raglak-that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-26

thank u guyys for d warm response for previous epi.thank u so much.so sry guyss I can’t update till july 2nd .I know its mid of june but what to do my exams date declared.so I just need sm breake.

rag’s pov

I was arranging his shirts in d cupboard.my eyes fell on d laksh’s photo placed near our bed.a smile appeared on my lips .he was looking damn hot nd dashing in royal blue shirt nd white blazer.his smile which so cute.hw can I stop myself frm falling for him.i took it in my hand .I slowly caressed his face nd hugged it tightly.

everything changed between us in this one month.we becm more close to each other. he becm my best frnd.i was reminiscing our mmnts.hw he made me wear saadi, our night walks, silly fights, his suprises.everything was perfect.nw my lyf is just perfect.

I can’t wait more. when will he propose me .i was giving him hints that I believe him morethan anything frm past one week.but e budhu raam ko kuch samach mein nahi aa raha hai.but I was enjoying this beautiful tym of our lyf which is filled with colors of our love, care nd affection

my thoughts were didturbed by laksh

laksh: what are u doing with my photo
rag: I ….just…
laksh: what I
rag: I was just cleaning it
ragini pack u r bags .we have our fight aftr two hrs
ragini: kya
but where
laksh: its a surprise.get ready fast.we have to move fast
rag:but laksh
laksh: no more uffss nd buts.go get ready .I will pack our bags
rag: nooo
I will do it
laksh: no befr my mrg.i did packing for myself.nw u give me a chance to pack for my wife.aftr getting ready u can check it.nw go get ready

he said by giving me red color anarkali suit.we both got ready in an hr.nd went to airport.

aftr 3 hrs of jounery we reached Mumbai airport. he already booked a hotel room for us.aftr having a bath we took a nap for 5 hrs.we woke up at d tym of dinner nd had our dinner in a restaurant.

rag:laksh I want to roam mumbai

laksh: but rags.its too late.i will defnitly take u tommorow
rag: plz laksh. said with a pout lips nd cute puppy dog eyes.

laksh: don’t give me that expression.kkk u won .I lost .u will take u
rag: thank u laksh
laksh: but thumem kaham jaana hai
rag: as u lived here .u know abt mumbai more than me .take me to ur favourite face.
nd leave ur car we will go by foot
I will take u most beautiful place of mumbai.

he took me mumbai beech.i was happy to c d sea.i began to play with water.he was admiring me by standing near d seashore.i took a handfull of water nd splashed it on his face.

laksh: ragini ki bachi what u did

he chased me.he both splashed water on each other.we played like kids.i pulled him to water but to my shock he dragged me along with me.we were fully drenched .aftrsm tym we both were tired nd sit on d sea wall.he dragged me closer nd hugged me tightly. slowely he cupped my face nd looked in to my eyes.i closed my eyes.i felt a pair of rough lips on mine.it was a gentle kiss

laksh: thanks ragini.
thanks for coming in to my life.

I placed my head on his chest.he tighten his grip on my waist.

laksh: ragini.u know I love this sea.in my childhood I often visit here along with my ma usually in mansoon.this sea have a special charm in mansoon.people keeps on complaining abt flood water traffic ets but I love this sea .but nw hate it becoz 15 yrs ago a mansoon snatched my parents here.aftr that incident I never cm here.but today u brought me here.aftr 15 yrs I enjoyed here as before I used to. thank u.thank u for gifting me one of my best childhood memories.

we sat there for more 2 hrs.we talked abt random things.cold breez toutched my body I began to shiver.he took of his blazer nd wrapped me in it nd pulled me to his warmth embrace.for me it is most peacful place of world.

we reached hotel in d midnyt.soon changed nd dozen off in each other’s embrace.

next mng he brought me to a mansion.it was old
laksh: ragini.its my princess hm.i brought it as a memory of her.

he hold my hand walked to a park.be both sat dwn on a bench.

laksh: ragini.its d same park where I met her.where I used to play with her.where I waited for her.u know we both always sit in same bench nd talk for hrs.that is d road where I met her first ( pointing towards d road infront of park).u know I always cm to this park when I was angry or sad.i have a lot of memory with it.

tears were rolling dwn frm laksh eyes.i slowly placed my hand on his shoulder he immediately hugged me tight.

aftr sm tym he took me to a old mansion.but its beautiful and well maintained.we got in

laksh: ragini .its real maheswari mansion where I was born.wher I spend my childhood (he said touching d photo frame of his family).u know ragini me nd sanky r twins. am 10 min elder to him.but he never showed any maturity.i was most pampered kid of d house.my mom always told that I was very naughty stubborn.we were a happy family.

