Raglak that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-37 (last episode)

Sry guyss for being late. I was down with high fever. Still weak. But I want to post it as soon as possible. I made u people wait so long. Sry once again guyss pardon me for d last tym.

Recap: raglak excited abt d unborn child.

Laksh ‘s pov

It’s her sixth month. Her pregnant belly look so cute. After 3 month smone will join us to
cmplt our family. Exactly 3 months 5 days for
her due date. I can’t wait more to hold my
princessess in my hand. I was eagerly waiting to play with them. I was always exited abt
babies. When I got know abt her miscarriage I was shattered really. When Sanskrit nd udita were born I was very happy but deep inside my heart I was feeling guilty for being d reason for
death of my child. When ragini told me that she
is expecting I was on cloud nine. When I got to know she was carrying our twins my happiness was beyond d world. I always thought why my
frnds r exited abt their wife pregnancy. Nw I get it d happiness of becoming papa is beyond d world. We r going to blessed with most beautiful gift of our life. As days passes am
becoming more impatient to c my princessess. Its becm tough to handle ragini. She nd her stupid cravings which costs my sleep. But I love this sweet torture.smtym she behave just
like a kid. I love to pamper her. Every nyt she will surely do some nautanki. Smtym she insisted to have ice-cream in mid nyt or walk on streets smtym she want to hear story or lullaby that too from me. But I am enjoying all this.
This is most beautiful phase in my life.

I don’t miss any moment.
My thoughts were disturbed by my phone beep sound. I was happy to get a what’s app msg from her.
Rag(msg) : me nd my champs missing u badly.
With a photo of her in which she made a puppy dog eyes nd pout lips.
I smiled at her antics. I caressed her photo in my phn. Her pout lips made me go crazy. I just wanna chew d strawberry lips. As soon as I cmplted my work. I took my car keys nd literally ran towards my car and drove to home. On d way I got her favourite flowers.
When I entered my room I found her checking out her self. I back hugged her nd kissed her shoulders sensously.
Rag: champs tell ur papa to have some shame. She is romancing with ur mummy without ur constant. Even doors are open.
I kneeled dwn right informs of her. And kissed her pregnant belly.
Laksh(to d unborn kids) : tell ur mamma that u r papa’s dolls inside here. Nd my princess always supports their papa.

Suddenly we both felt d movement of baby.
Ragini(exited tone) : laksh
They kicked her belly.
Rag: aouch ….. Champs
She said holding her tummy. I made her sit in d bed.
Laksh: rag
Before I could complete they moved again.
Laksh: princess slowly kick ur mama. If she get hurt pain will feel here
I said pointing towards my heart nd kissed her belly. They stopped kicking her.
Laksh :that’s like papa’s doll.

Suddenly she hugged me tightly.
Rag:love u laksh. Why did u love me this much
Laksh: there is no need to ask this becoz ur my life. I love my life most. Am a kind selfish.
She hinted me with her soft hands.
I dragged her closer nd whispered in her ears : nw I got permission from my doll. So can I continue. I winked at her nd nuzzled my head in her nape. I began to kiss her nape. She began to moan my name. I pulled her to a kiss. She too reciprocated with same passion. We part apart due to lack of air. She blushed hardly. Her cheeks turned in to crimson red.
I dragged her closer nd hugged her nd whispered her
Laksh: don’t blush like. The couldn’t control more we will end up smthng naughty my dr.
She hided her face in my chest
Laksh: waise what r u doing when I came.

Ragini: oh I forgot. (worriedly). Laksh look na I became fat. What will people think.
Laksh : oh my stupid raju. U didn’t get fat. Its our. Donot wry u look cute with this chubby cheeks. I love both teddy nd barbie.

After smtym I got fresh. While having food she insisted to have food from have. Like every day she made a huge hungama to have milk. Nowadays she get irritated in d name of milk. After lot of my hardworking she had milk. I made her lay dwn nd lay dwn near her. Immediately she hugged me tight. As usual she want to hear story this tym she wants to hear love story. I said her sanky nd swara love story. Before I could complete she fell in deep sleep. I pecked her lips nd made her sleep comfortably.

It was another man. I woke up nd find my queen sleeping on my chest. I admired her nd got up. Suddenly she pulled me back nd placed her on my chest again.
Laksh : ragini. Let me freshen up. I have meeting.
Ragini: no I want to cuddle nd sleep you. Stay with me.
Laksh : plz jaan
She made a pout lips I myself gave in. I msged sanky to handle office. She didn’t let me whole d day.

