raglak-that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-29


thank u guyss for d response in d
previous part.my frnd is nw okk.she needs sm tym to recover frm d mental trauma
sry guyys if u people don’t like this epi .am not at all gud at romatic stuff.but I will try my best.

recap: cute raglak mmnts
laksh’s pov

I saw a new side of my ragini.a naughty ragini.i know she showed her this side to change my mood.hw can she be so innocent.i hurted her very much but she never backed off frm loving me.she is a gift of god for me.i promise u my jaan I will make ur every mmnt special. get ready my queen to live a meomerable moment

she made my favorite pasta nd she herself feed me.

rag: laksh when will go back to hotel.i want to change
laksh: we r going to stay here
rag:laksh but our stuff
laksh: everything in my room.go take a bath

rag’s pov

I was amazed to c all our stuff arranged in d cupboard. without my knowledge laksh moved everything to here.i saw a gift rapper on d right side of d cupbord.to my beautiful wife written on it.it was a red saarii i got ready in it. cm out.i was amazed to c room it was full of sented candles.i moved to mirror to comb my hair.there was a note sticked on it in which sm lines r written
looking beautiful my jaan.keep ur hair at right side u look more beautiful.

I smiled at this nd made my hair st right side.
when I was abt to open d door there was another chit on d door

it was written that- hey gorgeous lady r u finding me .so just follow this light.
suddenly a light fall on d balcony.it was beautifully decorated with lavender color orchids.both side of balcony have various pics of mine along with laksh.
d dim light directed me to smwhere where darkness is spread like ocean.
suddenlya voice came.i can recognize it its my laksh

laksh voice: dekha thuche kayi baar par aj kyom lagtha thai ey pahali
aj se 9 mahene 8 days 13 hrs 3 minpaheke I saw an angle.who brought light to my life.but I was a fool to not understand it.but nw I knw I can’t live with out her

suddenly a dim light fall on laksh

laksh: sry ragini.i can’t say filmy dialogs
I just want to say I love u my dr.will u be my better half.will u give ur hand to hold until my last breath.

he asked me spreading his hands nd I ran towards him nd hugged high tightly.

rag: I love you tooo laksh. light cm.nd we were standing in d pool area of maheswari mansion.whole pool area were decorated with candles nd roses.a tent like setup is arranged in d middle of d pool.the way to the tent is filked with red roses.

he offered me his hand for a dance nd played muchkooo barsath bandooo frm junooniyath.

he placed his hands on my bare belly.i felt a cureent passed through my spinal cord.he slowly passed his hand on my bare vack.we danced sensuasally.

he took me in his hand.went inside d tent nd placed me ob d bed.he slowly kissed my lips then my neck belly button.i was clutching d bed sheet.he slowly took off my sadi nd again kissed on my neck
then he lood in to my eyes

lk: may I
rag: am all yours laksh

he again kissed me on neck.began to give love bites.i moaned his name.

laksh’s pov

ragini was looking so gorgeous in her red saari.i can’t takd it more.i took her inside d tent nd made her lay on d bed.i slowly took her saari nd kissed her nape.she moned my name.it made me crazy. I soon entered to her.she was moaning in pleasure . I rocked on her where as d tent was filled with her pleasure filled moans.at last we both collapsed in eachothers embrace
sunrays fell on my eyes . I slowly opened my eyes.i found her sleeping cudling nd like a kid.she was in my shirt.i slowly got up nd went near d garden.i was enjoying d beautiful climate suddenly I felt two hand encircling my bare chest as I was just in my pant.rag back hugged me .
rag: gud mng laksh
laksh: gud mng ( taking her into my tight embrace).
laksh: thanks for d most beautiful nyt in my lyf (whispered in her ears)
ragini becm red tomato
rag: thanks laksh making me cmplt.
laksh: don’t u want to feel complete again.
I said it wuth naughty smike nd took her in my arm.soon we were on d bed hugging kissing each other.i slowly removed her shirt thrown it in d water.we again made love to each other.this tym sun witnessed d union of two soul

Credit to: raglak

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