Raglak that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epilogue


So sry guyss I promised to give u people an epilogue of my ff. But couldn’t due to my hectic schedule nd detoriated health. It had been more than 3 weeks my ff ended. So sry for d delay. Hope u people will enjoy this epilogue nd give me d same response asel. I will update my another ff”broken heart but still it beats for you my ladoo ” soon. Pardon me guyss

Its not anyone’s pov

After 5 years.

A huge mansion is shown. Sun rays falling on d hall via d french mirror. The house was well furnished nd looks really royal.
Nw camera rolls on to a room where a cute couple sleeping in each others arm embracing their naughty boys.
Sunrays falls on d beautiful face of d lady nd she woke up slowly nd smiled to herself that she found herself in embrace of her boys. Her husband nd naughty kids. She slowly pecks her champs foreheads then turn towards her hubby who have a beautiful smile on his lips. She slowly pecked his lips. Suddenly two strong hands engulfed her in a bear hug.
Nd the couple reveal to be our cute raglak.
Ragini placed her head on his chest nd tightened her grip on him nd kissed his chest on right side while he nuzzled his head in her hair nd began to enjoy her fragrance.

Ragini ( whispered) : hey lazy head hubby wake up fast. Don’t u want to go to ur office.
Laksh: no. I want to in ur embrace till eternity
Ragini: oho oho mng mng romantic mood. Nw I got know hw cm boys becm so naughty. Inherited from u only.
Laksh : its true am naughty. Only with my wife hotteee.
She hits him playfully nd kissed his both cheek. He showed his lips. She nodes in a no nd tries to get up. Before she could get up her naughty pinned his wife hotee to the bed nd came on her nd kissed her. Ragini too reciprocrated. Their champs movement in deep sleep brought them back.
Ragini pushed him nd went to get ready where as her lazy head went back to his sleep
She was arranging d dinning table. She called out
Ragini: ragksh nd raksh cm to have ur breakfast.
Suddenly two hand encircled her waist.
Ragini: laksh
Laksh : gud mng jaan.
He placed his chin over her shoulder nd began to give wet kisses on her shoulder while she gasps.
Suddenly they heard a voice of giggling from back both parted away to find their champs with teasing smile.

Ragksh : oh papa have sm shame. Mng mng u both started.
Laksh: I was just helping her
Raksh: papa don’t dare to flirt with my hotteee
Both raglak is embarassed to hear him. Ragini gave him death glares where as laksh made puppy dog eyes.

Ragksh: papa don’t give that look. It won’t work again
Ragini giggled at laksh along with her champs. Where as laksh gave I will c u in room look to ragini
Laksh: no one loves me here.
Ragini nd champs hugged him nd kissed his
cheeks tightly.
They in unison welcome u papa

After a while laksh was getting ready in his room for office. Two hands back hugged him. His lips curved to a smile but he acted to be angry. Ragini turned him nd hold her ears.

Ragini: sry my angry bird. Plz forgive ur jaan.
Laksh didn’t give any attention to her nd began to search for his wallet. She handed it to him. He took it with out noticing her. He took his blazer nd abt to go out. She pinned him wall nd she passed her hands seductively in his abs. Slowly unbottened his first two buttons nd kissed on his bare chest. Laksh acted to be normal. She kissed his collar bone then near his lips. Laksh can’t take this torture more. He took a turn nd kissed her lips passionately . After breaking apart she gave him a winning smile.

Laksh: don’t fly to much. Its my trick to get my strawberry unconditionally.

He winked at her nd back hugged her.
Laksh: don’t u think its high tym to give our little champs to a sister. ( said slowly passing his hand on her waist )

As soon as rags got her hubby’s intention. She pushed him.

Ragini : its time for ur office nw. Don’t u want cracked today’s deal.

Laksh: oh I forgot. But mistake is yours
Ragini: hw cm
Laksh: if wife is gorgeous then hw will poor hubby will concentrate on his work. Ur tempting me to have my strawberry more.

