Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 13


I’m so sorry guys…ita been 2 days that i have not update my ff.
So as a supplement here the big one epi….enjoy guys

Pari took ragini to the bed and sat there with her
Pari-I know ragini you r tensed

Ragini-Bha…bhabhi….aapko kaise pasta

Pari-Ragini its normal….when we girls leave our home and come into another one….we got tensed 1naa….the tension that how will we settle in this new family…
Pari(in a teasing tone)-And……another tension of first night…u know
Ragini bent her head
Pari-okay ragini now I’m going this is the milk you have to give laksh

Pari goes

Ragini looked around….the room was beautifully decorated with roses and a heart was made at the center of the bed……colourfull candles were litted

Ragini got tensed as well as angry to see this

She was thinking about how laksh gave her all the pain and forced her to marry him

R(in mind)- you will not get me at any cost laksh…I will not let it happen…but how….how will I be saved from that monster?????

Suddenly the door opened

She got disturbed

Ragini looked at laksh with a do not dare look

Laksh smiled at her..and closed the door

Ragini got scared

She got up from the bed and goes to the dressing table…..her heart was beating fast

Laksh came close to her

He blown air from his mouth on her back…she shivers….
She turned….with anger in her eyes. but laksh…he was just smiling with love in his eyes

Ragini tried to push him away……he pulled her closer by her waist…..ragini was hell scared…she could not even shout because of the family sake
His fingers were sliding on her waise….she shivers…

Someone was seeing all this from the window then he goes

Laksh holded her face and bring his face closer to hers……she closes her eyes tightly……..he put his lips on her soft lips……she shivers…..ragini was trying to free herself……suddenly the door was knocked

L(in anger)-What the hell ….

He left her

She got relieved…her heart was beating fast even now

Laksh goes to open the door in anger…he opened the door and got shocked

L-You………what r you doing here

Ragini come forward to see who is that angle….because of him\her she got saved from this monster

R-Arey Rajat…..come naa…

Rajat(played by mohit abrol)-Arey No….no bhabhi ….I have only came here to…..

Laksh interrupts(Angry)-Rajat what r you doing here….you know naa

Rajat-Arey yes…yes…I know I know….but we friends are also something in you life naa

L-What r you saying I don’t understand???

Rajat-Laksh its your fault only…..you got married in a hurry and didn’t throw a bachelor party even….so we friends are here to celebrate your marriage

L-We can celebrate it tomorrow naa….rajat understand this is my first night

Rajat-No I don’t know anything…now you and Ragini bhabhi will have to come downstairs with me and join us okay

L(in anger)-Okay….Let’s go ragini

Ragjni gets happy and gave teasing look with a winning expression on her face

They went downstairs…..all Ragini and Laksh’s friends were there

Swara(in a teasing tone)-Come…Come the newly wedded lovebirds

Laksh was a bit angry

they all sat making a circle

Rajat(Mohit abrol….Laksh’s buddy spoilt),Sahil(Anuj sachdeva…Raglak’s Classmate),Raj(Vatsal Seth…Ragini’s friend),Sanskar,Swara all were there

Raj-Hii Ragini…Congo for your marriage

Ragini-But why you didn’t you attend it????

Raj-Woh…woh actually…I was out of town for some work that’s why I couldn’t attend your marriage


L-So what we r going to do??

Swara-We r going to play truth and dare

they started playing

the bottle stops at swara first


R-Okay….so do you have any crush on anyone???

swara(blushungly)-Yes……..Actually he is strictly n the college….a classmate

R(Teasingly)-Oho…so my Sis has grown up??

swara-Stop it yaar ragini

Laksh(Teasingly…..pinched her on her waist)-by the way you have also grown up ragini

Ragiji got irritated


Rajat whistles

Now the bottles stops at Ragini


Swara-Okay ragini so your dare is you have to kiss your loving husband

Ragini(frustrated)-What r you saying swara…I am not gonna do that

Sahil-No…ragini rule is a rule you will have to do this dare

Laksh smirked

L-what’s the problem ragini….I’m your husband…you can kiss me anywhere

All forced ragini to do that

All(Shouted)-Ragini ..Ragini…Ragini.Ragini

Ragini had no option left but she had to do this

she got up shivering

Laksh was so happy that ragini will kiss him by herself

Ragini Came near him and holds his face

Laksh closed his eyes….all were looking at them

Ragini kissed him

Rajat-What is this ragini you only kissed him on his cheek….this is not done yaar.. there s is not a kiss

Swara-Yes ragini this is in t done

Laksh got angry that ragini didn’t kissed him where he was thinking to be kissed

Ragini-The dare was I had to kiss and I kissed that’s it

All goes silent

Now the bottle stopped at Sanskar


Laksh-Okay sanskar … same Q. as swara.. your crush???

Sanskar-Yes….but I don’t she likes me or not

Swara was thinking about whom he is talking???

Then the bottle sttoped at Raj


Rajat-So Tell me have you loved anyone

Raj-Yes….I did….and I do….and I will ….I love her so much…she my life

Ragini-Okay okay my bestie don’t be so emotional now

Then the bottle stopped at Sahil


Swara-okay…so tell me do have any enemy???

Sahil-Yes I have….and I really want to take revenge from him\her

Swara-Oh okay

Then the bottle stopped at laksh


Sanskar-So laksh your dare is that you will say your feelings for ragini by singing a song


Laksh had guitar in his hand starts to sing

Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai

Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai

Behad air beshumaar aaya hai

He who winked at ragini

Ragini removed her eyes being irritated

Tu hi meri aawargi…

tu hi dua har shaam ki

he came behind her and hold her from behind and moves with her danced

tu bewajah tu laazmi

tu hi wafa tu had m kami

All were lookin ng them in a adorable way………..
………Something was there in there group who was not happy….he grinded his teeth

suddenly a sound came

A broken glass was on the floor

Laksh-what’s this who did this???

Swara-Its okay lucky….it may be slides from someone’s hand. we should continue

Then the bottle stopped at Rajat


Swara-So will have to propose someone who is very close to you here

Rajat goes towards ragini

Laksh makes faces

He bent on his knees and holded ragini’s hand

Laksh was furious to see this

Rajat-Ragini….I like you so much ….can you leave laksh and be girlfriend

Laksh-What the hell

Swara-Just calm down laksh its just a challenge

All laughed
ragini came and sat beside laksh

L(in anger…….in ragini’s ears he holder her hand tightly)-Kyu…..you enjoyed naa what Rajat did for you

Ragini struggled to free her hand

They enjoyed so much

Swara-Now its enough guys it’s been so late let’s sleep here only
Laksh-But. ..

Sanskar(Teasingly)-But vat….nothing lucky…..you can enjoy the other night yaar….

Laksh grinded his teeth


Laksh was irritated that his night get spoiled

Ragini was relieved that she get saved today

it was already 4pm so all slept there only

So guys How was the epi???

Any guesses who is the silent and violent lover of ragini….Sahil…Raj or Rajat????

Guess guess….it will be revealed in which epi…..I also don’t know. ????
keep commenting……thank you so much Temishians Raglakians ??

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    Waiting for the next one…………..

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