raglak-that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-28

a big sorry.i knoq I don’t deserve a sorry.but what to do.i was atuck in sm personal prob.my frnd had a miscarriage.so I was with her in hospital.so I was unable to uplod it .sry once again.plz maaf kardooonaaa

recap:naughty ragsss
epi 27 countinues
rag’s pov

laksh: what chiiii.why r u behaving like its our first tym.
don’t blush like this I will lose my control
rag’s hides her face in his chest

laksh: waise its our first tym. becoz I had s*x with u with out ur permission.frm our marriage day I forced my choice on u.i just behaved like animal.there is no love in it.i just satisfied my manhood.i gave much of pain to u rags(his eyes welled up again)

rag: laksh past is passed.u tortured me physically but very next mmnt u regretted for it.my tears stabbed ur heart many times.plz laksh can’t we forget all our past nds start a fresh laksh.
I hugged him tighty nd sobbed.

laksh: ragini waise ab I would like to make love to my wife with her permission.

he give me a naughty smirk nd took me in his arms nd walked towards our room.
soon we were in laksh’s room.

the wall is filled with his childhood photos.he was so cute in his childhood.a lot of pics with ma pa sanky utts.his eyes again welled up nd I back hugged him.

laksh: am fine.
I made him turn.his eyes r still wet.
he hugged me tightly.
laksh: plz don’t leave me ragini.
rag: never.i will be tgere with u still my last breath

he placed his hand on my mouth

laksh: don’t dare to talk abt death.

I hugged him tight.again an idea popped in my mind to change his mood.

I broked hug nd pushed h on d bed
rag: let’s stop this emotional scence for smtym.

laksh give me a confused look.

rag: becoz I don’t want to waste time.wanna mess up with u.
I said it with naughty smile gave him seductive look.began to go close to him.
laksh was amased with my action.nd began to sweat.

I went near his ear nd whispered

rag: oho oho my poor laksh maheswari get sweat due to proximity of ur wife
nd laugh loughedly.

laksh gaved sigh nd grabbed my waist took a turn nw I was on d bed nd he was on top of me

laksh: let me show u hw I will get sweat due to my proximity.

he said it naughty smile.nd lean towards
my lips.i closed my eyes.felt a smooth peck on my eyes.aftr sm time I opened my eyes nd saw laksh was laying beside me.i looked at him

laksh: what.thumne kya socha ???
rag: mein voii
laksh: chiii always naughty thoughts.
rag: no.
laksh: plz make smthng to eat ragini.am hungry
rag: give me sm tym.i will prepare smthing
I got up frm bed.but laksh hold my pallu nd dragged me to his chest

laksh: don’t wry my dr.i will make tonight special for both of us . wait for sm hrs.
I blushed hard nd walk huridly to kitchen.

laksh fall back on bed nd said I can’t wait more.chanda mama cm fast

screen freezed on d blushing face if rag nd smiling face if laksh.

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  1. Sindhura

    After a long time

  2. pls update soon…loving it

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    Love it can’t wait for the next epi.
    When is your next update? Make it longer please

  4. Was waiting for ur ff… Update regularly

  5. RKapoor

    amazing chaooy dear u r awesome superb

    1. RKapoor

      sorry it’s chappy

  6. Oh my god sry for your frnd’s miscarriage dear..n d episode ws fabuloussss…..raglak part ws soooooo emotional..plz post nxt part ASAP..??n keep rockng..??

  7. Megha123

    After a long time Dr bt it’s really awsm hope that U’ll try to post nxt part ASAP

  8. no need of sorry dear…….haha ragini is becoming naughty day by day…………..chanda mama plzzzzzz cm fast……even though it is small ,loved it…How is ur friend now????Plz post next part soon

    1. dear sorry for ur friend’s miscarriage….I hope she is alright now….U know I am kind of obsessed with ur ff…..when ever u post a new update…..along with it,I have the habit of reading some random episodes of ur ff,.liked ur ff a lot….

  9. Awesome

  10. nice
    love rags

  11. superb

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  13. Rasha

    Very nice part..

  14. Finally!! It was awesome! And yes please post the bext part soon.. If you are not busy

  15. sorry for your friend hope she get well soon and as always its amazing now plzz let us waiting next part soon

  16. No words dear, it’s outstanding as usual. Loved it a lot

  17. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi DEAR
    Make it a bit long next time
    Waiting for the next one ………….

  18. Just lvd it yr…..I m totally speechless….. No words 2 say…Update nxt ep as soon as possible….. Can’t wait 4 d nxt 1….N I m not ngry on u….

  19. Loved it….Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update the next part soon….Nd Ragini is becoming naughty day by day…..Nd I m not angry on u….But now how is ur friend?????

  20. Nami

    Finally after so long. Hope ur friend is fine now. N back to this part. Just loved it

  21. Ruhani

    Glad to see u back… Raglak moments were awesome

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    If was some other reason then i would have definitely be angry but your reason was genuine so its OK….plz stay with ur friend n take care of her…

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