Raglak that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-34

Am sry guess. I took so much of tym to update next part.

Recap: raglak emotional conversation nd naughty laksh.

Laksh’s pov
It was another bright sunday morning. I opened my eyes nd found my angel cuddling me who is my shirt. My eyes fell on her rose juice lips. I felt an argue to taste her strawberry lips. I controlled my feelings. As I don’t want to break her beauty sleep become I didn’t let her to sleep last nyt. As I kissed her kissed my forehead a bright smile appeared her lips. I made her sleep on d pillow nd abt to get up. She dragged me to bed nd said:laksh let me sleep for smtym by placing her head on my chest. He can I forget my jaan can’t sleep without her laksh tight embrace. I took her in my embrace nd kept adoring my sleeping beauty.
After sm tym we got up nd got ready for morning aarthi. She was getting ready inform of d mirror. I back hugged her nd placed my chin over her.
She looked me through mirror and asked what by raising her eyebrows.
I took d sindoor box nd filled her hailing nd adorned her neck with mangalsutra.
I took a chain from my pocket and made her wear it. It had a heart shaped locket in which raglak is written nd it is beautiful decorated with small diamond. Kissed her cheek nd said
Laksh: beautiful
Ragini: thank u.
She kissed my both cheeks. I made a pout lips
Ragini: want now
Laksh: I don’t get any reward.
Ragini: I gave na (said pointing to my cheeks)
Laksh:but I want here said pointing towards my lips.
Ragini: u r becmng naughty day by day. No more kisses. Am already late for aarthi.
I dragged her towards me nd she landed on my chest. Before she could say something I placed my lips on her. We broke d kiss due to lack of oxygen.

Ragini: (panting)…… U r behaving like a stubborn kid. Grow up laksh u r at d age having kids.

We went dwn nd joined them for aarthi.
When I back to my room after d discussion abt a deal with sandy I found her playing with sanskrit. I sat behind her nd hugged her nd placed my head on her shoulder.

Laksh: kya kichadi pak rahe ho badi ma or uski ladle ki beech.
Ragini: nothing much. Sanskrit tell ur bade papa don’t disturb us.
Laksh: can I join u both.
Ragini: no
We need sm privacy hena sanskrit.
Laksh: ho ho privacy.

I slowly passed my hands in her belly nd placed wet kisses on her shoulders.

Ragini: laksh what r u doing? Leave me he is seeing us.
I tighten my grip.
Laksh: u play with him. I will play with u.
Rag: chiti laksh. Have sm shame. Sanskrit is here
Laksh: he is proud of his bade papa. He must be thinking that his bade papa loves his bade ma very much.
Vaise sanskrit why are u playing with ur badi ma. Don’t u want to play with ur siblings.

Rag: he will play with udita when she grow up hena sanskrit.
Laksh : don’t u want to play with ur brother sanskrit.
Sanskrit smiles to laksh.
Laksh : ragini look u r son to agrees with me.
She took sanskrit in her hands nd placed her head in my chest. I took both of them in a bear
Rag’s pov
I was in kitchen making dinner. Suddenly I felt sick nd vomiting. I don’t why these days I always fell weak. I washed my face nd sat smtym there. Suddenly smthing stuck my mind. My days too passed. I took my phn called some one.
After smtym swara joined me in kitchen. Suddenly smone rang d door bell. I opened d door before swara could open d door.

Swara: ragini. Who is at door
Ragini: swara koi galat address par aya thaan.
Swara one mind. I now just rendered that I kept Laksh’s imp file on d bed
I just keep it safe nd cm.
Swara: vaise where is laksh. He went to meet sm frnd who back to city after 5 long years.

I made sm stupid excuse nd went to my room.
Laksh ‘s pov
I rang bell. I stood there @ door stop with closed eyes nd ready to get scolds. I promised to back in d evening. But now its dinner tym. To my surprise ragini opened d door with a bright smile on her face.
Ragini : go nd get change. Nd join us for dinner.

After sm tym. I joined season nd ragini at dinning table. She served me food. She was smiling brightly nd she had a special glow in her face.
Laksh: what( through gestures by raising his eyebrows)
Ragini: notbing( by blinking her eyes).
Swara: stop staring her laksh. Have ur fud.
Ragini giggled on her cmmnt.
After dinner I went to study for checking sm files for tomorrow ‘s meeting.
When I entered our room I saw her sitting in d center of our bed in my fourth color saari with a bright smile. She is surrounded with d teddy bear I brought her yesterday night. I slowly went towards her nd sat beside her nd took one teddy in my hand.

Laksh: why all these teddy in d bed. She came near my ears nd whispered
Ragini: playing tym. U told na our doll will play with these. So its time it

I gaved her a confuse look.
She slowly took my hand placed near my heart
Ragini: we have 3 heart beat with us laksh.
Here mine.
Then she placed my hand near her heart
Ragini: here yours
Then she placed my hand on her tummy
Ragini: here both of us
( guys there idea I took from a previous ff swaragini d way u are sorry nive I just love this scene so I used it in my ff. Pl sry dr accept my

Laksh: hw came here
He looked me with surprised face.
Laksh: r u
I nodded my head in yes.
He suddenly took me in his embrace.

Screen freezes on d hugging position of raglak.

Guess hw is epi. Please throw ur valuable cmmnt.
Sry nive once again.
C u guys again with another update till then take care bye bye. Sry for d spelling mistakes not proof readed

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