raglak-that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-22


I can’t even meet my eyes with u people .I know I disappointed u all.u all r eagerly waiting for my update.i can’t even ask u people sory.i was badly stuck with my bro mrg nd my exam preparation. so I didn’t got much tym to update.today I was checking my last update on telly update .I found a msg frm nita.i was glad to c her msg nd decided to update a epi aftr my dinner.so my dr nita this epi is specially dedicated u .I was happy to know that u r waiting for my update nd sry for d inconvenience.

recap: rags cm to know d truth abt my miscarriage.

same day night
laksh’s pov
when I entered yo my room.i saw her standing inftont of d mirror nd checking her belly.her eyes were welled up with tears.she saw me through d mirror nd gave a pale smile which pierced my heart.
I hugged her frm back.
laksh: ragini
can we just go for a walk
ragini: sure

we cm out of our mansion nd began to walk on d road.there is no one in d road.we both just walked with out talking anything.slowly she holded my hand.

ragini: tell me laksh what is bothering u

I looked at her confused hw can she easily read my mind with out any words.
I made her sit on a bench on side of rod.we sit smtm there in a deep silence.slience is that much deep, we each other can hear our heart beast

aftr sm tym I broke d silence.

laksh: ragini.i was ten when I met her on d park near my house at delhi.she saved my utts frm getting hitted by a car . that was d day frm when our frndshp started.we never asked anythng personal abt each other.we met often in d park.when I asked her name she asked me to call her princess as her bro calls her.slowly our frndshp grew.we becm best frnds.i was ver happy those days but one incident changed my life my ma papa died in an accident (tears began to scroll dwn frm my eyes).u know i was very much closed to my mom.she was my best fnd.i shared every single matter of my life with her.it shattered me.my parents death broke me into pieces .but I have to be strobg for my sibling.utt was too small to understand what happened with us.nd sanky got in to depression. my chacha chachi cm to take us with them.on that day I waited a lot for her in d park.but for sm reason she didn’t cm.i hd to move to mumbai with out meeting her. I went to Mumbai. nd made me busy in my studies inoder to hide my pain.but I never forgot her her bubbly face cute smile nd big round eyesi realized that I am deeply love with her .I decided to go back to her aftr cmpltng my studies. I hide my pain frm my sibling but It was noticed by chacha chachi.soon they becm my parents.they loved us alot cared a lot.again god snatched my happiness .aftr my chacha chachi death I becm stone heart.i just cared abt my sibling.i took over d responsibility of our company.aftr settling my sibling lyf.i went back delhi to fond my princess.bit another shock was waiting for me.she died in an accident.aftr I left frm delhi her parents suffered a huge lose in business .do they left frm there bd met with an accident. I was again shattered. frm then I stopped believing d god.he snatched my everything my parents, chachi, then my princess my life.i loved her like hell.but

I broke dwn infront of her.i open my heart to her.i felt to let my all pain infront of her.she hugged me tight.i cried a lot hugging her.soon I composed my self.

lk: then I met u in d park.u were playing with children.i was memerized to c her.but by the tym I becm heartless.i just care abt my ego nd my siblings.i was a rude arrogant person to d word.who will get everything by hook nd crook.our second metting changed our lyf.when u cm to my office return d mny.i felt u insulted me.it touched my ego.i decided to take revenge frm u.i gathered every information abt u.then I planned to make u fall in my trap.i asked u soory.then I made u my frnd.i send those goons to evetease u .our meeting were not at all coincidence ragini it was well exicuted plan.i made u fell in my trap.but unknowingly I fell in love with u.i revealed my true colors infront of u aftr our mrg.i hunted u very much.it gave a lots of pain but I didn’t understand why? u know one thing sid knows abt us when he asked me to divorce u I felt smone stabbed me.ur tears always affected me.but my ego didn’t let me to show.i was very possive abt u I can’t tolerate any other person with u.
When I was In d verge of losing u I realized that I love u .I can’t live without you.

I looked at her.she was in tears.

lk:I know ragini I made a sign to play with ur feeling.

I kneel dwn infront of her

lk: ragini I know u can’t forgive me easily.will u give me another chance to live with u.will u accept me with my past nd flaws.i know i don’t deserve u.u r perfect but I can’t live with out u.
will u give a chance to repent.will give me chance to make u mine whole heartly.will u be my better half.i love u to core of my heart

she hugged me tight nd we remained same position for sm tym.she broke hug and wiped her tears

ragini:I love u laksh

a smile cm on mg lips

rag:but I can’t easily forgive u.u played with my emotions my heart.u broke me physically nd mentally. i beared all ur torture not only becoz of my bro sake but also I loved u love u will love u.i can’t hate u for me u r my world. but I can’t forget that u played with my dignity laksh.i lost my trust in ur love.u broke it.i will not leave u as I can’t live without u.laksh u have to gain my trust.u have to prove ur love for me.i was always ur’s.i don’t have any problem with ur princess.she was ur past I am ur present nd future that’s what natters for me nd I will be.but u have to gain my trust back
u have to give my laksh back.u have to fulfill all d vows u taken with me during our mrg

I give broad smile to her

lk: I will gain ur trust back.i will get my ragini.i promise till u accept me wholeheartedly I wil not touch u.i will not touch until u give d permisdion.i will go any extend to gain ur trust back.i promise next mng will bring a new hope for us .thanks for giving mea chance ragini. I promise I will prove my self as a good partner for u

rahini pov

I know he love me like hell.i saw his care when I was injured he took care if me like my mother . his every action showed his love care affection.when he said those magical words to me I felt screem I love u too.but I can’t easily forgive him.he played with my heart nd diginity.i don’t have any doubt in his love.i just want to tease him.make him realize that hw much we need each other hw much we love each other. I was on cloud nine right now . am also waiting for d new rays of hope nd happiness in our life.i know he was so rude me.but he is my laksh.ragini’s laksh.

I hugged him more tight. screen freezed on their hugging podition

I dedicated to this to all my readers especially for u NITA thank u all my frnds for ur constant support nd love

plz keep supporting nd cmmntng.dont feel sad that idedicated this epi specialky to nita.u all matters tome love u lots.

Credit to: raglak

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