raglak- that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-21


guys u know onething when I started this ff I thought to end it 10 episodes but ur support made me reach up to epi no 21 thanks a lot keep cmmntng nd supporting guysss
am bit upset guyys r u people didn’t like last epi.i know nthng special there in it.but I felt I disappointed u people. am not at all a writer I just keep scrubbling which cms to my mind.plz tell me d best and worst part of my ff till d date plz guyss it can boost up my confidence.

rag’s pov

its bright sunny day.when sunrays fall on me I slowely opend my eyes.as usual I was in his chest. I looked in to his smiling face.it was full of innocence.i was looking at him no I was adoring my laksh frm more than 15 min.i kissed his forehead . suddenly two musculine hands encircled my waist .
laksh: oho taking my advantage in sleeping
rag: nooo
laksh: then what u r doing?
rag stammers I……I..
leave me lsksh.i have to ho dwn u know na today evng swara’s godbharai ceremony is there na.lot of preparation is remaining

laksh: I want sm more tym to sleep
rag: then u sleep . I will go dwn
laksh: no u r also going to sleep eith me
rahini: no laksh

he was not in d mood to hear anything . he drapped blanket over us nd closed his eyes.i tried my level best to free myself.but I could not.atlast I gave up nd reseted my head on his chest

he whispered to me: that’s like my gud girl.soon we dozed off.aftr more than two hr I got up nd ran to washroom got ready in peach coloured saari.i was getting ready in front of mirror . suddenly laksh cm out frm bath room by wearing a towel.he was looking damn hot in wet hairs.his creamy musculine body made me freez .I was starring him through mirror nd was lost in my own thoughts.

chain of my thoughts were broken by laksh’s voice.
laksh: I know I look dashing.every girl can fall for me.plz stop checking out me

his statement made me blush like hell
laksh: smone is becmng red tommatto.
he said whistling

he cm close to me nd hugged me frm back.he placed his wet hands on belly.i current passed through my spainal cord.he made me turn

laksh: don’t blush like this u r testing my patience.

he took in his arm nd placed me on d bed .he leaned over me nd gently kissed my lips. i too reciprocated.i was literally craving for his touch then he bitted me on my nape.i moaned a little.i felt his breath on my body.i began to breath heavily. he took of my saadi.slowely kissed on my vare belly.i clutched my bed sheet.my mind tried to restrict him.

rags (mind) hw can u him for give so easily .he betrayed ur love. rag (heart) did u c his concern he love u like mad.soon my heart overpowered my mind nd we made it out
aftr 1 hr we got ready and went down

utts: what bhabhi u took so much time to dwn
sanky:so wat they r married.they also need sm time
he said pointing towards d nail mark on laksh’s neck.
sid: princess don’t be wild at him
we both r in such an embarrassed situation
utts: mng mng romance.kya bath hai bhai
sanky: no I think d nyt was too long for them he na laksh
laksh:romace king look at ur wife tummy and tell.shaadi ki ek saal bhi nahi hua wife is 8 month pregnent.
utt sid rag swara laugh at him.

sanky: utt ki baachi zyadaaa math udavoo math.hamari shaadi ko 11 mnth tho ho gayi.its 6 mnth of ur wedding and

utt: stop it bhaiii
rag: stop it do sm work also
we all did preparation well.its around 5 ‘o clock
laksh cm in a dashing sherwani ( he wore it in second mrg of ragkak)
laksh: go and get redy ragini.only half hr for function.
rag: ha baaa.i will place this phool.
lk: no go .I eill do it

when I entered to my room.there were gift wrapper on bed.to my beloved wife was written on it.it was beautiful merron nd cream lehenga .I got ready in it .I placed sindoor in my maang nd mangalsutra in my neck.i wore sm light .jewelry.

