raglak – that nyt changed my life ( hatred to love) epi-33


Thank u guys for d warm response for previous update. I was really happy to see your cmmnt nd response. Most u guess was right. We are d end of my favourite I don’t know hw many episodes r remaining. May be it won’t end so soon.

Recap: laksh cm to know abt real princess.

Ragini ‘s pov
Next day after uditha’ s name ceremony we cm back to MM back. Alleges time laksh was lost somewhere he lost his charming smile naughty antics. I decided to do something abt this.
We reached MM I d evening. I made sanskaar sleep on cradle and I went to my room.when I opened my room why eyes popped out. All room filled with sorry cards. Sorry was written in d mirror of dressing table with lipstick. A lot of teddy were placed in d bed along with a big one which have heart on which. sorry was written on it . Above d bed on d walla big photo frame of mine laksh were placed. In which he is hugging me tightly from back which was taken during our Mumbai trip.one side of wall filled with my pictures. In middle of a big pic having my tears shedding eyes. Opposite wall is filled with both our pics along with our siblings on various occasion. On bed side table photos of both of our parents were placed. My tears flowed with out my knowledge. Suddenly two muscular hand were entitled me. I smiled through my tears on d feeling of his touch.
Ragini:what is this l
I was cutter by his words.
Laksh :till nw this was my room. Nw onwards this is our room.
He stepped back nd kneeled dwn
Laksh: ragini I know I did a mistake not a mistake it was a crime which can either forgettable or forgettable. I know my sorry injustice word infrontof d pain I gave u. Please if u can play forgive nd give a chance to this stupid idiot arrogant heartless man to repent on his mistake.

I ran towards him nd hugged him nd placed my lips on his. He was shocked first. Later it becm a passionate one.

Ragini:laksh I told please forget there’s nd move on.
I can’t lose my love again. La gi e my naughty charming laksh back.

Laksh: sure
Nd he hugged me again. We sat there like sm more tym.
Laksh: u want ur naughty laksh back
He said leaning towards me. I pushed him.
Ragini:when did u did this
Laksh: yesterday nyt when u r asleep.
Ragini: why this pic
I askedshowing d pic having my filled eyes.
Laksh: its to remember me every sec that I won’t becm reason for tears. I promise u that I will not let tears from ur beautiful eyes.
I stood up nd picked all sry card nd placed them on cupboard.
Then began to remove all those teddy from bed
Laksh: what’s need for all this. Where will I keep all this.
I alreadyhave one u gifted me.

He again back hugged me.
Lakah: keep all this in d bottom drawer of cupboard. And abt its use u don’t wry soon someone will join us nd playing with.

I blushed hard on his cmmnt.

Laksh: place that one also pointing towards her teddy(lucky he gifted her in I think k 22nd epi)
Ragini: why should he
Laksh: become nowadays ur hugging him nd sleeping. Nw we r back together so he is out.
Ragini : I think smone is jealous.
Laksh: no one is jealous.
Ragini: can’t smell something burnt
Laksh made a post lips. I pecked it.
Ragini: sry
Laksh:you don’t lovely anymore.
Ok u sleeping ur teddy. I will sleep on any corner.
Ragini: awle mere bechara naraaz hogaya. I was just kidding.
Laksh:don’t talk to me.
Ragini: if u don’t sleep with me then hw will I get my laksh warmth nd fragrance. To whom will I cuddle up.
I asked my hand spreading. He took me in a bear hug.
Laksh: to me
I too hugged him tight.
I asked him something which shocked him being in him embrace.

Ragini : laksh r u pregnant?
Laksh:(shocked) what?
Ragini : these many mood swings.
I bursted in to laughter
Laksh: am not pregnant. Soon I will make smone.

He winked at me

Ragini: laksh I too want a child our own. My eyes wells up when sanskrit nd udita was in my
hand. I too want to feel motherhood. Utth and swaragini are so lucky. Am I that bad got snatched my child
I said in a cracked voice
Lakah: she’s. U r d one who told to keep faith in god. Then what happened nw. Soon we too have our first baby
Laksh:waise if u waste our time in talking. Then hw will we have our baby. Only faith in god is not enough. Sm actions are needed.

Ragini: chiti laksh.
I hinted him on chest
Lakah: what chiti. This is action tym.

He took in me in his arm placed me on d bed. Went back to close d door. Soon joined me nd came over me. Laksh dropped us in a blanket with one hand. He switched off d light with another hand.
Soon d room filled with their pleasure filled moans nd groans.

Screen freezed

Guys hw was d epi.i don’t know hw many episodes r reading may be 3 may 10 may be I don’t end this ff. All this depends on stupid mind.

Bye c u guys soon with another update till then bye take care

Sry fr my stupid spelling mistakes

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