raglak- that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-20

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rag’s pov

it has been a one week I got discharged frm hispital.nw days everyone treats me like a kid especially laksh.i saw another laksh in these days.am happy to c my caring nd loving laksh back. he did not allow ne to step down frm d bed.he takes care of me like a mother. he help me to clean myself as i was restricted to take a bath, he dresses my wound give me medicine nd feeds me food on tym.i was always in his embrace.he did not leave me for a sec as i am going to run awsy frm him.he did not went to office these day he was always beside me . he was taking care of me.in these one week i got know he loves me like hell.when he looks at me I often found a hidden pain behind his pale smile.smthng is bothering him.but what I can’t find anything.my thoughts were disturbed by him.i was sitting in his lap nd resting my head on his chest.he was leaning towards d wall.

laksh: ragini
ragini:mmmm laksh
laksh: its time for u r medicine
ragini: no I won’t take it tastes very bad.
I said still burrying my face in his chest.

lk: donot behave like a kid ragini.take it.
ragini: I willtake it but one condition
laksh: what condition
ragini: u will allow me to go down
laksh:no way. doc advised u bed rest for I month.so u r not allowed to go dwn.
ragini: laksh am getting bored hereplz na .I was always sitting in d same room.i need sm fresh air plz na
I will take medicine with out any complaints
plz I said it with puppy face nd pout lips.

laksh: stop u r drama.first have ur medicine.i will take u dwn
laksh:haan babaaa
I took medicine in one gulp.
ragini:yuckks its bitter
I hate u laksh
he pull me towards him nd took me in tight embrace nd placed his k
lips on my lips
lk: nw it becm sweet naaa
he winked @ me
ragini: mmmm dramebazzz

he took in his arm in bridal style nd went towards hall
ragini: laksh I can walk
leave me I began to hit his chest with my hand

he stopped for a while
laksh: will u stop or otherwise I will take a u turn to our room
ragini: its kkk.go ahead.
he placed me in d sofa nd sat near me.utt swara sanky sid bhayya everyobe gathered there

sanky: ragini bhabhi ab kise hai?
ragini: feeling much better
utt: kaise teek nahi hogi meri bhayyane pura kayyal rakha hai.
sid: that right.vaise saale sab ne office thak chod dhi apne dharam patni keliye
swara:stop pulling their legs naa.they r made for each other.sanky learn smthng frm your bhai.hw laksh takes care of rags.am 8th mnth pregnent.but it does n’t matter for u .
har vaqth mere southan mein dhyan rahthi hooo
utts: his phn

everyone laugh @sanky nd screen freezes on happy family tym

guyys this epi is for showing d changed behavior or care of laksh towards rags.guyss will u people think that rags will easily forgive him

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  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    It’s not his fault, he didn’t know that Ragini was pregnant so Ragini will have to forgive him! It will hard for her because she lost her child but they have to move on 🙂

  2. Good when he will tell about princess to her?

  3. hmm luv their jodi…nd plz dnt give too much priority to swara…bcz ragini is also heroin of this serial

  4. Awesome

  5. awesome

  6. Yes pls confess abt princess

  7. Awesome

  8. awesome.

  9. Awesome…

  10. awesome episode…. i m waiting for when laksh will tell to ragini abt princess…

  11. Awesome episode dear and I’m from Kerala (thrissur)

  12. When will lakash tell aout his secret to her

  13. Very nice but too short… Please update in English as I can’t understand hindi… Thanks for the update.. Please continue

  14. Its really awesome pls update next Epi soon

  15. Osm epi buddy

  16. Super episode…loved it… Ofcourse rags will forgive his as she loved more than anything…

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