Raglak that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-36

Hey guys am back. Thanks for the warm response to my previous update.
I don’t know much abt pregnancy nd test during pregnancy. If I mentioned anything wrong plz pardon me guyss

Recap: laksh’ s response to rags’s pregnancy.

Laksh’ pov
Sun rays fell on my eyes. I opened my eyes to find my angle cuddling me. I admired her innocent face. I pecked her forehead and kissed her belly.

Laksh: gud morning my queen nd princess.
I slowly placed her on pillow nd got up from my bed without disturbing her. I got fresh nd went to kitchen.
I made her fave athrak wali chayy nd got sm thing to eat with it. I went back to room placed d tea tray on table nd sat beside her nd caressed her hair.

Laksh: gud mng jaan
Ragini: laksh let me sleep for so more tym. U also sleep
She dragged me closer nd hugged me tightly.
I pecked my lips.

Laksh: mera bacha plz get up. We have to reach doctor till 9 na.
She got up with jerk
Laksh: slowly.
I made her drink coffee with my on hands all d while she was admiring me lovingly.
Laksh: what
Ragini: thank u. U r d best.
Laksh: maska lagana band karoon. Get up nd get ready fast.
So we got ready nd went to hospital after having our breakfast. We thought to break d news after consulting d doc.

At hospital
I was sitting in doc room impatiently. Rag was in check up room with doc. After a while both cm back nd rag sit near me.

Doc : congrats mr& mrs maheswari. Ragini is in her 1st month. Am suggesting sm preliminery tests. We can do her first trimester sonography in her 3rd month.
Laksh: thank u doc? If there is any complications

Doc: don’t wry mr. Maheswari she is all ok. A little bit weak . Just take care of ur wife.

Laksh: thank u doc
Doc: mrs. Maheswari here is ur diet chart nd exercise chart. Plz follow it. Mr. Maheswari u should ensure that she is not stressing herself. U have to be more conscious abt ur wife as she already experienced miscarriage.

Laksh: I will take care of her
Thank u doc.

Doc: u r welcome mr. Maheswari. Keep her happy nd once again congrats. Nd before going plz get ur next check up date also from reception.
After sm routine test we went back to hm. I informed sid to cm Maheswari mansion. After half an hour journey we reached home. We got out from car. She walked hurriedly to meet her bro. I took her in my arm.

Ragini:laksh what r u doing?
Laksh: shah am carrying my angel and princess.
Ragini: I can walk laksh.
Laksh : I know hw u will walk. Don’t forget u r carrying a lyf inside u.
Ragini: laksh am not 9 month pregnent.
Laksh : shah don’t argue. Otherwise I know hw to keep u calm(I [email protected] her).
Soon we entered in our hm. Everyone was shocked to c her in my arms. I placed her in d sofa.

Sid: what happened to u my princess
Swara: r u hurt ragini
Sanky: what happened to ur leg bhabhi??
Utt: bhabhi, r u got sprain in ur leg. I will massage ur leg with hot oil.

Laksh : don’t bombard us with questions? Let me tell u something.
Swara: tell us fast laksh.
Laksh: vo we no i
Sid: kya vo we I
Tell it fast
Laksh : we r going to become parents soon.
Laksh: haan saale saab. Ur princess is carrying my princess.
Sid got teary eyes nd hugged her.
Sid: I can’t believe that my kids grown up that she is going becm ma. D little ragini who hold my hands to walk is going hold her baby.
Ragini nodded her head.
Sanaya utt and swaragini too congratulated us.

Ragini: where us sanskrit nd udita???
Swara: they both r sleeping. (showing d cradle d hall)
Suddenly we heard udita crying. Ragini git up to calm her.
Swara: u will calm her. U don’t have to do anything. Waise ragini u can carry weights as ur pregnant. They may hurt u also.
Utt took udita from cradle nd took her to feed milk.

