Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 16


Recap-Raj’s revenge mode….Raglak cute romance

They all done their dinner..

Raj-Ragini come I will help you to wash your hand…


Ragini And raj went nearby to wash hands

Ragini was washing hands while raj was pouring water on her hands….he was staring her like he will eat her

Raj kept pouring the water….looking at her….

Ragini-Raj stop stop….its done

Raj-Oh sorry

Ragini-By the way….i’m seeing you r lost in something now a days…..may I know if any girl is in your life????

Raj-Yes ragini I’m in love……

Ragini-Oh that’s great…so who is she you wouldn’t tell me??

Raj holds her hands(in a heavy deep voice)-You will know automatically ragini at the right time that who is she…..

he slides his hands on her’s sensuously…….ragini felt awkward and removed his hands from her’s but ignored it

Ragini-Okay….I am eagerly waiting for that day

Raj(In mind)-Even I’m waiting for that day when I will get you…..you will be mine ragini….you every inch will be mine

Ragini(Dragged him holding his hand)-What r you thinking raj….now let’s go

Raj feels happy as ragini holds his hand…he was looking at their hands

Laksh saw them coming hand in hand….he becomes jealous…

Laksh-Ragini where were you???

R-I was with raj

laksh came to them and snatched ragini’s hand from Raj’s….

Raj’s eyes were boiling in anger….but he controlled himself

Laksh-If your work done then we have to go home …now let’s go

he dragged her

They all reached home

Raglak room

Laksh was wearing his blue white night dress and ragini was in her green Saree

Ragini was making the bedsheet

Laksh-By the way…you didn’t tell me….what were you doing with raj???

Ragini-Nothing…he is my bestie…..and to spend sometime with him….should. I take your permission???

Laksh-Arey no ragini….its totally okay with….he is a very good boy….and yeah why will I not trust him he my childhood buddy…my…brother….you became his friend later…

Ragini was applying cream on her hurt hands


Laksh-ragini….what happened

R-Nothing its paining

Laksh-Give it to me I will do this

R-I don’t want any of your help okay…I can do it myself

L-Ragini I said give it to me

R-I said no

L-Okay then….

Laksh came closer to her…he holds her face and slides his hand on her lips….she was not protesting…he was about to kiss her just then ragini removed his hands

R-What’s this??

L-If you will not allow me to do your dressing then how will express my love for you??? something should be happened to show my love for my wife naa

he again holds her face…she removed his hands

R-okay fine…..she gives him the cream

Laksh smiled at her….she removed her eyes from him being angry……he applied the cream on her hand….there was so much care in his eyes for her….ragini was just looking at him…he completed applying…

L-Ragini…ragini….where r you lost

Ragini came in her senses

L(teasingly)-You were lost in me naa??

R-Its….its….nothing like that o…..okay….

Laksh smiled at her

Now sleep you r already tired

Ragini lied on the bed

Laksh lied beside her facing her

Ragini turned other side in nervousness

R(in mind)-Why is he being so caring for me ….what does that mean….he only wanted to take revenge from me naa….so what is this….is this his new plan to trap me…or what…..

she slept confused

L(in mind)-Ragini I know you r thinking that why I bacame like an angel from a devil ….but you will know it soon…he slept….there was a smile on his face

Next day

at Singhania house

Raj-Dad you should do this…this is perfect for our business…

Raj’s Dad-But how can we???? what about by our studies??

Raj’s Mom-Yes beta….your studies will suffer because of this

Raj-No mom my study will not suffer….I will continue…I will complete my further business degree

Raj’s Dad-Okay raj beta…as you say

in the evening


Ap-welcome come…..

Dp-So how you suddenly thought that

Raj’s Dad-Arey bhaisaab…..actually we got a big project and for that we have decided to shift to Delhi…and we thought that we should shift our business too as there are so big opportunities so..

Laksh came

L-Hey raj what’s dude

Raj-I’m fine….where is bhabhiji

L-Oh bhabhiji…..yaar you can call her ragini she is your bestie

Raj-Arey i was joking

Ragini came with the tea and nashta in tray

She serves everyone

Ap-Jiji take….jiju you also


Raj’s mom-yes

Ragini goes in front of raj

she gave the cup to raj

He takes it in a way that his hand touches ragini’s hand

Ragini felt it akward and remove it fastly

Raj’s mom-By the way…you daughter-in-law is so beautiful

Raj-Yes mom she is…he looked with deep eyes

Ragini removed her eyes feeling awkward

Ragini(in mind)-Why is raj behaving like this…also his touch is very different….why I feel awkward of his touch….ragini then keep her hand on her head….ragini you r thinking too much…it isn’t like that….

She ignored it

Dp-So what about Raj’s studies??

