raglak-that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-25


OMG.i can’t belive this I reached up to 25th episode.its not possible with our ur love nd support.thank u so much for each and every one who supported me in my journey till d date.i was happy nwdsys TU flooded with raglak ff.thank u guyss for mentioning my ff name in RAGLAK ff analydis.thank u for making me feel so special .

I was checking my previous epies.i found smone (anonymous) asked me abt my name.so sry dr I didn’t say.my self fousiya.am keralite am an pharm D intern.

its enough of my bak back . let’s get back to d story

recap:swara gave birth to a baby boy.raglak emotional talk.

laksh’s pov

it was another bright mng.i slowely opened my eyes.i found hersleeping like a kid.i slowely caressed her hair.she culddled to me more.i blessed to have her in my life.i saw another ragini ystrdy.a strong girl.she was another shade of innocent ragini.she know hw to handle me in every situation. I was broken frm inside.i tried my best to avoid any brek dwn.I forgot that hw can hide my pain frm her.it was not like that am not happy for swasan.am very huch happy for them.but pain of losing my child was unbearable, thought of being d reason for death of my own child was killing me inside.but ragini didn’t allow me to breakdwm.she acted as my supporting system.she becm my strength.her words were soothening my pain.
Do I deserve her love?????

she is just like an angel in my life.she always dragged me to d light whenever my lyf iwas filled with darkness.but what I did with her????.I hurted her very badly for my silly egoooo.hw can forget d values given my parents.i becm a beast who boke her mentally nd physically.hw can she forgive a person who insulted her self respect, who snatched her dignity, who treated her worse than a slave????
my chain of thought were interrupted by her sweet melodious voice.

ragini: gd mng laksh
kissed my forehead nd swollen eyes.
laksh: gd mng jaan
I kissed her eyes.she cuddled meore.

ragini:laksh.i know u r disturbed frm last day mng.laksh stop blaming urself for d mistake u didn’t do.it was our fate.trust me laksh god tests d person who have d will to overcm it laksh.everything happens for gud.smtng very gud is awaiting for us ahead.trust him laksh.he will fill happiness in our lyf soon.hw can he hold ur happiness gor for a long time laksh.
she kissed on my cheeks and abt to get up I hold her wrist

laksh: ragini can we stay like this for sm more tym.only if ur comfortable. plzzzz
she smiled nd placed her head on my chest nd hugged me tightly.

afr sm tym we both got ready.ragini in green nd red mixed lehenga where as I wore red kurtha with green pyjama matching to her dress.
we went to dwn.my eyes again welled up to c d arrangements.she holded my hand
firmly nd give a beautiful smile. we both headed towards d hall.all maheswari mansion is beautifully decorated with flowers.its just look like a bride.soon pandijith ji arrived and ceremony started.

swasan sat dwn for pooja.baby was sleeping in sanky lap.

panjith: d lucky letter is s according to child kundali.plz say his name on his ears 3 times.
utt: bhai.kya socha apne
sidd: I think swakar
utt: I think aarav
swara: guys hold on.if u don’t mind sanskar I want to ragini to suggest d name.in these mnths rags never let me feel d absnc of my mother.
utt: tho rags bhabhi laksh bhayya kya socha hai apne
raglak (together): sanskrit(as its got more vote ).
sanky recited sanskrit on his ear.
pandjith ji: pooja sampan huiiiii

rag’s pov

it has been 2 week sanskrit (aansh) cm to our lyf.slowly laksh began to forget his pain . I too got busy with sanskrit I don’t have much tym yo rember my pain.it was sunday.laksh asked me to get ready.i got ready . before getting into car he blind floded me

rag:what r u doing laksh
laksh: nthng.its surprise.
rag: but tell.where r u going to take me
laksh: do u trust me
rag: more than myself
laksh: then keep silence we will be there with in 15min.

during jouney he kept on talking.i was enjoying his childish talk.anyone can imagine that the tough nd arrogent young businesses tycoon mr.laksh maheswari is behaving like a kid.i was damn happy to c him happy.soon we reached sm where .he helped me cm out frm car.nd we walked towards our destiny . He slowely opened my fold.i was happy to c my music academy.he brought me to my music academy.i jumbed in excitement.

