raglak-that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-27


I know u all r hell angry on me.so sry for being late.

recap: laksh nd ragini in mumbaiii

rag’s pov
we both were laying on d floor of maheswari mansion.he was hugging me tight nd cuddling me like a child
I was slowly caressing his hair.hrs passed without our knowledge
slowly he spoke up

laksh: worst proposal ever
rag: who told u.its world’s best proposal.ya there were no flowers nd romantic set up but everything was perfect laksh.u r words r enough for me laksh.i don’t want a grand proposal.i just need 3 magical words nd a tight hug frm u.u know what is best part in all this u shared ur pain with me that u were holding frm past 15 yrs.ur siblings even don’t knw this laksh.am happy that u shared it with me laksh
I know I can’t change ur past.but I can try to reduce ur pain. I love you laksh.more than anything in this world.i want to u by my side every sec every min.

laksh: love u too dr.don’t leave me. I can’t live without u.

he hugged me tightly.he pecked my forehead.then both eyes. d right cheek. then I left.his gaze fell on my lips.he looked in to my eyes. I slowly closed my eyes.soon I felt a rough lips against mine.he slowly licked my lower lip.it was gentle at first.it turn in to passionate one when I too reciprocated.he was kissing me wildly.i was clutiching his shirt.he slowly squeezing my waist.we broke d kiss .he began to kiss my neck nd gave me love bites.i was moaning his name . suddenly our trance broke due to his mobile ring tone

laksh: oh crap

he sat dwn nd dragged me to his tight embrace.i placed my head in his chest. he slowly carresed my hair.he was busy in talking. suddenly a naughty idea poped in my mind.i slowly unbuttoned his shirt .then I moved my hand sensually in his bare chest.i bited his ear lobe.he gasped between his talk.i slowly placed wet kissess on his neck, bare chest.nw he was unable to take this sweet tourture any more.he began to squeeze my waist.he ended d call in hurry.

laksh: oh ohoo naughty.nw I will show u
rag: noo plz laksh leave me
laksh: no babes u made my mode

he pushed me over d floor.cm over me nd kissed my forehead eyes cheeks.then he went down nd kissed my belly button nd I felt thousands of butterflies inside my stomach. I pushed him.
rag: plz laksh stop
laksh: take ur time.but we will end up making love aftr my surprise dr

laksh said buttoning his shirt
rag: cheee
rag playfylly hitted his shoulder.where as laksh pulled her to a tight hug.

screen frezees on raglak hug

Credit to: (raglak)

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    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      thank u

  1. Really I was damn angry on u……but all that went away……after reading this…..u made my wait worth by this update….liked ragini’s naughty side…..plz try to b regular dear

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      I will try to be regular aftrall my exams r over nw

  2. Megha123

    Awsm part sooprr romantic loved it
    Bt plzz try to post nxt part ASAP plzzzzzz I’m dieing of anxiety of what the surprise is

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      hold on dr .I will update next part till midnyt

  3. Missed u sooooo much. After so long gap that too small part, not fair?.but i was too romantic.??plz try to upload next part soon .plz

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      so sry for short update

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      thanks dr

  4. Sindhura

    Missed you.so much but dwar how long it can be but still we remenbee your atory like we just readnow
    Plzz update daily

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      thank u sindhu di.ur all ff r my favorites.i read all episodes one ago as I was busy with my exam

  5. Omgggg it ws damnnn romantic yaaarrr… superbbb…loved rags nautinessss hahhahah….awesome episode watng for nxt update…n misssed u soooo muchhhh☺☺☺☺

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      thank u dr.me too like naughty rags

  6. Werbis the first episode dear

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      search on google dr u will get all epies

  7. Dafsi

    Welcome back 🙂 hehe loved that chappy it was really nice hope you did your exams well wsiting for next chappy 😉

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      ha dafsi my exams went awsm.am v.eey much happy abt it.thank u dr keep supporting.i missed ur a no.of epies.but I read all those together .u r fabulous my little sis

  8. Was waiting for ur ff… Atlast updated ur ff… Pls try to be regular…

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      so sry my dr for d long gap

  9. Sofia

    Missed u & ur ff. how was ur exams dear?
    It was short but romantic and lovely

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      it was very nice dr.sry for d short epi.i will try to b regular

  10. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Missed you DEAR
    Really today only I thought of you and you updated it
    Loved Ragini’s naughtiness
    Waiting for the next one………….

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      I wil update asap.sry for late update.happy to know that my readers were waiting for my ff

      1. SPP

        Don’t need to be sorry DEAR

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      thank u amna

  11. after soo long and its so short love naughtiness in lakshya next part soon plzz update regularly

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      so sry nikky.don’t wry dr soon I will update a long one

  12. Awesome

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      thanks dr

  13. Wow, it’s outstanding dear and I loved Ragini’s naughty idea. Raglak romantic scenes are awesome. Eagerly waiting for next episode. Plz update ASAP

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      thank u

  14. Lol

    Hey chill dude !! I am not angry with you ! Just post it a bit regularly coz I think I might forget a part of the story !! By the way is the small girl that laksh had a crush on , is it ragini ????

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      thank u lol

  15. Snehahari

    superb dear and i loved ragini’s nautiness

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      it was an randim idea.this epi was not at all preplanned .I wrote whatever cm to my stupid head

  16. Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous ff
    Loved it alot DEAR

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      don’t praise me too much.i will fly in sky.just kidding dr.thank u so much
      keep supporting

  17. Hot update, naughty Ragini was very funny. Poor Laksh wasn’t even able to complete his phone call ??. Can’t wait to read the next part ?❤️?

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      I will update next part soon

  18. Dev

    Wlcm bac raglak….nc epi

    1. fouz arshi ( raglak)

      thank u dev

  19. superb ff
    love raglak

  20. Nami

    Hope ur exams were good.N Missed ur ff lotz. I was so happy after seeing ur post. It was short but no worries raglak scene were adorable. Excited for the surprise. Plz post the next part soon

  21. Nita D

    Hawww….this is not fair…..first of all u updated after so long n that to so small…..nahi chalega nahi chalega….

    But nice, sweet, n romantic episode…..

  22. I just lvd it….Keep ryting….N no need 2 say sry….Bcz every1 hv problems…

  23. Loved Ragini’s naughtiness nd nice episode….

  24. Ruhani

    Awesome dr… Hahaha ragini being naughty loved it

  25. Shana98

    Super when is your next update ?? ???

  26. Sammy_Kavi

    Yaarr I’ve been waiting like anything for ur next update …. Ur saying dry I’ll update faster but ur not ….. Or did u already update 28th episode ??? Am I the only one not getting ur episode ? please someone tell me if she has already updated !!?

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