raglak- that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-19


thank u guysss.sry for making u people wait for I week.i thought to end it 3 episode nd I already wrote it.by cing ur response I changed my mind.i thought it is becoming bored that’s why I decided to end it here. so don’t wry will not end it a hurry but I can’t drag it also.

recap: ragini got shoot nd hospitalized.doc informing abt her miscarriage.

laksh’s pov countinues

I don’t know exactly for hw many hrs I sat like there.i was sitting there like a statue.tears r stopped frm falling down.i was feeling like my world is spinning arround me.i lost my everything. becoz of my rivalry I lost my child.
ragini with cute baby bump cm to my mind.soon I saw a baby girl in our hand.darkness spread all over nd smone snatched my child nd ragini frm my hand.am alone there.
I screamed: raginiiiii

soon sid nd sanky cm to me.i was breathing heavily.sid slowly patted me on my shoulder nd made me drink water

sid: laksh calm dwn nthng will happen to her.
laksh: why sid its always me.why god is snatching every person who r closed to me.tell ur princess I can’t live with out her. tell her that I love her more than anything in this world.she is my life.i can’t even breath with out her. u r right sid i love her .her innocence made me fall for her again.am d idiot who doesn’t realize that I am nthng with out her .dugal had rivalry with ne.then why he dragged ragini in this.his one step snarched my life my ragini.my child

suddenly doc to us.i rushed to him

lk: hw is she doc? she is fine na

doc: look mr.maheshwari she is in critical stage.her pulse is falling fastly I can’t give u falls hope.chance for her survival is very less. blood loss due to gun shot nd miscarriage made her condition worse.she has only few hrs with her .we r sorry mr.maheswari.we did our level best

I break down on d fllor.meri duniya upper niche gogayi.i felt d ground under my foot is vanished.i stood up nd ran towards ot.i heard frm back

doc: mr.maheshwari u can’t enter ot

as soon as I entered in d operation theter.i saw her lying like lifeless body in d bed with nany equipments attached to her.
I kneel down before her nd hold her hand.i slowly touched her stomach nd kissed it

tears were rolling dwn frm my eyes.i lost my first child.sry beta papa could not save u but I will not allow god to snatch my lyf frm me

laksh: ragini am sry for what I have done to u .plz cm back to me plz open ur eyes.i can’t live with out u.u asked ne several tym why should I care abt u .becoz I love u damn it.its my ego which stopped me frm to confess u.ragini u know I was very much attached to my ma but god snatched her then my chachi.i was aftraid to get close to u.i got close to becoz I love u its not becoz my revenge.i was fool I never realized that its was my love.i hurted u very much.u can punish me . Don’t leave me.i don’t have d streangth to loose u. plz ragini give me one chance to rectify my mistake. suddenly I saw movement in her fingers .she began to breath heavily

laksh (shouted): doc tor cm plz fast

doc nd nurses rushed to ot.doc: mr.maheshwari plz wait outside.

it was abt half an hr.i was wondering here nd there ousude ot.doc cm out
sid nd I rushed to him.

doc: congrats mr.maheswari. she is fine nw.it was a miracle aftr losing her pulse.she was abt fall in coma by god grace she is cm to sense.

laksh: can we meet her

doc: sure mr.maheshwari nw she is sleep.she will get consciousness in two hrs.nw only one can meet her.

sid: thank u doc

doc: one more thing.her body is just recovered by a shock.its better we hide abt her miscarriage frm her.there is chance to her body to go back in shock.the newws will definitely shock for her.it can harm her.so better to hide d fact.

lk: sure doc

I went inside her room she was sleeping peacefully.i hold her hand

lk: thank u for giving me chance to repent.i promise u i will give u all d happiness.every sorrow should confront me before reaching u .