Raj’s Dad-Raj is not going anywhere….he will stay in a hostel and will continue his studies

Ap to Dp-Ji….I was thinking that why not raj stay with us here in our home

Dp-Yes why not

Raj’s Dad-No no bhaisaab we don’t want to give you the tension

Ap-What tension….he is like my son and I will take care of him like laksh

Raj’s mom to his dad am…. plz let him stay here naa…..this is not a different place….this like his home

Raj’s Dad-Okay…thank you so much bhaisaab

Dp-What is the need to be thankful for this

Raj looked at ragini

Raj-Laksh can we live here

Laksh hugged her

L-Arey why not you my brother my chuddy buddy yar….and you will get a very good accompany here you bestie

Raj-Yeah that is so….he looked at ragini smilingly

Ragini also smiled in her innocence

Raj-Then okay I will pack my bags and will shift into your room


Laksh-Oh ignore it ragini…he is just kidding. …he is showing his brotherly love for me saying this

Raj-Yes ragini it was just a joke


Raj goes….he looked ragini with a determined expressions..

Raj-I’m just coming ragini bye.


After some time raj came

Its night

all the lights were switched off

Raj-why r all the lights off…where are all the family members

Suddenly lights switched on


The MM was decorated

Raj-What’s this

Laksh came forward to him and hugged he m

Laksh-Nothing my brother this is just to show our happiness about you will stay with us

Ragini-Yes my bestie we this party is for you…and there are only we…your cousins and me ….your bestue

Raj(in mind)-Ragini I’m so happy that you r happy that I will stay with you

Raj(full of happiness)-By the way….ragini this was your idea naa …..this party is organized by you naa???

Ragini-No …raj this is not the thing …..this was your brother laksh’s idea..he organized this party for you….I didn’t know before that laksh loves you so much

Raj-O…Oh…thank u …thank you so much laksh…my brother

Raj hugged laksh

L-Enoght yaar….don’t be so senty now….let’s rock guys!!!!!!!


Laksh felt happy seeing her happy. it was the first time that ragini been this much happy after their marriage……….while raj was seeing her with a “you will be mine” like expression

They all were dancing on the beat of the rock music….that was a avainyee…..Jumping dance…..laksh was dancing near ragini…..raj got jealous

Suddenly he cane near laksh and hit his leg with his leg whole dancing….pretending that it was by mistake


Ragini-L….Laksh. W…what happened….to you….???

Raj-Oh laksh my brother….i’m…I’m really sorry….it was by mistake….I was just dancing and I hit your leg

Ragini helds his hand and take him to the sofa and made him sit

Ragini-L-Laksh are you….are you okay???

Laksh-I’m totally okay ragini…let’s go and dance

Ragini-how can you dance laksh in this condition??

L-Ragini this is a little wound only

Ragini-Is this so??? so let me see that

she took his leg in her hands… and put her hand on his wound


Ragini-Laksh is this paining so much

Raj was hell jealous see that

L-Why r you caring about my wound…..you hate me naa??(Whispered)

Ragini-J…Just just shut up laksh…thus is not the thing….and this is not the time to hate show hate…….and let me clear one thing if someone else is happend to be here I would do the same thing…because I am not like you…who only knows to hurt(Whispered)

L-Now let me apply this on your wound

She applied medicine on his wound….she was blowing air from her mouth on his wound as well

Laksh was just seeing her mesmerized

Raj was looking at them…

Raj-I wanted to get them separated and they came more close….I will have to do something

Raj came there
Raj-Laksh r you okay….I’m really sorry uaar

Laksh-No……No its totally okay raj…..by the way …we got hurt more than this in our childhood….actually I have remembered our childhood by this incident

Raj-Oh laksh you r really a great brother

L-Oh…hello now don’t be so sent okay


Laksh-Lets go and enjoy now

Ragini-Oh hello….laksh you r not going anywhere…you got hurt….you better sit here and I will also stay here with you

Laksh-Okay I will stay here but why r you spoing your mood because of me….go and enjoy….r you feeling something for me(teasingly)

Ragini-Its nothing like that okay…..I will go and enjoy…..let’s go raj

Laksh smiled

Then the slow and romantic songs got started

Rajat goes to swara-Shall we

Swara looked at sanskar

Swara(teasingly)-Yes off course

Sanskar goes to their another friend Anjali

Sanskar-Shall we
He looked at swara(Angry)


Sahil was dancing with uttara

Laksh was feeling a bit sad that he was not dancing with ragini

Raj came to ragini

Raj-Ragini Shall we

Ragini-No raj i’m not in a mood to dance

Raj-You r not dancing because laksh is not able to enjoy naa…..let me ask your hubby then

Raj came to laksh

Raj-Laksh….may I dance with your beautiful wife..

L-Yes yes off course why not

L-Ragini join him dancing….or you r thinking about me

Ragini-its not like that

Raj-So…shall we??

Ragini-Yes off course..
She gave her hand to him they went

Laksh got busy on his laptop

Precap-Raj ragini dance….Raj’s growing obsession for ragini…..Ragini’s care for laksh will increase

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