Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 14


Recap-Raglak,Sanskar swara and all played truth and there and slept in the hall

its morning (7pm)

Laksh got up first…he found ragini’s head on his shoulder….he got a smile on his face …..he was then looking at her mesmerized….

L(in mind)-How cute she is yaar…..I feel just to see her

a strip of hair came on her face…Laksh was lovingly removing it from her face

Just then ragini woke up

Ragini-W….what r you doing laksh???…She stood up saying this

L-Nothing…I was just staring my wife with love

R-Love my foot….how can you say that this is love….is this love….go and check you dictionary of love Mr. Laksh

Laksh hosded her face and was about to say something just then

Swara-Good morning everyone

All woke up and saw laksh holding ragini’s face

Sahil-I think we should go now

Raj-Yeah…okay ragini we r going


Rajat-Bye ragini

the three went then…

Swara hugged ragini-Okay ragini…now I’m going and yeah sorry for spoiling your first night….she winked at ragini

Ragini bent her head and swara thought that she is blushing

Sanskar-Okay okay swara now go….we have some important work also…now bye

Swara(Irritated)Yeah yaa I:m going I am also not interested to talk with the losers okay….she went

Laksh also goes in has s room

Ragini was about to go just then


R-What happened sanskar???

S-r you angry on us for the last night

R-No….not at all Sanskar…its totally okay

in mind-yu don’t know sanskar its more than okay for me

Sanskar smiled and goes

Raglak room-

Laksh was in front of the mirror getting ready for the office….

L(Thinking)What was ragini saying was right…its not love for me …and I don’t want to love her….but why was I explaining her about love…..

Just then ragini entered the room….and goes to washroom to bath ignoring laksh

Laksh was drinking juice and thinking about love and revenge and some juice dropped from the glass is n the floor

Ragini came wearing pink lehnga with blue blouse and her hair was fully wet….

Suddenly She slipped and Laksh holds her from her
waist…and with one he was holding her hand

They had an eyelock….even ragini was also participating thus time…they were lost in each other’s eyes

Song bg

Terena rmtrena terena na na-2

Ishq bulawa jaane kab aawe….

Ishq bulawa jaane kab aawe………….

Mai taa kol tere rehna

mail taa kol tere rehna

Tenu takda rawa baato pe Teri mail hasda rawa

pagal mail khud nu banata rawa

tu hasdi rawe mai hasada rawa
Ajeeb ranga do tu hair bad I

lage alag hi khayaal di

Just then Some sound disturbed them(the window dashed bcz of the wind)

Ragini came in her senses but laksh was lost in her mesmerizing beauty


in anger-Laksh just leave me

she pushed him….he cane in his senses
.R-What were you doing haan….Have you gone mad
L(Teasingly)-What was you doing….it was only you…who was trapping me in your beauty and don’t know (Closing his shirt’s button).what was your moto by this

R-What the hell r you saying….I was not gonna do anything….I was just slipped that’s it

L(pinning her hair behind her ear)-Oh my wife you r so Innocent…so what was that why were you looking into my eyes that lovingly?? Haan….smtell tell

Ragini looked him angrily-That’s not the thing okay…(Pointing her finger towards him)its better you to accept that…you don’t love me…and let me clear one thing that I can never love you….got that

Then she goes in the hall

Laksh was just staring at her from behind

L(thinking)-What is this feeling called yaar…..is thus Love???

All were at dining table for had ng breakfast

Laksh took a bite

L(Looking at ragini)-Maa who made this…..I was too kiss her hands

All laughed

Sujata-Naa….This ragini made this

L-Oh…Laksh winked at ragini

Ragini removed her eyes being irritated

Just then Ragini got a call….it was Raj’s call


Raj-Hii ragini…actually we friends have planned some outing…can you come

R-Why not we will come definitely…..my bestie want something and I don’t do that…this can’t be happened

Laksh got jealous….ragini gave him a teasing look

R-By the way where are we going??

Raj-We r going for tracking

R-Oh that’s great….I love it

Raj-Okay see you then at 5pm


Ragini cuts the call

R-Papaji can we go with our friends??

Dp-Why not beta….you can go

All have done their breakfast and goes their respective ways

Laksh got up in anger…he holds her arm

L-What the hell is this ragini….For this I married to you that we will enjoy with friends…..What about our privacy??

R-Oh just shut up Laksh …I didn’ marry you by myself….you forced me to marry you….now pay for your sins

Ragini jerked his hand…..His hand got hurt from the dining table


Ragini holds his hand and blown air from her mouth on his hand with concern

Laksh was just looking at her confused as well happy

Just then Ap comes

Ap-Ragini beta……

Ragini came in her senses and left his hand being nervous

Laksh had a smile on his face

Ap-Ragini get ready….you have to go with your friends naa..

R-J….ji maa

Raglak room-

Ragini was continuously ignoring laksh

and laksh was just keep coming in her way to tease her

Laksh got ready wearing blue-white track suit

Ragini wore White top with a pink shrug on it and white track pants

R-Lets go laksh

Laksh stood for n front of her crossing his arms…he was loom ng at her

Ragini(nervously)-What happened…why r you staring at me??….Is some wrong in my face??

Laksh smiled and removed the rubbernad from her hairs

L-You look more beautiful in hair left open

R-But I like to tie them up okay

saying this she tied them again

Laksh felt a little bad but ragini was looking beautiful even now

A car was stopped at MM and the horn was blown

R-I think they have come…let’s go

Laksh waved his hand forward

L-After you my lovely wife

Ragini got irritated

they go outside

Rajat-Hey laksh come….

Rajat was driving the car and Raj-Sahil beside him

Ragini got inside the car

Laksh sat from the opposite side and sat beside ragini

Ragini makes an irritated face
.sanskar beside laksh.and swara sat beside ragini

Swara-Ragini plz shift more I have to close the gate
sanskar-Yes lucky plz shift

Swara sanskar pushed them….Raglak’s eyes get locked

Sing bg

Naa jiya zindagi ek pal bhi

Tujhse hoke juda sun Zara

bin tere mujhse naaraz that dil

tu mila hai to hai keh raha……

mai there rang rang chuka noon

bad tera ban chuka noon

mera mujhme kuchh nahi sab tera

mai to tere dhang me dhal chuki noon

bus ho chuki hoon mera

mera mujhme kuchh nahi sab tera

Swara waved her hand in front of raglak and they came in their senses

Swara(Teasingly)-you guys start anywhere yaar….

the car got started

Raglak were too close

Ragini’s heartbeats were running very fast

But someone was there who was staring them from the mirror angrily

Then they reached at the place

So how was it???Keep commenting guys

Precap-The silent and violent lover is gonna revealed…Laksh’s realization about something and Raglak closeness….and more

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