raglak-that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-24


ramsan mubark to all.
guyss am uploading same epi for 3rd tym.i don’t know why I couldn’t uplod it previous tym.my cousin ayesha replied for ur cmmnts personally ( in my name).plz check it for once.and thanks neha for mentioning my ff name in ur analysis. guyss day by day am losing my regular readers but same tym getting new readers also.thanks to everyone who cmmnted nd supported me on my epis till d date.

sorry for long bak bak nd let’s start.

rag’s pov

I was in cloud 9 aftr reading laksh letter each and every word directly touched my heart.d letter made me feel so special.omg! I can’t believe he made it for me with his hands.all pic attachted to it is taken without my knowledge nd all r my recent pic.thats means he was taking my pics without my knowledge. oh god plz hold me I can’t take these much of happiness nd surprises together. he made it with so much of effort.i took a small box frm my side of cupboard.i opened it nd and touched d stuff inside it. it was full of gifts by laksh.d sorry card which is he given me on after hurting me, chocolate wraps which he brought for me aftr his trip during our early days of mrg, ganpati idol for my exam nd many more things.i placed d card inside it an locked nd kept back.i placed my bew frbd (my teddy) in our bed. I should give him a name. but what …….

got it . . .. I can cll it lucky.
I got up nd went to dressong table.i selected a saadi of peach color as it is his fav color.i started to wear it.but due to exsessive happiness.i could not wear it properly .I was strugling with saadi to wear it

rag: offooo rag.its not ur first tym then why r u struggling with it.

laksh cm out frm washroom.i didn’t noticed him as I was busy in my saadi.

laksh: what is this ragini.why r u drapping ur self with saadi.

I looked myself.it was like I just wrapped me in a blanket.

laksh: what happened ragini?
rag:don’t knw laksh.i used to wear saadi.but I don’t know why today am unable to wear it properly
laksh: let me help
rag:u know hw to wear it?
laksh:let me try yaar

laksh makes her stand stedly.slowly he began to make her wear it.he tied her pallu properly.then made d folds nd placed it properly.hetouched my belly with his wet hands nd his hot breath fell on my skin. I felt thousand of butterfly inside my stomach.
he turn me nd made me look in to d mirror

laksh: hw is it ragini?
ragini: wow laksh.u r talented . It’s look perfect
laksh:thank u madam
ragini: hw do u know it
laksh: if I know hw yo unwrap it.so I must know hw to wear it also

he said it with a natughty smirk.
his words made me blush like hell

ragini: chee laksh
laksh: I was kidding dr.in my childhood I usually helped mom in wearing saari.so I kmow hw to make it

he said nd kissed on my cheek.

lk: u look beautiful. why r u wearing this if u r not comfortable with it
ragini: first I was not comfortable with iy.but nw I am becoz my hubby loves to c me in saadi.

we shared an intense eyelock.aftr sm tym we got ready nd and went dwn together. he stopped me infront of in house temple nd showed me smthng.am happy yo c d mandir which is renovated beautifully.

I went inside it . I made aarthi thaal ready.nd began to do aarthi nd suddenly two hand joined me.i turned back happy to c laksh holding d thaal along with me.utt bhayya swasan joined as.i distributed prasad to everyone.before I could give to laksh he put a ladoo in my mouth nd ate it frm my mouth.i was shocked.i look here nd there.thank god no one noticed it.we all r headed towards dining table.he hold my wrist nd drag me towards him

laksh: don’t u want to know why I did this.i want to thank d lord for giving me back my life u.aftr my parents death I lost my belive on god.u made me once again belive me god.thanks ragini for cmbg to my lyf being with me .nd take me out frm d darknesss. a lot of girls were wanted my attention becoz of my mny.but u always wanted my love affection nd care.but I always hurted u.

ragini: past is passed laksh..look nw we r together.we already started s new journey.
lk: in front of god I want to promise u smthing.i will not leave ur hand in my whole lyf.every sorrow should confront me before reaching to u.i promise to bring all happiness to ur lyf ragini.

