Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 11


After some days

The marriage day

Shekhar-Sharma ji welcome welcome

Dp-Oh Mr. Singhania come

All guests came

Dadi-Arey shekhar where is pandit ji….how will this marriage be completed without him

Shekhar-Maa i’m trying to call her but its busy…I will do one thing now…I will go and bring him

Dadi-okay go fast

A man was seeing all this

Shekhar goes

A smile came on that man’s lips(his full face was not shown)

All were busy doing the preparation

Dp was at the entrance welcoming guests

Dp-Who r you beta…I didn’t recognize you

The person-A…..I’m from girl’s side….uncle…

Dp-Oh I’m really sorry beta….welcome…come inside

Laksh was getting ready in a room in a groom’s attire…(He was looking dapper ?in that sherwani he wore in his second marriage with ragini)

L(in mind)-Oh m I looking bad…..what if ragini….doesn’t like this….my hair are not looking good yaar…I’m not looking perfect….I will look like a monkey in front of ragini….Laksh was kept combing his hair like mad….spraying the perfume and so on……

In another room

Ragini was getting ready (She was looking gorgeous ?in that lehnga she wore in her second marriage)
But she had the sadness on her face…..she had expressions on her face exactly opposite to laksh

After sometime someone was peeking from the window

Ragini felt someone is there

She turned to see that…but she didn’t find

After sometime the door got closed

Ragini turned to see

R(Being furious)-W…what r you doing here????
L….Look..you….you…can not do anything okay

Laksh came close to her

R(angry)-Laksh do not dare to come closer to me…

Laksh caress her cheek softly
L-I will not do anything ragini…I have come here to remind you the thing that after today you will be mine…..I will have an official right on you

R(anger+tears)-Yes you will have official right on my body but not my soul….So Mr. Lakdh maheshwari you will never win …now get lost from here

Someone was looking all this but his face has not revealed

Laksh goes

Laksh was stunned hearing this..a tear came in his eyes..but it didn’t come out..

He goes with a sad face
When he was going…he passes through a mirror…suddenly he stopped..

L(In mind)-W…what why I have tears in my eyes and why I didn’t do anything….I should have shouted on her but I came with sad fave without saying anything to he….why…Laksh why are doing all these silly things you have to take your revenge you will have to show her…her real place…he wiped his tears..and goes being determined

Here at the mandap place

Shekhar came with a pandit ji

Dadi-Shekhar who is he…he is not our pandit ji

Shekhar-Maa i went to his house he was not there..and you know I tried his phone but he is not receiving it…so I had to bring another pandit jii

Dadi-Okay…now show him the place…its already late

Shekhar-Jii maa

A man was seeing all this

He grinded his teeth as if he was not happy

In ragini’s room

A servant came

Servant-This is for you ma’am

R-What is this???

Servant goes without saying anything

That was a paper silp

Ragini opened it

Ragini was shocked after reading that……

So what was written in that slip….guess guess……it will be revealed in the next part….so how was the epi guys..

Keep commenting….love you all temishians\Raglakians

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