Sanky: waise why did u carried bhabhi in ur arms.
Swara: becoz he is not like u. He cares her nd love her.
Sanky: ab what I do
Swara: u did nothing.
By saying this swaragini made pout face.
Laksh: swara is right now days u r not giving her tym.
Sanky : Aag math lagaao na bhai.
Sid: bhai bhai na raha bachuuu.
We all burst in to laughter

Rag’s pov

We were in our room. Today laksh spent all d tym with me nd our child. He didn’t not allow me to get down from bed. If I want to go to washroom, he took me there in his arms. While descending step to have food also he took me in his arms. Swasan bhayya utt bombard me with care. They made me eat so much nw am feeling pain in my abdomen.laksh was countinuesly hitting with d child showing our pics to my belly I this he has gone crazy. In d night he took me to park for a walk. He holds my one hand nd caressed my belly with his other hand nd we walked together. He was countinuesly talking about child. He was behaving just like child who got his favourite chocolate. I was happy to c my laksh. In every night he hold me more closer to him. In his sleep he used to patt my tummy. Every mng started with his special gifts for me. He gave surprises to me everyday. He took leave often from his work nd spend his all most tym with me. If he were in office. He called me every hr. He took proper care of my exercise nd duet.. He captured every mat in his I phone 6s.i was getting pampered by him. Days r passing like this nd my life is nw filled with new happiness blossoming in my woumb.

Laksh’ s pov
Today we r going for her first trimester sonography. We both were very eager to feel our baby. After reaching hsptl she went with doc for her routine check up. After sm tym nurse called me to d room.
When I entered her room I found she was laying on bed. Suddenly I saw d screen which have child image. Doc showed me my child image. I holded her hand in my hand tightly. Tears were falling down from both of our eyes. I slowly walked up to d screen nd touched it.
Laksh: my child. My baby
Doc: no mr. Laksh Maheswari. Its ur babies
Laksh : kya
Doc: its twins for u. Congrats once again.
I looked at ragini who is laying on d bed having a wide smile on her face
Laksh: thank u.
Doc: don’t u want to hear its heart beat.
We both nodded.
Suddenly we heard sm tiny dhak dhak sound.
We both were too happy that we r going to have twins. After that we cm back nd informed everyone same. All r happy for us.

Nw a small baby bumb was visible on her belly. She looks very cute. Nowadays ragini having craving. Smtym she got up in d midst nd and wish to have smthng.
One day night(ragini now in her 4th month). She demanded to have tender coconut at 2 in d mng.
Laksh: jaan hw I will get tender coconut this tym
I will get it tomorrow.
Ragini: but I need ryt nw
Laksh : ragini plz understand na baba.
Ragini : u made me pregnant nd nw running away from d responsibility.

She began to cry. I took her in a bear hug.
Laksh: I promise I will get it tomorrow mng only
Ragini: pakka wala promise.
Lakah: yup. Pakka wala promise.
Ragini : I want to have smthng. Will u get green mangoes from fridge.
I got it asap as I don’t want to make my angle nd princess wait. Rag snatched it suddenly. Crossed her legs nd sat down. She began to have it. She was just enjoying every bite nd I was admiring her expression. Those expression made me go insane but I controlled my self as I don’t want to disturb her.

It was another nyt. I was working on my laptop. Ragini was laying in d bed as I made her lay down to sleep. She was tossing again nd again.
Suddenly she got up

Ragini: laksh r u cmng nd sleeping
Laksh: 5 more min jaan
Ragini: no more a sec. Cm fast. I was unable to sleep without ur embrace nd fragrance. I need u right nw.
Laksh: plz jaan. I will join u soon. Let me sent this mail.
Ragini: ok then sleep with ur lap only. Don’t dare to cm near me.
Saying this she layer down. Asps I closed my life nd lay down near her.
Laksh : jaan am here nw cm sleep on my chest. She didn’t give any response. We both lay down like this fr sm tym.
She turned back nd hinted me with her hand
Ragini: u fool can’t u back hug me. Can’t u cuddle used to me. Can’t u drag me to ur chest like before. Can’t u try to patch up with me. I know u don’t love me anymore. I becm fat naaa(sobing).
I took her to my warn chest
Laksh: who told u that I don’t love u. U know ur my life. I love u I love ur heart not ur body.
Before I could complete I felt a pair of soft lips on mine. She kissed me will while my hand caressed her belly.

Screen freezes on raglak kiss.

PRECAP: Last episode

Hey guyss am done with 2 nd last episode. Just one more epi with epilogue is remaining. Sry fir d typing mistake. I will try to upload d last epi till tomorrow night. Nd epilogue will be there before sunday. So guys plz throw ur valuable cmmnts.
C u people with another update soon till then enjoy your lyf keep smiling nd spread positivity

Bye take care

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