he showed me each and every corner of houde.he was talking abt his memories abt his hm his lovely mmnts with ma, fights with sanky nd utt, talks with papa.

we were in d kitchen

laksh: ragini u know in my childhood I usually helped mom in cooking.sanky always teased me for this.i was very close to mam.

bw we were in hall.he stood in d middle of d hall
laksh: 15 yrs back one mndy when I cm back hm frm school .i saw my mom nd dad were laying on d floor here covered with white cloth.it was a mansoon which snatched dreams nd lyf of a 10 yr old boy.i still Rember that day ragini.i used to c same scene my dream.i lost my everything here

he fall dwn nd burst into tears.i ran towards him hugged him tightly.he cried his heart out.aftr sm tym he composed himself nd we bith stood up
.he wiped his tears

laksh: then chacha chachi cm to my lyf.but d naughty boy change into heartless stone
rest u know abt me

he kneeled dw infornt of me.

laksh: ragini.i lost everything here.my smile my life happiness everything got ruined here. nw I want to get my everything back here where I lost my everything.ragini will u able to trust on my love.will u accept me with flaws nd flauts.will u becm mrs laksh maheshwari? .will u becm d reason for my smile lyf happiness.i laksh maheswari promise u that I will keep u happy nd try to fill ur lyf with happiness till my last breath.i love u dr.nw I can’t live without u.will u give a chance to becm part of ur life.

tears were rolling dw frm both of our eyes.i too kneeled dwn nd hold his hand

ragini: yes laksh.i love u too.i trust u more than anythng in this world I want to u by my side every sec every min.i want to spend my whole lyf with me.

he took me in his tight embrace.

laksh: I love u my jaan
rag: love u toooo
screen freezes on d hugging position of raglak.

I know its d worst proposal ever.plz do cmmnt nd support

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  1. Sindhura

    Its awesome proposal
    All the bwst for your exams

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      thank u sindhu di.when will u update ur ff.am waiting. but it can only read during my breaks

  2. I been waiting for ur ff. It was an amazing proposing and u rocked it. Can’t wait for the next part

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      sry dr can’t update until july 2nd as am having my final exams

  3. Awww that was an emotional proposal. Loved it a lot. U just nailed it. It was superbly written.
    All the best for your exams.
    Come back soon with the next part

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      I will be back on july first week pakka

  4. Sammy_Kavi

    Dare not too say that it is a worst proposal !!!!! Its simply superb…. Natural and realistic…… And thank you solo much for ur update dear…. I luvd it, its so sweet….. I’m really excited that my raglak are back together again <3 :*

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      don’t tell thanks.its my plesure to write.i should thank u people for ur support nd love.am glad u like d proposal part

  5. emotional n heart touching

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      am glad that u found it emotional nd heart touching dr.thank u

  6. Finally !! Just loved it!!

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      thanku ananya

  7. A super emotional chap. U amazingly described his memories.

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      thank u amna.

  8. Nice but who is laksh princeessss

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      its one of his beautiful childhood memories

  9. Awwww the proposal was so sweet and filled with lots of emotions. Loved the update. Good luck with your exams ?

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      thank u dr.may I know your name

  10. Awesome. All the best for your exams

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      thank u dr

  11. awesome,all the best for your exams

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      thank u

  12. Dafsi

    No not at all it was indeed one of the best way of proposing 😉 loved this part and Laksh must be really Lucky to find a gilr like Ragini as she was listning to him without disturbing him… 🙂 😀

  13. Nita D

    Awesome episode…..sorry i have not been able to comment for the last 1-2 episodes….. N it was one of the finest proposal…..n all the best for your exams!!

  14. Not at all it is the most beautiful and emotional proposal you are mindblowing writer dear from starting to roll all parts are awsome

  15. Piya

    Emotional but superb proposal nd all the best for exam dr

  16. Superb proposal dear and wish u all the very best for ur exams

  17. Awesome update…loved it

  18. lovely proposal ….
    amazing …

  19. nice part and awesome writer all the best for exam

  20. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    The proposal way was really mind blowing and u just nailed it as always
    Waiting for the next one………

  21. SPP

    All the best for ur exams dear

  22. Super episode…. Was waiting for ur ff….

  23. Nitu1992

    It was superb….I thot that ragini is his princesa.. or did she lose her memory after accident?

  24. Don’t dare to say that.. It was an amazing proposal.. Loved it.. Will miss u.. Give ur xams well

  25. Awesome
    Proposal was awesome
    It was simple yet beautiful

  26. Dev

    ????its not a worst proposal…..it was lovely n emotional…..
    Anyways nc epi

  27. Sitaram

    awesome lovely really nice

  28. Prateeksha

    awesome no words to describe.this is the best proposal i ever read.waiting eagerly for next episode 🙂

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