Days r passing like this

Rags’s pov

It’s my 9 th month. I was half lying on bed. I was admiring laksh’s photo. I felt most happiest nd luckiest women to get a hus like laksh. In these 9 month he took care of me. Never let me get dwn from my bed. He spent most tym with me. He captured every moment in his I phone 6s.he pampered me. Even if he was in his office he was with me all d tym. Every 1 hr I got his calls or video call. More than me he was exited abt our child. My children response to laksh very well. When they hear his voice they moves. They were to exited to meet their papa. Suddenly I felt smone carrying me. Laksh took me to a room nd lights cm. I was awestruck to c d room he arranged the room for our princess which have lots of teddy bear, barbies, the room was fully pinky pinky. Then he took me to another room. It was just typical boys room.
Rag: why this room

Laksh : we don’t know na its my princessess or ur champs. So I thought to arrange both room. If it is girls so then we can keep this room for next tym. He winked at me.
He took me to another room which have both boy nd girl touch
Ragini : why this nw.
Laksh: it may be one girl nd one boy also.

I was overwhelmed with his action. I hugged him tight. Suddenly I felt sm pain in my lower above. It was tym for our babies to cm to this world.

Laksh’ s pov
I was walking here nd there in front of labour room. Suddenly I heard a crying voice. A nurse cm holding two babies in her hand.

Nurse: who is Mr. Laksh maheswari
Laksh: me
Nurse: congrats sir
It’s two baby boys.
She said nd kept them in my hand. I eyes welled up with happiness. I kissed my champs. Uttsid nd swasan congratulated me.
After smtym rag moved to room. I placed both champs on her lap nd kissed her forehead. Swasan Uttsid congratulated as nd went outside to give us sm privacy.
I back hugged her who were sitting with both champs on lap. She leaned to my chest nd rested her head nd kissed my cheek.
Ragini: thanks laksh. For making me mother.
Laksh: thanks for most beautiful gift of my life.
Rag: laksh r u happy
Laksh: don’t u feel it

Rag:u want ur dolls but
Lakah: its my dolls or champs. They r symbol of our love. Their part of our life. It doesn’t matter my jaan. All that matters to me is they r our children.
Ragini: ( whispering tone) : better luck next tym mr. Maheswari.
Laksh: oh madam already planning for our cricket team.
Ragini : told u.
Both laugh nd plays with their champs.

After few days maheswari mansion is shown beautifully decorated. In hall al are sitting around a havan kind. Pandit ji is show reciting sm mantras.
Pandit ji : tell d name 3 tyms on both boy’s ears.
Laksh loos at ragini
Laksh: ragksh nd raksh.
Pandit ji : Pooja sampan hua.

2 mths later.
Both ragksh nd raksh een sleeping peacefully on d bed surrounded by pillow. Suddenly got up nd began to cry.
Rags who is having bath heard their crying voice.
Rag(from bathroom) : champs plz two min. Mamma is cmng. Plz stop crying.
She began to bath hurriedly.
After sm tym both ragksh nd raksh stopped crying.
When rags cm out she found laksh sleeping on bed with both boys on her chest. She adored Papa champs jodi. Nd pecked ragksh nd raksh forehead. She took them nd made them sleep on d cradle near bed. She walked towards laksh nd pecked his lips nd turned go. Suddenly two musculine hands grabbed her to bed.

Ragini: laksh
Laksh: oho taking my advantage in deep. Wrong mrs. Laksh maheswari.
Ragini:u r my husband. If I want then I can take when ever I want. Whether u r sleeping g or not???
Laksh: archana then take nw.

Ragini: laksh. I have to feed them when d wake up.
Laksh: they will no wake up soon. They r my boys they will never disturb their papa’s romance.
He dragged her close. Nuzzled his head on her neck nd began to kiss soon both were naked nd made love to each other. After few hrs raglak r shown on d bed by covering them self on bedside.
Ragini: thank u laksh for cmng to my life nd giving so much happiness nd our children.
Laksh kisses her forehead.

Lalsh: no more thanks. Its our destiny to be together

Both look at d cradle near d bed. Screen freezes on smiling faces of raglak who were adoring their beautiful kids. Nd peaceful sleeping face of ragksh nd raksh who were holding their hands in sleeP


At last am done with it. Thanks for d constant support and love u always showed on me. With out ur support I could not have Completed it. I can’t express my happiness to u all. U people made it successful ff. Thanks to each nd everyone who cmmnt on ff. Plz rate my ff in 10 guys. Ur remarks is really valuable.
Plz throw ur valuable cmmnt. Its my last chance to read nd reply ur cmmnt. Plz bombard me with cmmnt. Hope u people enjoyed d last epi of raglak that nyt changed their life. So guyss thank u once again.

So here Fouzarshi16 is signing out. Bye take care keep smiling nd stay health. Most important be true raglakian no bashing. Only spreading love

Miss u people badly nd plz pardon me for spelling mistakes as I updated it in a hurry


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    N u jst rocked yaar πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    • Fouzarshi16


      Thank u fairy. This ff is really close to my heart as much as you people are. Ur cmmnt brought happy tears on my eyes. I don’t know when but I too want to back onTU

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      Thank you running for ur love care nd support. Me too miss ur dr.Temp didn’t fall dwn .still am weak. But what to do can’t rest for a while as am busy with my hospital duty.

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