I was starring @her.our first meeting flashed over mind.

it was a beautiful sunday.i was in park .aftr jogging I was resting on d bench.i heard a giggling sound of a girl . She was playing with d children. I was unable to c her as her back was facing towards me.when she turn to leave I was awestruck with her beauty.her beautiful eyes, rose juicy lips .I was in shock for sm tym.

next day .I was driving my car very fast suddenly I crushed on a scooty.i cused d driver under my teeth nd get down.i was again shocked to c her.it was same girl . She started give me lectures on d manners.i got angry as I was in a hurry to attend a meeting.i thrown a bundle of money on her nd went frm there

it was abt 9: 30 .I was in d conference hall with my client suddenly sm one opend d door.it was her.she thrown money on my face said : in this world feelings is very imp than mny.better u get it.
i was felt so ashamed in front of my cilents.i called my pa nd asked him to collect her details.with in hr report containing her details were on my table.for my surprise she was sis of one my employee sid.i made my plan to take revenge frm her

as per my plan I placed soory card where ever she went.i send lots of white roses with people. she was irritated with it.one day she was in cafe coffe day.she was enjoying her coffe.a waiter cm to her give a sorry card.she got furious

ragini: who d hell is this.

waiter pointed to a man who is sitting opposite her table whoes face were covered with menu card.she cm to man

ragini: what r u thinking abt urself.

she took off menu card.she was shocked to find me

ragini: uu
laksh: sorry ragini

aftr lot of hard work she accepted my sorry . slowly I started to meet her.for her it was coincidence but for me it was well exicuted plan . slowly she accepted my frndship

then it was d turn of second plan.one day she was late afr her class.i hired sm goons to evetease her.but I felt very angry to c them teading her.but that tym I was idiot so I didn’t realize my feelings.i saved her frm thoose goons.she began to feel protective arround me.slowly we began to spend our evng together smtm on long drive smtym dinner.

at last 3rd stage of plan.i proposed her infront of her whole clg.she had tears in eyes . She accepted my proposal she cmpltly fell in d trap.then I confront sid.i bribed d pandit for getting a muhurath in one week.i acted as a lover infront of her. shaadi got cmplt successfully

on first night ragini get to know abt my truth.i forced her to have s*x with me.she tried best to restrict.i made her lyf hell.i made it out with her when ever I want but never thought abt her.but her innocent eyes always melted my heart.i thought its humanity.but it was my love.i realized it when i was in d verge of losing her.she silently suffered all my torture not only becoz of her bro but alao she loves me.when ever I got injured or sick she cared me like a mother.she love me like hell.i don’t deserve her love.
I slowly toched her belly.if this nyt was dream.our child will be alive.we lost our child we were unaware of its presence.its d result of my deeds.i hurted her badly.why god why r u punishing her .its my mistake punish me.

tears were rolldown.i don’t know when I fell in to sleep

rags’ pov

when I opened my eyes I saw him sleeping near me sitting on a chair holding my hand.it is visible that he was crying.i slowly touched his forehed where he had a bandage.i passed my fingers through his hairs.slowly massaged his head.laksh slowly opend his eyes

ragini: laksh

she suddenly took me in his tight embrace.i heard his weeping sound.i made him look @me.

rag: laksh look am fit nd fine

lk: u know hw I felt when I saw u in a pool of blood.my breath got stucked.if anythng happend u.i will never able to forgive my self.becoz of my rivalry

I cutted him by placing my lips one his.he was shocked at fist.then he too reciprocated
we broke d kiss due to lack o f oxygen

ragini: do not worry .I will not leave u so easily

laksh: ragini

he hugged me tightly.

screen freezes on d hugging posture of raglak

I knowit was too length.sry I promised back aftr may 1st.i was unable yo update as my bhai iz going get married soon.nd rituals are already started. don’t wryy.i will try to post regularly.love u guyys for ur support thank u .umhaaaa

Credit to: raglak

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    1. am not going give it an abrupt end.i will not end so soon dr.i will givd it cmpt end.i can’t give u no.of epi but I will countinue till I have ideas .I will give an apt end dr.donoy wry more epi r waiting

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      I will not end this ff soon.but I can’t promise 100 epi.for me its a large no.but I wiil surely give max no.of epis

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