utt:( shouts frm dining )bhayya bhabhi.cm join us

we too join them in bf.
swara: if ur romance is over plz give us sm tym.
utts: bhai plz feed my raginibhabhi just like u feed her prasad a few min ago

we both felt embarrassed while utts swara laugh nd gave hifi to each other.sasid (sanky nd sid) gave confused look
sid: how should he feed her
utt:leave it sid I will tell u later.

suddenly swara screms in pain.
swara: aaahhhhh.. . …maaaa….its paining. ……aahhh…..sanky….aaaahhh..maaaa……..ahhh

sanky (worried): swara what happened?
swara: padosi margayi
sanky: kya
swara: arre pagal its paining she saidit holding her tummy
sanky: oh haaa
utts: bhai I think her water broke
rag: yup sanky lets her take to hospital.

@ hospital

everyone is standing near d labor room with tensed face. sanky is walking here nd there.everyone face lighten up hearing a cute voice of baby

a nurse cm to us by holding a baby in her hand who wrapped in blue towel.

nurse : who is mr sanskar maheswari here.
sanky: am
nurse: congratulations sir .its a baby boy for u.
sanky :hw is swara
nurse”she is perfectly alright sir.u can meet her aftr 30min
she said while giving d child to sanky.sanky took him in hand nd kissed his forehead.laksh was smiling wholeheartedly but a drop of tear escaped frm his eyes.i slowly hold his hand.he gave me a assurance smile.

soon swara moved to room.sanky placed child on swara’s lap.
sanky: thank u swara for giving me world’s beautiful gift
swara kissed his forehead.
swara: ragini nd laksh bhayya don’t u bless our child.
I took him in my hand. laksh back hugged me.oh god he isso cute.he went on sanky but his smile is beautiful just like swara.baby went through all hands.all r busy with d baby.i was starring laksh.he too was stealing glances of mine.my eyes welled up.i wiped it before anyone can c.we were smiling nd trying to be strong but sadness were filling our heart.

doc discharged swara as it was a normal delivery. we did a grant welcm for d new born.we all were busy with entire day.

I was arranging our bed.laksh cm to room aftr disscussing abt sm deals to bhayya nd sanky

laksh: ragini.aftr so many day happiness cm to our house
ragini: a laksh.swasan were very happy

he placed his hand on my shoulder I immediately hugged him

ragini: sry laksh.i couldn’t give u d happiness of fatherhood to u.sry why god snatched our little lyf.what was its mistake in all this laksh.why he is punishing us

I burried my face in his chest nd sobbed.he hugged ne tightly.

laksh: don’t be sry ragini.it was my mistake.my rivalry with duggal snatched ur happiness.plz forgive me ragini.am ur culprit. I couldn’t save our child

tears were following frm his eyes

ragini: its not ur mistake lsksh.u even did not know abt my pregnancy.its was d circumstances.

laksh: why u love me this much ragini
ragini: hw can I hate my life laksh.ur my lyf
laksh:u always there for me as frnd wife mother but I always hurted u badly.i don’t deserve u.leave me ragini nd live ur life happily.am d reason of all ur sorrow.
ragini: hw can I live without my life, breath laksh.

I wiped his tears nd kissed on his eyes.i made him lay dwn on bed.i placed my head on his chest hugged him.he kissed me on my forehead.
I turned to him
laksh: sry I ….vo.. me .. kiss….
ragini: its kkk laksh.nw we both need eachother mentally nd physically.we have to becm each other’s support system nd strength.we can’t let eachother break dwn.u need me as much I need u this tym.

I slowly pecked his lips nd he hugged me tightly

screen freezes on d laying position of raglak

do sry guyssfor being late.when ever I got tym I read all ur ff nd cmmnt on it.its takes more dan 4 hrs to write smthng.right nw I can’t give so much tym as my exam r cmng close

plz guyss plz let ne know d worst nd best part of my ff till nw.silent readers plz breake ur silence. it’s a small request fm my side plz do cmmnt nd support me.suggest a nice name for swasan child.i suggest sanskrit nd swakar.let me know ur suggestions plz

Credit to: raglak (fouz arshi)

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