Ragini plz bring some more flowers from the rest room

Ragini was wearing white Anarkali

Laksh was wearing black t shirt jacket n blue jeans

Ragini entered the Rest room

Suddenly the door got closed by someone.

Ragini get shocked to see that someone

Who is that someone???? Guess guys

So how was the epi…plz post your precious comments anfmd suggestions guys

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  1. Shana98

    awesome i bet the some one is Laksh…
    cant wait to read more update soon… xxx

  2. Cutiie


  3. Superb . I guess laksh

  4. May be laksh and this episode is awesome

  5. its either laksh or rajat

  6. nice …I Gusse that someone is laksh …plzz give long update

  7. I think it’s laksh only. Anyways this ep was marvellous dear. Update soon. Love your ff can’t wait dear haha….. It very interesting

  8. Nice I think the person is laksh

  9. very nice.

  10. Is its laksh

  11. lakshya but plzz don’t let any thing happened to rag save her next part soon

  12. Teja


  13. Pooja26


  14. This episode is awesome…. I am new here…. I loved this episode…. I am also big fan of raglak…. My guess that someone is laksh… But my suggestion was that someone was new, he misbehave with ragini at that time laksh enter to save ragini, next moment ragini have some feeling for laksh… This is my suggestion is anything wrong please forgive me…

  15. Awesome one yaaar!!!!!laksh is so cheap!!!!oh my ragss!!!!hope nthng wl happen to her…..keeep rockng n stay blessed dear??

  16. Sreevijayan

    He is such a cheapster..yuck..by loved the episode

  17. Mica

    omg.. Laksh cross the limit, it’s no more about ragging, but abusing ….

  18. Aasthu

    Laksh is soooooooooooo cheap………..how dare he force himself on her?????? I’m sure that is Laksh…………..

  19. Ragz_teju


  20. Maybe someone else and laksh will save her .
    Loved Ragni and Laksh jodi. ?

  21. Megha123

    Awsm I guess that some1 is rajat /sahil.

  22. Awesome episode

  23. Good of course that our laksh

  24. The update was superb. I cant wait for the epi, pls update soon. I am not sure about that the person is laksh

  25. Its our hero lucky.. Awesome dr

  26. I am sure it is laksh but plzzzzzzzzz dont get her raped nd make their first eyelock a lovely one sakshi cn u tell me in which class u r studying to knw whether i should call u dii or ur name post sòn yaar will be waiting

    1. SakshiJ

      I have completed my graduation aditi

  27. Akshata

    awesome, laksh is so disgusting, how could he touch her like that. bt i am curious to know what will happen next?

  28. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Hope Ragini stands for her dignity
    That someone is Laksh or someone else
    Waiting for the next one………..

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