raglak – that nyt changed my life ( hatred to love) epi-32

Hey guys am back with another update. U people guessed write. Let’s see whether ragini recognized laksh as her childhood friend or not if so why she hide this from him or he forget abt him.
Let’s seeee

Recap :laksh is shocked c a photoframe on d wall.

Laksh took d photo frame I his hand nd caressed d photo with a shivered hand. Smthng strikes his nd the frame fell down frm his hand. Tears welled up in his eyes nd he rushed towards his room

Rag’s pov
It’s dinner tym nw. I was arranging table with stars. Soon sanky bhaiya nd utts joined us nd settled down for dinner

Sid:ragini where is saale sab?
Sanky:I went to call him. D door was closed. I knocked but didn’t get any reply.
Ragini :u people continue I will get him.

I don’t know why but an unknown fear occupied my heart. I slowly went toward my room. I opened d door and find d room all messy. Pillow nd bedside were on ground broken n pieces of glass nd flower vase shattered on the ground. I found him sitting down with a bleeding hand. I rantowards him nd made him look only eyes. His eyes were red in colour nd tears were flowing down.

Ragini :what’s this laksh give me ur hand?
I took his hand in my hand bethe jerkedaway away.

Ragini :laksh please for me allow me to dress d wound.
I took d first aid box nd cleaned his wound wrenched in pain. I slowly blowed air on it.nd bandaged it.

Ragini:atheist nw tells what happened
Laksh :ragini whether its u in this picture with ur parents nd sid

I was shocked to d picture in his hand. Which is one of my beautiful memories of childhood.
Atlast its happened which is disturbing frm mag. He found out that I am his princess with whom we is made love with
I nodded my head slight

Laksh:am not a human am a beast. I raped my love in my first nyt. I tortured u like hell.with my own hand I ruined respect of my life.
He began to hit his hand at floor. Nd hugged him tight

Ragini:laksh for my sake stop blaming urself. I hidded this fact becoz I know if you get to know about it u will surely breakdown. Laksh u did it without knowing my real identity. It was a mistake. Please for me please forget all this.

Laksh: hw can u forgive me easily ragini. Hw can u love me this much.

Ragini:I found it when I was in bed after my miscarriage . Utt showed me ur childhood pics. That tym i don’t want to disclose it. I thought u forgot me. I was happy to get my lucky back. When u told abt me abt ur princess who is really am I was amazed. I thought to hide it frm u because this fact can shatter my laksh.

Laksh: I don’t deserve u. U take divorce ragini. Atlast u will get a gud lyf

I slapped him hard
Ragini:my love is not that much week laksh. I don’t want to punish u for a mistake which u done unintentionally. I was angry on as ragini. U tortured ragini not princess.
I broke down to tears. He hugged me tightly. I kissed on his cheek where I slapped him.

Ragini:laksh please already I lost my parents I don’t want to lose u. Please try to forget all these. Please move on frm this. I want a small yet beautiful lyf with u along with symbol of our love our babies. Please don’t snatch my life again laksh. I will die with out you.

He wiped my tears
Laksh :no ragini. I will not leave u until my last breath. I will serve u all my life.

Ragini: if u want repent give my old laksh back love me infinity hold me near ur chest. I want d nok jok like normal hus wife. U have to bear me for whole ur life. That’s ur punishment. Do not serve me. Love Me Like My laksh love me like my hubby.

Laksh:okkk madam. Hw can u forgive me easily
Ragini: ur my life laksh. I got u after a long struggle. I can’t lose it again.

Laksh: don’t love me this extent
Ragini: why shouldn’t I?????
Laksh:love you
Ragini: love u too. Before hurting or blaming u remember this u don’t have any right on u. U r all mine as am all yours. Laksh please don’t hurt urself u life lies in u I can’t c u hurt.

Laksh: ok madam. Aap Ki over sar akhope.
We hugged each other tightly. Nd smiled through tears. Still sm guilt or pain in his eyes.

Screen freeze o hugging position of raglak.

Please share ur views nd comments on d update. Thank u all for u love
C u soon
Till then take care enjoy ur lyf fullest


  1. Dafsi


    |Registered Member

    Awesome awesome awesome just loved it to the core Awww both of them are just made for each other so sweet Im seriously happy to see your updates

    • Fouzarshi16



      Thank u my favourite writer. When will u upload ur fans. Please upload one episode of ragvi nd ragini soon. Am very happy to see your cmmnt on my ff

  2. Nami


    |Registered Member

    Awesome awesome awesome. Loved this. Raglak were so adorable. I was so happy after know that ragini is laksh’s princess.

    • Fouzarshi16



      Yup nite truth abt princess is out first I thought keep princess as a mystery . But my cousin insisted me make rahi as princess in d end

  3. Riya

    That means I guessed was right…..Our Ragini is Laksh’s princess… I loved it… Plzzzzzz update the next episode soon…

  4. Ruhani


    |Registered Member

    Hahaha amazing yr… I knew it his princess wad ragini but I then I thought it wasn’t her like when he confessed to her abt his princess anyways superb dr u nailed it

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