raglak – that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi- 16


hey guyys am quite surprised nd confused.what made u people think that laksh will donate his heart.only hatred phase is shown, hatred phase not yet cmpleted or love phase is not yet started.abt happy or sad ending.u will get to know.plz wait for smtym to blossom between our raglak.

lakh’s pov
I took her to hospital.i made her sit with utt.utts hands were shivering.rags slowly placed her hands on uttts nd gave assurance smile.i used all my power to find a donor.time passed like hell
aftr two hr doc cm to us

doc: sry mr.maheswari we tried our best to find a donor but couldn’t. we r still searching if we found we will inform.plz have faith on god.

ragini , utts nd swara are in tears.i used all my powers but alll vent in vain.aftr smtym my p.a called me nd informed me that a boy died in accident nd his parents r willings to donate his organs

I informed d doctor same.

doc: that’s great mr.maheswari. do u know in which hospital he is admitted so I can arrange everything.
lk: city hspt

aftr one nd hr doctors frm city hospital reached with the preserved heart.all india’s best cardiologist cm on my request. sid moved to ot.

doc: before transportation we should test whether it matches with sid blood group or not.so then only we can transplant. if match also there is chance of rejection by sid body.so keep calm and pray for him.only he can do a miracle.

abt 4 hrs r passed.atlast operation completed. doc cm out

doc: congratulations .sid body responds well .aftr 24 hrs observation we will move him room.

rag’s pov

doctor words give immense happiness to me.i hugged utts nd looked for laksh.he was not there. I went in search of him.
he was sitting in a bench near hospital.i went to him nd sat besidd him.i placed my head on his chest.he encircled his hand over my shoulders..

ragini: thank u
lk: doc saved ur bhai
ragini: but u arranged it naa
sry laksh for shouting at u sry for d slap.
I kissed on cheek where i slapped.he draged me closer bd hugged me tight.aftr sm tym we broke d hug nd awkward silence were between us for d fist tym

next day.doc allowed allof us to meet him
when I met him he was laying on d bed.i sat near him
sid: plz kidoo don’t be angry on me.
rag: u know one thing.merei sasem ruk gayi thiii
muche laga neri duniya upper neeche hogayithiii
plz don’t ever try to leave me bhayya.
sid:no way
sid:sry said holding his ears.
rags: maf kiya par ek condition mein.u should not stress ur self nd keep smiling
sid: kkk meri.i want to talk to laksh.that too alone

laksh’s pov
when I entered d room.he was sitting on bed
sud: kya salesab ap muche milne bhi nahi aya

I can’t even make I contact with him.

sid: laksh don’t feel guilty. its was not ur fault.it has to be happen oneday.doc warned me bt I didn’t give any attention.

laksh: I decided one thing I will give divorce to her
sid: no laksh u can’t do this .my rag will breake .I know I asked u to divorce her .but d truth is my kiddoo can’t live without u.plz give her chance to prove her love man.

laksh: I promise that I will keep ur kidoo happy nd I will not hurt her.but I need sm rym yo accept her love
sid: laksh u loves her.ur eyes simpky shows love nd care for her then why r u hesitating to accept it

laksh: take rest man.we will talk ltr.

sry for small update

Credit to: raglak

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