raglak – that nyt changed my life ( hatred to love) epi-30


hey guyss am back.am sry to make u people wait I was stuck in my hospital duty.did u people feel that am dragging d story.is it becm boring.tell me guyysss.i felt am dragging d story line.

recap: raglak – consummation.

laksh’s pov

aftr a beautiful nyt nd mng I opend my eyes.i found her sleeping on my chest with a cute smile.i slowely pecked her lips.my life changed very much in these one month.i never thought that my lyf will revolve around another girl. she is not any another girl.she is my life.she is perfect to call as my beloved my life.she is simply awsm.i noticed that sun rises are slowly irrirating her sleep. I slowly put my hand on d direction of sun nd beganto care her hair. she slowly opend her eyes nd whished me in her melodious voice along with a kiss on my bare chest.

rag: gud mng laksh
laksh: gud mng jaan.
had enough sleep
rag (naughty tone): my hubby did not let me sleep for a while
laksh: aha aha.
same pinch.my wify too
rag: wow lakah u r d one who didn’t let ne sleep nd nw complaining.
she began to hit me with pillow.it becom a pillow fight nd soon cotton spread all over d tent.we both layed back to bed nd laughed hard.i dragged her to my chest

laksh: thanks for d beutiful night my lady love
rag: kkk.laksh when will we go back
laksh: i am here dying to spend sm romatic tym with my wify.but u r planning to go back
I made fake pout face nd turned to opposite site.
she backed hugged me

rag: hubby naraz hogaya sryyyy.
she made me turn towards her.i kept a pout face.she kissed my pout lips
rag: plz maaf kardooo
she began to get up frm bed.i dragged her close
laksh: am not going to let u get dwn frm bed
rag: laksh if u don’t allow me to get dwn then hw will I prepare breakfast.rats r running in my stomach.
laksh: no way I will oder smthn
rag: plz
kaksh: no
rag: I know what to do
she kissed my eyes
lk: no
she kissed my both cheeks.
rag: plz ab
lk: no
she slowly leaned towards my lips nd soflty kissed on my lips.i grabbed d opportunity nd took a turn.nw I was on top of her . I pulled her more close by waist where as her one hand on my shoulder another hand on my hair.we broke d kiss nd both are panting heavily.

rag:laksh (panting) ab tho leave me.

I slowly took her in arms nd went towards our room.i placed her on bed.kisses her forehead.

laksh: get ready soon

I got ready in guest room .when I entered our room I found her in a sky blue saadi.i went near her. she was looking me through mirror nd blushing hardly.i made her wear mangalsutra nd filled her maang with sindoor.i made her sit on d chair nd made her hair, I made her wear her bangles kissed her hands .i slowly took her leg in my hand kissed nd made her wear angle.i removed her saadi frm belly caressed her belly with my hand then tied her kamarband nd kissed her belly button.ragini tightly clutched my shirt.i got up nd kissed her on d bite marks on her neck slowly licked there.ragini hugged me tightly nd kissed on my chest.
when she is busy in hugging me I broke my shirt button.
she broke d hug nd about leave.

laksh: oh god ragini.see my button broke
I said with an innocent face.
ragini: u change d shirt
laksh: hw can I change.its my favorite shirt.
ragini: then remove nd give it I will stich it
laksh: naughty who want to c my hot musculinr body
rag: no .u stay there I will stich.
she began to stich it.i grabbed her waist nd began squeeze it.
ragini: plz stand stright.lag jayeegi laksh.
am not in d mood hear her.i began to tickle her
laksh: nahi
rag: hogaya ab jaavo
I dragged her close nuzzeled my head in her neck nd placed wet kisses on her neck.she was moaning my name.i took her in arm nd placed her bed.cm over her
rag: laksh breakfast f
laksh: shhhhh I ordered it .it .so we can
she cutted me by placing her lips.that was for me.i leaned closer to her.
our trance broked due to door bell
rag: breakfast aagayaa
laksh : isi ko bhi abhi ane da. super fast service.
both bursted into laughter
screen freezes

Credit to: fouzarshi

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