She dragged him close by his tie. Nd whispered
Rags: first cracked ur deal. Then u will get ur strawberry.
She gave him naughty smile nd ran to check her boys. Laksh stood there smiling nd went to work office after embracing his cute nd naughty world.
In d evng when laksh entered his home was shocked to find his wife all wet along with boys. Full hall is filled with water.
Ragini as soon ran toward himas she saw him nd hides behind laksh

Ragini: save me from this devils
Hw did they get this stupid ideas of playing holi.

Laksh looked at her laugh loud see eggs on her hairs. Rags nw too angry.

Rags: handle ur sons your own.
She said stamping her foot nd went away.
Laksh show managed the devils and send back to d room to clean up themselves.
He went his room to cool down his angel. She was sitting her bed changed. He back hugged her

Laksh: my sons
Ragini: any doubt?
Laksh: looking at their antics anyone can easily say they r my son
Ragini : only antics
Laksh: teek meri ma. Don’t even to look they r my boys only

Ragini nd laksh in their champs room as usual night chit chatting.
Ragksh: mama we too want a baby sister
Am bored to play with this dump head.

Raksh gave angry glare.
Rakah: me too Muma.aay ur adarsh son am not dying to play with him.
They began to fight with each other.
Laksh : if u both don’t fight mummy will definitely bring a baby sis for u hena mummy.
He said with a wink.
Champs: ha mummaaa
Ragini nodded in head in a yes while passing death glares to laksh. Laksh chuckled on her condition. As soon as boys fell in deep sleep.
Laksh too her his arm nd said
Laksh: u promised my strawberry
Ragini: I didn’t mentioned today.
Laksh :u promised ur champs. So promises r not going to fulfill without letting me having my strawberry. Its cost my hard working nd sleep.
He said with naughty looks nd she hides her face in his chest feeling shy.

It was a Sunday. Laksh nd his champs were busy with cricket match , they were laying on bed while ragini entered with a 5 cups of kheer nd served them.

Champs: this cup for whom mammaa
They asked pointing towards d cup that in d tray.
Ragini: its for d little one who is going to join as soon.
Laksh coughed in a shock nd looked at ragini while she nodded her head in yes with a bright smile. Laksh jumps in joy nd made her lay on d bed nd kissed her tummy.
Both champs were amused by papa’s excitement.
Champs: papa. Who is going to join us.
Laksh: ur sis
By hearing d word sis both boys shouts in happy.
Raksh: kab aayegi. Kahate ayegi.
Laksh: from ur mama’s tummy
Ragsh: hw cm she cm from mummy’s tummy. Hw cm she got it in it
Both raglak burst out in laugh.
Ragini: when u asked for a sis. God heard ur wish nd send ur sis to my tummy by an angel.
Laksh : am d angel
Ragini looks shocked.
Ragsh: u brought sis in mummy’s tummy.
Laksh bites his tongue.
Laksh: ha papa brought d angle.
Raksh: But wgen
Ragini: no more questions don’t u want to talk to her. She can hear u nd she will cm after 9 months.
Champs got busy in talking to their baby sis. Where as laksh nodded thank u to ragini. Soon he too joined his champs.
Ragini admired papa champs jodi who were busy in talking with their princess.

Ragini( thought in mind) after their champs 1st birthday they decided to settle in Mumbai where all these things started. Laksh give Delhi branch responsibility to sanskar where as varana branch to sid.swasan were happy along with sanskrit nd sanskrit where as sidutt were happy with udita nd udit. Laksh moved main branch of maheswari industries to Mumbai.
Ragini was back to world hearing the hearty laugh of her cute boys. She too joins them.

In these 9 months ragini’s hero’s were busy in taking care of their queen nd princess. After nine months ragini gave birth two princess (ragya nd rakshya) ( u guyss shocked laksh rocked again).
Screen freezes on d smiling faces of raglak who r busy in adoring their champs nd princess busy in playing with eachothether.
Its not like they were always happy. There were hard tym too but both raglak stood by eachothether who were blessed with their beautiful kids.

Hope u people enjoyed
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