raglak – that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi- 14


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laksh’s pov

oh shit.i again forced her.laksh can’t u control ur anger.thum apne sare gussa frustration uspar nikaldiyaaa. oh god yeh meine kya kiyaaa.oh shit yaar.i can’t even sleep for a sec.i was just laying dwn hugging her tightly. when I tried close my eyes her innocent eyes cm infront of me. I again made a sign.she was still sobbing in her sleep.

when I opened my eyes.she was not there.i sat on bed nd memories of last nyt made me guity again.i got ready nd went dowm in search of her.i found her in kitchen where swara nd utts teasing her abt d love mark on her neck. I looked at her moist eyes.it was killing me inside.
utt: bhayyaaa plz leave her for smtym.mein ne tho bua banane ki bath ise hi kaha daa par ap tho serious hogaya

she said it with a naughty smile.ragini looked me with a plane smile which contains a lot of pain.swara utt leaved frm there giving us privacy

ragini:(with out looking me) laksh apko kuch chahiye
ragini: u get redy I will bring ur tea.

rag’s pov
when I entered my room.he was getting ready for his office.i kept tear on dressing room table. I found card on d bed.i opened it.a big sorry was written on it suddenly he hugged me frm back sryy ragini for ystrday nyt .I was not in my sense.u were avoiding me nd uper se ur frnd. hw can he hug u .he is just ur frnd naaaa
a smile cm on my lips.he was so jelous.he turned me towards him kissed me on my forehead nd hug me tightly. I too reciprocated.i pushed him away when I got a flash of previous nyt .

rag: laksh plz don’t fake concern.plz I can bear any betrayal more.plz don’t break my heart again nd again .aftr hurting any one and saying a sorry is not enough.why my pain nd tears hav effect on u.u r d one who want to c my tears na.i hate u laksh hate u to core .nooooo I can’t hate u
I don’t know why I can’t hate .I can’t just hate d man u hurted my self respect who broked my heart.i can’t hate u.i don’t know why still I love u.but I can’t forget what u did to me.plz laksh don’t do this

I was abt to go he grabbed me nd pinned me agaunst wall.
laksh: i asked sry . it doesnot mean that i don’t hate u now.u can’t forget my insult.if u want to forgive me or not its up to u.but one thing I still hate u. if I c that stupid around u I will break his bone.

ragini: why? u don’t love me na then whats ur problem.if I want I will roam with any one.its my life.

I suddenly felt pain on my cheek .he slapped me hardly

lak: ur mine.only I have ryts on u.only I can touch u.dont even think abt any other guys.

he grabbed me closer.
laksh: go it.u r just mine
.he pushed me on flower nd went frm there

I broke dwn on dfloor
ragini:lakah I can’t understand u nd I saw jelousy in ur eyes.ur just complicated .my mind says u r faking d concern.but my heart says u love me.i want to trust my heart.but am unable to do it.hw many shades do u have lakah?.but nw am sure.u love me. my tears stabbs ur heart. my pain have effect on u .but smthng is there to stop u frm loving me,showing concern to me.i know there is smthng.i have to find it laksh.i want my love back

screen frezzes on ragini’s face

Credit to: raglak

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