raglak -that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi-17


sry guyys I was unable to update my ff for past 3 day.i was hospitalized.i am living in a rented hm with my bestiess.on our last day nyt outings I had icecreams.my doc strictly restricted me frm to have icecream as am allegic to it.for a fun I just ate a little.as am an asthmatic patient my condition got worse.so I couldn’t uplod it guysss.sryyy

rag’s pov
it has been one week sid bhayya cm back to home. a grand welcm party is arranged for him.he was under a strict observation for this one week.during this tym laksh nd bhayya becm more close.they r just best frnds.before they used to be typical saale jiju mode.but they spend more tym together nd did many prank on us.i was happy to c my bhayya nd laksh back.aftr a long I saw laksh smiling whole heartily. I again began to fall for him.i can’t forget what he done to save my bhayya. he used his all power ,money for my bhayya sake.the little harted I had for him vanished.my heart forgave him.but I didn’t want him to know that I was not angry with him.in these days he was never rude to me.for my surprise before leaving to office he kissed my forhead everyday .in thease days he didn’t even touched me once.my thoughts were disturbed by utts

utts: bhabhi.duth gir raha hai.

I switched off gas nd was abt to took milk to bhayyya.

utt: I will give him.u go nd give sm tym to my bhayya.he also needs his wife.
he winked @me and took glass frm heart.

when I enterd my room .we was already slept on bed .he had a book in his chest.i took d book nd placed it near d table.i made him lay dwn properly nd turned off d light.i too lay dwn beside him.i was just stairing st him

rag’s mind(he looks so innocent in sleep.he looks adorable).
I learned towards his forehead nd kissed on his forehead.i placed my head on his chest.nd hugged him tight

rags: what magic u have done to me laksh.i can’t even stop loving u.i can’t sleep without ur tight embrace.

.suddenly two musculine hands encircled on my waist nd dragged me more close to his chest.

laksh: ohoo taking my advantage while am sleeping.he said it without opening his eyes.
rag’s( in mind): ho god he was awake.i hitted my head

he took a sudden turn.now he is on top of me.he leanes towards my lips.i closed my eyes nd tighten my grip on his shirt.we was abt to kiss.smthng hitted his mind nd he moved back.before he could moved back I kissed on his lip.he was in utter shock.he didn’t expected this frm me.he too reciprocated back.

laksh’s pov
oh god what was that.she kissed me on my lips
lak: what a daring step my dr
ragini hided her face in my chest.i hugged her tight.i kissed ner neck.my touch gived shivers to her body.we slowly made it out.
i was happy I don’t know why?.she is slowly accepting me.if she doesn’t .she must have restricted many times.aftr d convo with sid I decided to give a chance to our relationship.
it was a bright wednesday mng.i was getting ready for office.she cm to me nd abt to put a teeka on my forehead.i stopped her

laksh: I don’t like this

rag: plzzz
then d promise cm to my mind mind I allowed her.i left for my office.i was driving but my mind nd heart were in a heated agreement

my mind: laksh.u gave sid promise so behave like a gud husband.

my heart: laksh u r cheating her.hw can u pretend to love her.u love ur princess.if u act to love her for just keeping d promise .it’s injustise to her

my mind: no laksh.he is diverting u.u r doing right.

suddenly I heard a sound off an horn.a truck were just one inch distance frm my car.i diveted d car to another direction. it hitted in o tree with a thud sound.

rag’s pov

I was in kitchen.suddenly I felt smone pushed me.i droped d vessel frm my hand.i felt smthng bad happened to laksh.i touched my maglsutra to just to assure my self.but I was in a shock.it is not in my neck.ohh good where is it.i rushed to my room.i searched it everywhere but I didn’t find.i rembered once mamma said that if a shugahan lose her vermillion.its a bad omen.bad thoughts hitted my heads.i began to search it on bed under tabke.atlast I found it in wash room.it was on d fllor.i took it.thank god it was not broken.i wear it again . But mh heart is saying that smthng bad happened? I cm out of d bathroom nd called him several times.but his phn didn’t get connect.aftr 10min call got connect.but d sounds wre cmng close to near me.i looked back.i was shocked to c him.his right palm were bleeding wounds on his fore head , shoulders.

I ran towards him.i made him sit on bed nd got first aid.first I cleaned his wound on d right palm nd bandaged it.then I placed a bandage oh his fore head.tears were rolling frm my eyes

ragini: remove ur shirt
laksh: ohooo am in pain.u r thiking naughty thinks this tym too

I gave him a angry glare.
ragini: apani dimaag sada math chalavooo.remove ur shirt.

he removed his shirt .I cleaned d small scratches over his neck nd shoulders.i applied medicine on it.my tears were not stopping its falling down

laksh’s pov
I was d one who got hurt .but she is d one u got all my pain. her eyes were evident fir her pain.i was happy to c her concern for me .she was sobbing continously. I made her look in to my eyes

lk: hey nthng happend.look am perfect
ragini: its all becoz of me .meine apana mangalsuthra ki dhaya rakha hotha thooo te sab nahi hothaaa.

lk: what

she explained me that she got a weired feeling in heart while she was in kitchen.then she found that she was not wearing her mangalsuthra.hw she searched.abt her mom’s words
hw she found it.

lk: ragini nthng like that.i was driving carelessly .so a small accident happend.its not becoz of u.ragini its just a black thread.

I was cutted by her words.

rag: for u its just a black thread. for me its my lyf.it ties both of us for7 lives.its means a lot to me . It’s indicated am married.its indicated am all urs.its gives u all rights on me.

I hugged her tightly. sid was right she was so innocent. hw can i hurt such a innocent soul for my ego.is this d values were givrn my parents nd chacha chai.i can’t cheat her. i already cmmted bad aign.no more.her eyes nd words were showing d love she had for me.i lay dwn d bed.she was still on my tight embrace .I determined in my mind I will tell her abt my princess.if she wants to accept me nd give our relation another chance after knowing it.i promise u ragini I will be loyal to u
u will be my lyf.i will be all urs.we will have a fresh start. I kissed her forehead.
screen freezes on laksh ‘s determined face.

precap:will destiny allow him to open up his heart.will rags accept him.or will destiny play another game with their life

stay tuned dears.thank u for ur love nd support.

pavni, shailu di, d one who writing red string u people r execellent writers.oh dhamini , sreeharani hw can I forget u people.and d one who writing chand ka dusara chehraaa.am ur dead fan drssss

Credit to: raglak

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