laksh’s pov

it has been more than one hr she went to get ready she did cm back yet.usually she do not take much tym in geeting ready.but what happened today.i headed to our room my sid blocked me

sid: u r becmng impatient saale sab.she will cm soon
lk: sid
sid: did u yold her thst u loves her
lk: no
sid: oh god.when will u propose her
lk: sid we better discuss this later.i will be back in few min

when I entered my room.i saw she was sitting in d middle room burrying her face in her knee holding her knee right.i ran towards her nd made her look in my eyes her eyes were red in color which indicated she cried a lot

lk: what happened ragini
I hugged her tight.she did not respond.she was just like statue.

ragini: is it true.she asked me showing her reports .I was numb for sec no more than a second
she shouted: laksh tell me d truth .I was pregnent with our child or not

lk :i nooded in yes
she broken dwn.she hugged me tightly

rag: hw can god be so cruel to me.he snatched my child frm my womb.he snatched d happiness of being a mother.why laksh why he always do this with me
what bad I have done. he snatched my parents nw my child.who isnot cm to his world. hw can god do this to me

I hugged tight: so sry rags to hide this.i don’t want to lose u.doc advise us hide it frm u as it will may give another shock to ur body.nd there is d chance that u may slip in to coma so sorry.

she broke d hug.ragini: so my doubt was ryt.
I looked her confusedly.

rag: u know na laksh that day our last day in clg.there is party for us.frm so many days I was feeling dizzy nd vommiting.but I just avoid it.that day sonam told me that she too feel d same bd she is suspecting to be pregnent.i was in shock as I was missed my cycle too on d mnth.so made excuse of my health nd went to pharmacy nd brought pregnancy detection kit.but before I found it god snatched my child.

I holded her hand
lk: so srry ragini.becoz of my rivalry we lost our child.

she wiped my tears

ragini: why r u saying sry laksh.u too lost ur child.its not ur mistake its his mistake.he alwsys snatches happiness frm my lyf.

laksh rested his foreheaf on her.

lk: I romise u ragini.soon ur lyf will filled with colors nd happiness.soon u will cary our love in ur womb.
lk:can ee start planning frm nw I winked at her
she smiled
rag: laksh. I know u hided d fact for my welfare.idont have any cmplaints with u.no need ofdoing stupid things to make my mood.
cm we have to with swara.we cant snatch her happiness.we can show our sorrow .smike plz
I forced sa smike
ragini: smile for me
I smiked.she pulled my cheek thats like my laksh.
laksh : are u sure
rag: yup
we both washed our face nd went dwn.rituals already started.we giffted swara.everyone r gifting swara nd blessing her.suddenly sanky cm nd kneeled infront of swara

sanky: thank u swara for making me dad nd cmng to my lyf.u filked it with colors nd happiness
he gives a bunch full of red roses.
he kisses her forehead nd kisses her tummy.
I looked at ragini. .she wiped her teras before smone c her but it was no hided by me .she slowly placed her hand on her belly.a pale smile cm on her face.i too placed my hand on her hand
lk: soon he will gift us with our love.this tym I will not allow him to take our happiness
she give a smile
lk: kya thumhem meri mardangi mein shakh hai
I asked her to lighten her moid
she blushed like red tomato.
rag: chii laksh have sm shame.u r going to becm chacha bd mama soon.
I smiled nd we hugged each other.

I lost my cool when my bau tauted ragini

bua: ragini swara gave us gud news 2mnth aftr cmng to his house.when will u give.thuch mein thni kapliyath hai

laksh: who d hell r u talk abt my wife.its our personal matter.i was not ready to becm papa soon.for ur kind information I will give u gud news soon.nw get out frm house.first give tym to ur family .u r daughter married two yrs ago.she did nt give any gud bews.its only 7mnth of our mrg.first think abt ur family. then cmmnt on others .i did not want to pointing on my sis but u provoked me bua.nw get lost.

I dragged ragini who is in tears to my chest nd
hugged her tightly

screen freezed on d angry young man face if laksh

I know it was too lengthy.compesantation for not updating fir last dys.plz cmmnt d gud nd worst part of this ff.guyys hate part is over love will blosom soon.so donot u want to know stay tuned love u all umhaaaa

Credit to: raglak

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