I hugged him nd kissed him on cheeks

rag: thank u laksh .thank u so much
laksh: did u like d surprise
ragini: I love d surprise.

we went indide .meet my guru nd talked for smtym.he sponored sm mny to accadeny nd made a deal to bulid a dance school along with music academy as memory of both parents.my eyes began to tearing.he wiped it.

lk: no more tears .only dmile
said by patting my cheeks

i roamed whole academy by holding laksh hand nd placing my head on his chest.i was kept talking

laksh: hold on ragini.my ears r paining

I began to start beating him.he hold my hand nd pinned me against d wall.cm close to me.my breathing becm fast.

lk: ragini .u look do cute while fighting with me.
he whispered in eyes eith a naughty smile nd pulled my nose.

there was another surprise waiting for me in our hm.he brought me to our room nd gifted me a sitar nd gitar. I was damn happy c my instruements.he then brought me to his study .I was shocked to c d study. one part of study is renovated as a mudic room where I can practice my music

rag: why music room nd study together
lk: becoz I want to hear ur melodious voice while working
rag: my practice may disturb u
laksh: but I want to get disturbed.
I want to c u all d tym.even when am working I can easily find u near me
everything is changing between us.my mng starts nd end with his special wishes.i always find a note with reald roses early in d mng.his wishes r too special

laksh’s pov

it was not a sudden change.it was yet slow nd beutiful change of our lyf.every mng starts with her beautiful melodious voice.i began to avoid working while in hm.she just pamper me like kid.she makes me ready for office just like a mother send her child to school.she alwsys send my lunch with beautiful note nd a red rose.sm tym she herself cm to office with her sweet smile inoreder to ensure that am having my fud on tym.she was always around me while I was in hm.our nyt endwith our endless talks.her beautiful smileing face always vanished my tiredness when I was back to hm frm office. she spents her whole tym with me when I was in hm.while am working on my lap she always sat nearme nd places her head my shoulder.we usually hangout together nd makes me accept her silly demands like having golgappa or having ice cream in our night walk.who eats icecream in this rainy season.but my stupid rago does. she know hw to convince me easily.she makes pout lips nd puppy face.so I myself gave in.slowly slowly we are one again falling for each other

telll me guyys hw was d epi.

Credit to: raglak(fouz arshi)

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  1. Plz make ragini also pregnant feeling very bad for ragini

    1. raglak(fouz arshi)

      hold on dr . happiness awaiting for them ahead

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      don’t wry dr.i will uplod next part soon.i need a break frm continues studies .so I will try to write smthng soon

  4. Awesome epi and lived it so much both RagLak and were you the one wrote raglak pyaarki kahaniii?? I really miss that ff a lot so please why don’t you continue it? ?

    1. raglak(fouz arshi)

      dafsi.i miss ur ff dr.try to uplod if its possible. yup.am d writer of that ff.i wrote entire story in lapy.but I lost it nd I didn’t get any gud response so thought to discontinue.

      1. Y yar I was like a mad girl waiting for the updates of that ff 🙁 I really hope you would continue it again once you get more free time….

      2. Dafsi

        I will upload mine as soon as possible currently Im not well dear but cant continue it please Im sure you would get good response..Trust me a read it for the third time in ago and then realized it was you who wrote it..As soon as I got to know I wanted to rquest it to you and when I saw your this ff update I was on cloud 18 one for the update for my ff and the second for a way to convey my request

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    PLS post it regularly

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      dr.plz wait for sm tym.my exams r cmng close.i will post in between so sry dr

  6. Nice epi and loved it so much…mIssed your ff btw are you the one who wrote Raglak pyaarki kahanii?? If so missing that ff alot why dont you continue it? ??

    1. raglak (fouz arshi)

      dafsi .I will surely update it aftr my exams.plz wait gor sm tym.i didn’t cmnt on ur last epi.sry fr that dr.ur foing well.dafsi in which class ur studying

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  13. Congo.for reaching 25th episode.I was the one who asked ur name (anonymous).I am from andhra,studying in IISER pune………..u know what, half of r batch mates are from kerala………and coming to the episode……outstanding. feeling bad for ragini…but they stood for each other ……..and yeah i am also very happy as now a days there r many raglak ff’s…and the fan page(fb) has got 60K likes………..looking ahead for next part.but don’t end the ff too fast

    1. raglak(fouz arshi)

      thanks dr.i had been for 8days in hyderabad for a conference. its wonderful city . Don’t feel bad gor rags.every thing going to be kkk.wait for sm more cute mmnts dr.love u lots.stay connected

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      oh 100 epies I can’t promise that.but I will give max no .of epi.i will end it before u people lost ur interest

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      thanks dr

    1. raglak(fouz arshi)

      thanks dr

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      thank u dr

    1. raglak(fouz arshi)

      thanks dr

  23. I was a silent reader but have to comment today.What an amazing fan fiction this is.Seriously its one of the finest fanfictions I have ever read.Thanks for such a beautiful story on our favorite couple raglak.

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      thank u dr for breaking ur silence.kewp supprting nd cmmnting

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    thank u taina.its ur love nd support which help meet cmplt 25 successful epies

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        U r welcome
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  31. Awesome episode dear and congratulations for 25th episode and loved it a lot

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    1. so sry dr I can’t give as am using my phn.just search like this on google raglak thatnyt changed my life epi1 change epi no for an another chap

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    Awesome. Raglak scene were so damn adorable. Loved it

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      thank u nami.keep supporting

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