raglak – that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi- 15


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rag’s pov
I wiped my tears . I know laksh u loved me still loves me. smthng is stopping u frm expressing it.
I was determined to find abt out it.i went to kitchen.i collied with sid bhayya

sid: what happened my kiddooo. thumne roya kyaa .
rag: nahi bhayya
sid: is everything ok between u nd laksh
rag: ya bhayya. u know ba hw much he loves me.
sid: I don’t know why am feeling that ur hiding smthng frm me. u r lieing to me

rag: nthng like that.

I gave him a assurance smile.i went frm there. becoz I know that I can’t hold my tears frm my bhayyya.

I entered kitchen .cried my heaet out

rags: sry bhayyya.i can’t tell u anything.if u cm to know u will surely breake.
uttara: rags bhabhi.
I washed my face before utt can c my face
utts: kya huva bhabhiii
rags: Chilli went in my eyes dr
do u want anythng
utts: I came here to help u
rags: no way.i will do it my self
go to ur room nd take rest uttara
utt: bhabhi am getting bored
rag: kk then u sit here nd talk to me.

laksh’s pov

in d evening when I was in my study busy in starring my princess photo sid cm to me.

sid: laksh r u busy nw
laksh:no sid cm sit
sid: I want yo talk u abt rags.

sid: laksh plz plz don’t hurt my kidooo.she can’t bear it more.i thought aftr ur mrg my kiddo will change u.i know u hate her.plz don’t hurt her.i can’t c her pain.i can’t loose her again.u know laksh when she was 12 we lost our parents in an accident. she took 5 yrs to overcm d trauma.her little heart wass very much affected by it.for me she is not just my sis.i consider her as my own kid.i can’t c her pain more.sheis faking her smile . she is hiding her pain.i don’t know why she is bearing all this?laksh if u don’t want her in ur lyf then give her divorce. I will take her far frm ur life.she will never back to u.plz don’t hurt her I can’t see pain in her eyes.

the word divorce startled me.i felt smone stabbed me on my heart .sid cmto me holded my legs.

sid: am holding ur legs laksh plz leave her.i swear I will take her far
I jerked him away.

laksh: what r u doing sid.kkkk I will not hurt her.i will think abt divorce I said it with my closed eyes.i felt immense pain in my heart

sid went frm there.i sat there frm sm more tym drowned in thoughts.my thoughts were cutted by utts scream.

rag’s pov
I was in kitchen when I heard utts scream.
utt:lakah bhayya rags bhabhi sanky bhayya swara cm plz cm fast

I rushed towards utts room.when I entered there I saw sid bhayya was laying on floor nd was breathing heavily.laksh sanky nd swara too cm there

laksh pov

I saw sid breathing heavily when I entered to uts room nd took him to hospital.we all were rushed to hospital.all are waiting impatiently out d emergency room.utt was crying miserably swara was consoling her where ragini was sitting there like a statue.

aftr an hour doc cm out.

lk: what happened to him doc

doc: he need a urgent heart transplantation.he is suffering ebstein anomaly (a congenital heart disease).no drugs can save him.i already told sid abt it but he didn’t pay much attention. we have l to arrange heart in 3 hrs. as time passess it can costhis lyf.we informed to all hospital in d city.u can also check in nearby hospitals.

I was shattered hearing this.rags break down on d floor.utts cries hardly

sanky: hw can he hide a such big thing frm us.hw can he spoil utts lyf

laksh: stop it sanky
utt u know abt it naaa???
she kept mum.utt I shouted @ her

utt: ya bhai I know abt it.am d one who forced him to hide it.when I propsed him.he took me to his cardiologist who told me abt his condition.sid clearly rejected my propose nd but I keep on struggled
I always cm with him for checkup.my love melted him nd he agreed.he was ready to told u.but I stopped him.becoz if u know abt it u will not allow me to marry him. bhayya I want him.i need him plz do smthng.

she suddenly look arround.
utts: where is rags bhabhi.he hided it frm rag bhabhi also. rags bhabhi can’t handle an another shock she is suffered alot in her lyf bhayy.he is her lyf bhayya

I remebered sid word abt rags condition when theire parents died.
I ran out.i searched her like mad.at last I found her sitting on temple which is near to hospital.

I ran towards her.she was sitting like a lifeless body.i shaked her

laksh: ragini plz speek smthng.u can’t stay like this.if u loose ur faith then who fill support ur bhayya.be confident nthng will happen to sid. tears were rolling dwn frm my eyes.

she slapped me hardly
ragini: r u happy laksh.u got satisfied cing my tears.i lost my bhayya.why r u her go nd celebrate ur win.i am in exterene pain.my life is shattered .i lost everything .I lost my bhayya.

I hugged her tightly . She tried to breke d hug.but I hugged her more tightly.

ragini: laksh plz save my bhayya.plz I will die with out him.he is not only my bhayya.he is my pa nd ma.i can’t live with out him. plz do smthng laksh.i will anythng u want plz save my bhayyaaa

she broke d hug nd kissed on my cheek where she slapped.

ragini: I know this tym u r not at fault.its him ( pointing towards d god idol).why god is snatching my happings first my parents then my love now my bhsyya.why he us always behind my happiness.

she again kissed me on my cheek.i hugged her tightly.she too hugged me back.

laksh: I promise u that nthng will happend to sid .its my promise to my wife.its a promise of a bhai to his sis.i will bring him back.i will bring ur bhayya back

screen freezes on laksh determined face nd rags crying face

Credit to: raglak

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