Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 12


“Don’t do this marriage otherwise your life will be like hell”…. This was written in that slip

Ragini(in mind)-What is this??….who sent this to me.and who wants to stop this marriage…..I don’t know if he\she is my wellwisher or anything else…what he\she wants…..what will be his\her profit in this

Suddenly sharmi came
Sharmi-Ragu beta….are you ready…….this is the time to go to the mandap….everyone is waiting for you beta

R-Yes maa I’m ready…her eyes were wet

someone was looking all this from the window

He crushed the rose from the flower pot under his foot

Sharmi goes

Swara came
Swara-OMG!!!! Look at you Ragini…….my Sis is the most beautiful bride in the world…you r looking gorgeous

Ragini didn’t say anything

Swara-By the way…your face is glowing because of the make up or because of Laksh’s Love haan???

Ragini’s eyes got tears….she bent her head to hide it

Swara-oho….look look…some one is blushing so much

R(in mind)-you don’t know swara….from which problem I’m suffering

Swara-Okay okay now stop blushing…the time is came to get your love forever….let’s go

Swara took ragini downstairs

Swara and ragini were coming from the stairs

Laksh was mesmerized seeing ragini…she was looking damn beautiful

Ragini saw him with hatred

Laksh couldn’t take off his eyes from her

Song plays in BG..

Dil kyu yeah mera …shot kare…
Dil kyu yeah mera shoe kare
Idhar nahi….udhar nahi
Teri ore chale

Ragini came and sat beside laksh in the mandap

Laksh was staring at her

Ragini was not looking at him

Zara dear ne yeah kya ho gaya
Nazar milte hi kaha kho gaya
Khud bhi pareshaan hua
Aur khud KO bhi kar gaya
Dil kyu yeah mera

Laksh got disturbed…by AP’s voice

Ap-how cute are laksh and ragini looking together

Sujata(tont)-yes…jijji it is okay

All the rituals happened and the marriage got completed

Ragini and Laksh took blessings from all the elders

It was bidaai time

All goes from there

The unknown person thrown all the decorations

Person-You will have to pay for this ragini….you didn’t do this right …..its not right….I will have to do something…..I will have to do something now…..he put his Han on the lit candle


Laksh and Ragini were on the door

Laksh holds Ragini’s hand

She got shocked ….she looked at laksh with hatred…..Laksh smirked

She tried to free her hand…but in vain..

Laksh was the happiest person in the world but Ragini …..she was only faking her smile to show the family but had tears and hatred in her eyes

Ap does Aarti
Ragini hit the rice kalash and entered
She put her foot in the kumkum thali

When she was walking her ankle got twisted


L-Ra…….ragini what happened to you…..are you okay…..Laksh was worried to see her in pain…..and ragini was just looking his concern for her…..but then she thought something and removed her eyes from him

R-I’m…..I’m okay

L-No ragini you r not okay……he suddenly picked her up in his arms…..all were shocked to see that….ragini just got stunned

R(in mind)-How shameless he is to picked me in his arms in front of his family….I thought he will think to do these things in front of everyone at least but no….no I was wrong….she tried to free herself but laksh bolded her very tightly

Uttara(in a teasing tone)-Oho bhaiyya…bhabhi your romance started only here haan….don’t you have shame……she laughed
Ragini got irritated hearing this…she was in anger

L-Oye just shut up okay

Laksh bring her to his room…..laksh was just staring at her all the way and mesmerized by her beauty …he beautiful eyes her face…her
lipsOn the other side ragini was only thinking to get free from his trap closing her eyes..

Someone was seeing all this from the window
Parineeta came

Pari-Devar jii now go I have talk with your with your wifey…..you come after sometime
L-O..okay bhabhi
Laksh goes
Pari-Come ragini….
both of them entered the room
Pari(in a teasing tone)-You must be angry on me…..after all I separated you from Laksh naa
Ragini got irritated….

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