Raglak-Obsessive Love\Lust epi 10


After 2 days

Ragini was going to the market

On the way

A boy came in a jeep and started teasing her

Boy-Hey beautiful…where r you going may I drop you

Ragini kept on going being irritated

Boy-Arey listen naa.I will spend a lot of money on …just give me one chance..he was driving slowly he catches her hand…she got scared

Suddenly someone punched him on his face…it started bleeding

He is shown as Laksh

Ragini saw this

L-How dare you to touch my ragini haan……(He pulled him out of the jeep and threw him on the road

L-how dare you to say these cheap words to my raginj haan…I will not leave you…you will have to pay for this

He kept basting him badly in so much anger in his eyes….his eyes were full red

The boy was begging laksh…but laksh was not in the condition to listen him

R-Help…plz help someone plz stop him….he will kill him

All people surrounded there

3-4 Came to the boy’s rescue

They pull laksh

The boy sat in his jeep and went

L-Leave me…just leave me I will kill him…..how dare he to give pain to my ragini….how dare he

All people went
Laksh holds ragini’s shoulders

L-R…ragini….ragini you r safe naa….you didn’t get hurt naa….

No response

L-Ragini I’m asking something….just speak up damn

Ragini removed his hands from her shoulders

R-about which pain you r talking????….this little pain is nothing in front of the pain you have given me

Laksh holds her hand

L-What r you saying ragini ??

R(Her eyes were red with anger in them)-You heard it right Mr laksh maheshwari….What were you saying to him??? That he gave me the pain by touching me……now you better know how much pain you have given me you not only touched but you have done so much disgusting things to me

He removed his hands from ragini…he had tears in has s eyes

L-R…ragini…plz listen to me

R-You were saying that he hurt me with his words haan……so what have you done……you have hurt me….insulted me 100 times more than him…..there is no limit of the pain you gave me Laksh….

Laksh twists her hand…

L-What r you saying ragini….what is wrong if I want you….I want you ragini….you r comparing me with that blo*dy roadside idiot

R-Look even now you r hurting me and you r saying what is wrong in it. ….you r the most disgusting person in thus works and you were
Being my saviour……
Laksh left her hand
L-Ra…ragini…just listen to me

R-No Mr Laksh maheshwari you r not my saviour you r a blo*dy monster…

She goes

Laksh was shocked and a tear rolled down from his eyes

L(in mind)-What was ragini saying….yes I know I hurt her…and that is what I wanted as I’m doing all this to take revenge from her…but why was I listening her silently…why was I standing like a statue…..I wanted this only naa…I only wanted to hurt her…

A tear escaped from his eyes….he punched on his car in anger

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  7. see lakshya is loving ragini but he don’t know next part soon

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    Awesome Superb
    Hope at least now Laksh realises his mistakes
    Waiting for the next one…………….

  15. Hemalattha

    awesome.at last laksh realises his love and mistake for ragini.hope he will start to love ragini.ragini will realises her love towards laksh very soon.

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