Raglak that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-35


Sry guess. I was little busy with my hospital work. Thank you for the huge response to my previous update. I was very happy to c that. Thanks for encouraging nd supporting me guysss .
Don’t worry guys there is no more tragedy in raglak lyf. If life is full of happiness we will not value it. They too have happiness along with sorrows.

Recap: rag tells laksh abt her pregnancy.

Laksh’ pov
I was shocked no I was surprised to hear the most beautiful news in my life. Our love is blossoming in her woumb. I took her in my arms nd triwlred her.
Laksh: sorry. Sorry
I placed her on bed nd lean towards her nd packed her forehead.

Laksh: thank u ragini. Thank u for most beautiful gift of my love. I can’t
express hw am feeling right now. After few months I will have small life in my life who will fill looks in my life.
My eyes were sparkled with happiness. She leans to my chest nd placed her head there nd kissed on my chest.

Ragini: thank u laksh. Thanks for making me mother. Thanks for giving me d honour to carry ur life in my woumb. Thanks for making me fell my womenhood. Thanks for coming to my life nd loving me unconditionally.
Laksh: shhhh if u we goes on thanking each
other our life will get Complete by our thanks. We are one. Our happiness lies in each other. I was so stupid.
Before I could speak further a felt a pair of smooth lips on my lips. She bite my lower lip nd I gasped in pain.
She made a post face.
Laksh: ragini
She didn’t pay any attention to me.
Laksh: sorry baba. Plz talk to me.
Ragini nodded in no. I back hugged her nd placed my hand on her tummy
Laksh: for our love sake.
Ragini: (hitting me with her hands) you stupid am telling u most happy news of our life nd u idiot is busy with d past.

She again made a post lips. I dragged her to my chest nd holded her against my chest nd kissed her lips. She clutched my shirt tightly. Soon we parted away from each other due to lack of air.

I leaned to her lap nd placed my head on her lap. She slowly began to stroke my hair. I removed her shaadi from her belly slowly carrresed it with my hand nd kissed there.

Laksh to baby: hey my princess . Am u r papa. Thanks to cm to our life to fill it with colors. U know papa nd mama r really desperate to c u nd take u in our hands. I promise u that we will keep u like our princess ur every wishes will be fulfilled before u say it. U know nw ur papa is most happiest person in this world u know why my angel is coming to our life. Will be papa’s princess or mama’ s doll. Cm soon my dr. Papa is eagerly waiting to hear ur voice. Waise do u want to call me papa or dad. U can call me what ever u want. Bas cm fast soon.
If ur mama does not take care of u. Plz tell u r papa. I will take her class. Nw sleep my dr.

Ragini: laksh what r u doing
Laksh:talking with my princess
Ragini: pa nd his princess team up so no one want me hear
Lakah:look princess mama is jealous of u.
Ragini: no am not
I took her in bear hug.
Lakah: papa always will be in d same team as mama.
Smthng strikes my mind.
Lakah: ragini did u consult any doc?
Ragini: laksh I confirmed it with pregnancy detention kit. I took an appointment from a gynecologist. I didn’t even tell anyone. I want u to know abt it first. So I kept it as a secret. If I went to doc. They will get to know. So

Laksh: kkk tomorrow we will inform them nd consult a doc.
Ragini: mmm laksh. I want to c sid bhayya’s reaction.
Laksh: saare sab will be very happy to know that his princess carrying my princess.
Ragini: waise hw did u know that it’s a girl. If it is a boy.
Laksh: I know it’s my princess. I tried for a daughter (I winked at her)
Ragini: but I want a boy like my laksh loving caring nd most importantly cute.
Laksh: better luck next tym mrs. Maheswari its my princess.
First we will have our princess then our champ.

Ragini: only two but I want a cricket team.
I gave her a shocked expression.
She burst into laughter.
Ragini : what am just joking.
Laksh:but nw I want a cricket team.
Ragini can’t u give birth to her right now. I can’t wait more to hold her in my hand to play with her to kiss her pink cheeks.

Her eyes welled up.
Ragini: me too laksh.
I hugged her placed my one hand on her tummy. She too placed her hand on mine.

Laksh: I promise u my life. I will try my best to back world’s best father nd world’s best husband.

Ragini: u don’t need to be. U r world’s best husband brother nd son. Am sure u will be best father to our cricket team.

We both laugh harder nd talk about our new found happiness nd don’t know when we filled in deep sleep in each other’s embrace.

Screen freezes on faces of raglak who is sleeping with cute smile on their lips.

Hey guys am going to wind up d story. Only 5 more episodes (may 3) nd an epilogue is remaining. I planed a sad end for story but I changed my mind. They already suffered a lot in their life. I don’t want them to suffer more. And more over someone said this story is same like a swasan ff so I have decided it with a happy note. If u people want me to know abt sad end Plz let me know. Then I will post it too along with my actual end.
So sry guys for typing mistake. Not proof readers. Plz throw ur cmmnt on d update. C u soon with a other update
Till then bye take care nd keep smiling

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