Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 17


Recap-Laksh hurts his leg….Ragini and raj went to dance

Raj holds ragini’s hand and kissed it

Ragini felt awkward then he holds her one hand and she put her hand on his shoulder…he put his hand on her waist

she felt something strange in his touch

Song plays

Suno naa sangemarmar ki yeh minare

Kuchh bhi nahin gain aage tumhare

they move on the beat

then he moves her on his finger…then again the simple step of couple dance

Aaj se dil pe mere raj tumhara

Taj tumhara………

They were not very close…and even ragini was trying to stay at a distance from raj

Bin there masddham so chal rahi thi dhadkan

he then pulled her closer by her waist….she bumped into him and got shocked

she looks at him shocked

Ragini-what’s this raj

Raj-Oh sorry ragini….actually we r doing a couple dance and it wasn’t looking like that so I though to pull you a little close….but I think I used my max strenghth…sorry

Ragini-It’s okay….

she was irritated this time

then they continued the dance

Bin there maddham maddham si chal rahi this dhadkan
jabse mile tum Hume aachal se tere band

Dil ud raha hai

Then the song is over

Ragini was going in a irritated as well as confused face

Raj helds her hand

Raj-Ragini….r you angry on me….sorry naa

Ragini-it’s okay raj…now go and sleep…..the party is over

Ragini wasn’t able to believe him but she let it go

All went to their hoses and raj goes to his room

Ragini came to laksh who was busy on his laptop

She was standing like laksh will notice her but even after 5 mins he didn’t reacted



R-I’m standing here from 5 mins and you didn’t notice me

Laksh lookedvat her

L-Oh…so you want my attention haan

R-It’s nothing like that okay

L(teasingly)-So why were you waiting for me….will you get a laddoo from me???

R-Oh don’t feel so important okay….i’m here only because you got hurt and should sleep now…..get up and let’s go into the room

she stand him up….and put his one arm on her shoulder and took him to the room….laksh was looking at her with a sweet smile all the way

She make him sit on the bed…

L-Why fmdon’t you tell that you can’t sleep without me

R-Oh hello…this is not the thing…I don’t need anyone to sleep

Laksh laughed

Ragini didn’t say anything

then she was making him lie on the bed and was on him

they had an eye lock…..

BG song

Bol do naa Zara.

suddenly they got disturbed when a pen dropped on the floor…..ragini fit nervous and turned her face other side….while laksh got happy

then she was on the dressing table removing her bangles and got hurt as her hands were hurt already



he came to her without thinking of his legs

He holds her hands

L(Scolding her in a caring way)-Ragini what’s this….you couldn’t tell me to took these bangles out from your hands???


L(He put his finger on her lips)-Shhhhh

Ragini was quiet now

Laksh was taking out her bangles and they were looking at each other with love…then…

L-Ragini where r. you lost its done….now I’m going to sleep I’m very tired..I danced very much naa…he laughed…and goes

Hearing this ragini gets thinking about something

R(in mind)-What was that….why i felt Raj’s touch uncomfortable???….and is he really behaving strangely these days or i’m thinking too much I don’t know just then

L-Ragini plz switch off the lights….I’m not getting my sleep


Switched off the lights

R(in mind)-Laksh is so caring naa…..And even he is not forcing me….is he the one before marriage…when he used to torture me??….he didn’t even think about his legs when I got hurt and came to my rescue immediately
But……how …..how can I forgive him for those tortures…..And after all this marriage has been forced on me…..if I will accept him. .then he will think that he won over me and he can do anything with any girl…..no I can’t. …..I can’t accept him

She got asleep in a confusion

Next day its early morning when ragini felt someone’s hand is caressing her cheek

She got up…..and looked here and there and found no one….laksh was sleeping…..she thought was that laksh or it was my imagination???…then she ignored it

But there was someone who was hidden behind the window curtains….and yes it was none other than raj

ragini got up and goes into the washroom to bath

then ragini came wearing orange lehanga(which she wears daily)…..raj was seeing her bare back…..and just seeing her
she tied the Dori of her blouse and after getting ready she goes downstairs to make the tea

Raj goes outside from the window
Ragini came in her room with tea….and goes towards laksh
Ragini-Laksh…..laksh…get up its already late

L-Ragini plz let me sleep

She looked at him lovingly
Ragini(in mind)-How cute is he looking while having sleep with a cute smile

Ragini-Laksh get up your tea is here….now get up fast I’m going…she turns to leave just then laksh holds her and and pulls her…….she falls.on him
Laksh opens his eyes…..and pinched her hairs behind her ears
L-Ragini plz can you got me up like y’day you make me lied on the bed as I have pain is n my legs and plz do me one more favour take me to the washroom….so I can take bath

Ragini-Laksh don’t be so naughty…..you didn’t get hurt that much that you can’t walk ….now get up and go yourself


She got a smile on her face hearing wifey from his mouth

He goes

Ragini(in mind)-why didn’t I scold him when he was talking nonsense and called me wifey..even I became happy …..am I falling for him…..no….no ragini you can’t he forced you and don’t you remember his tortures….no I can never fall for you Laksh….never

Just then
Laksh(From inside the washroom)-Ragini….can you pass me the towel?

Ragini was giving him the towel suddenly he pulls her inside…..and closed the door
.R-L….laksh what r you doing
L-You don’t what am I trying to do???

The shower gets on by mistake with ragini’s hand

They were looking in each others eyes.

Song bg(Punarvivah title)

Naino se yeh milkar naina

jaane kyu ohir jhuk jaate gain

aage badhte hi kadam yeah

Jaane phir kyu run jaate hain

Dhadkano se hai guzarish
(they were looking in each other’s eyes deeply as they will not get this cbance again)

Dor me yeh bandh me jaayein Hume

Har uljhan KO suljhayein

kasak meethi so de jaayein

Aakhir dil hain naa

yeh dil hai yeh dil hai yeh dil hair

sub is dil ki hi toh mushkil hai

Precap-Ragini will take a decision……Raj will harass ragini…..raglak get intimate

So how was it ….tell me in the comments…..Love you all Temishians\Raglakians ?

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