raglak-that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-23

I know u people r angry on me.but what to do .my mom is not allowing me to touch my phone or lappy as am having my exams on june 28th.aftr lot of my pleading she allowed me to use my phn for only two hrs.so am here with a new episode.sry once again.

laksh pov

we were back to hm around 12.there is a silence between us. she was arranging d bed.
lk: ragini I will sleep in d couch until I will get ur love nd forgivness
rag: no need laksh.i know u keeps ur word
cm sleep on d bed

we both were lay down on d bed facing our back .I was unable to sleep as am habitual to sleep by cuddling her inhaling her fragrance.oh god what to do.i was taking turns countinuesly sm hw I manged to sleep.

rag’s pov

hw can he sleep on couch.i can’t sleep with out his presence.not only his presence but also his tight embrace . His stupid promise oh god hw can live with out his tight hug for so long.plz make him prove his love fast.he should do it in few day otherwise I will die due to lack of sleeplessness. why r u blaming laksh.it was ur idea to tease him.so u have to face consequences. I smiled at my thoughts once I was scared of his touch.nw I was a craving for his touch.i was taking turns.look at him he is sleeping peacefully hw can he????
slowly my chain of thoughts were broken nd I fell in d deep sleep

in d bright mng sunrays fall on my eyes.a small smile cm on my lips.its a new day for both of us new a new day with a new hope for life.i found myself on his chest.i kissed his forehead.nd smile cm on lips .soon reality stuck my stupid head. I got with a jerk.but my magalsuthra is stucked in his shirt.due to sudden jerk he woke up nd found me close to him.he took off my magalsuthra frm his shirt

ragini: sry I don’t know when I cm near u nd sleep on ur chest sry laksh.
lk: its kk ragini
I know u r habitual to my embrace.i don’t have any problm with it .if u want to sleep on my chest u can

he said it with a naughty smile.i took my pillow nd began to beat him with it
lk: stop it ragini
am not in d mood to hear any thing I countinued to beat him.he hold my hand tightly nd took of the pillow.he pressed me to bed with hid body.i began to breath heavily. he leans tomy lips to kiss mr.our lips r one inch spary.but he got of frm me.

lk: I will not break my promise.i will not touch u until I gain my love back dr.

he got a call nd went outdide to attend it.i was impressed with his gentle action.i took my saadi nd went to have bath.
when I cm back to d room.i found a card placed on my dressing table.i opend it.
sm lines written in it
dear ragini
thank u so much for accepting with me all my flaws nd faults. I know I hurted u very much.i betrayed u in d name of love.u know one this in this revenge game I slowly fallen for ur innonce.
ur smile made my day.ur tears tear me apart.i misunderstood my feeling towards u.i thought its as humanity but it was my love affection care towards u.i know am a stupid I slowely realize things.i gave u pain but ur love never changed for me.ur sparkling eyes always showed d love for me.u cared me just like my mother.u always remind me abt my mama.
I realized my feelings when I was on d verge of fear of losing u.u changed my stone heart.u again made me alive.ur innocent talks smile again bring smile nd happiness in my life.
ragini will u give a chance to live a life with u.will u be my side for ever.will u give me houner to call as ur child father.will u give a chance to prove myself.
ragini I want to start frsh with u.will u be my frnd.
yours laksh
tears welled up on my eyes.d card was made by him.d each and every word on it directly touched my heart.every line shows d pure love it .the card was beautifully decorated with little rose pettal.it contais a lot a small pic of me which is clicked without my knowledge.
tears starts to roll down frm my eyes . suddenly I saw a hand infornt of me

lk: don’t dare to cm out .its precious
ragini: thank u laksh for making me feel special.thanks for ur card tooo
lk: u didn’t give me answer
will u be my frnd????
he told by offering a teddy bear which have a love on his hand on which will u be my frnd written on it.

ragini: I will think (naughtly)
lk: u take ur on time .he said it with a sad face.it made me feel bad

nd abt to get up.i hold his wrist

ragini: soachliya
took teddy frm his hand
he gived a confused look
ragini: tho frnds
lk: are nt we???
I hugged him tightly he too hugged me back

screen freezes on d smiling face of raglak

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    1. my mom is very strict abt studies.but am happy she allowed ne to use my phn.so I can update my ff

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  7. U know i was dying to read to read ur ff. At last u cm back with a super cute episode. The card & Teddy gifts 4 ragini from laksh was very cute. The love phase has begun after this cold war.

    1. teddy idea is a beautiful memory of mine.my besti gifted me same teddy on my 17th birthday nd we r frnds frm past 6 yrs

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    1. a big teddy hug to my dr
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