raglak – that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) epi- 13


si sryy guyys.u people may angry with me . It’s has been around I updated it.iwas busy with my project as I have to submit it on may 4.i kniw I can’t even ask sry frm u guyss.if u can plz forgive me nd keep supporting me.i missed u people nd ur cmmnts.

laksh’s pov
a drop of tear welled up on corners of my both eye.i felt guilty. she was continuously murmmering in her sleep. rags: laksh plz don’t burt me.i can’t bear ur hatred more.plz plz give me my laksh back.i hugged her tightly nd closed my eyes.slowly we both were fell in to deep sleep

rag’s pov
when I woke up I felt extreme pain in my head.my head was spinning.i sat on d bed nd leaned towards d wall.ahhh its paining very badly
laksh offered me a glass full of leamon juice
laksh: drink this.u will fell better

I grabbed d glass frm his hand nd drank it in a single gulp. I noticed that I was not in d same sari which I was wore in mng

laksh: u got drunken nd behaved very childishly.u got drenched in color water.so I brought u here nd changed ur cloth too.

I gave him a weired look
laksh: what.i have already seen u top to bottom
he said it with a naughty smirk
laksh: go have a bath u will feel more better

saying this he went outside.i sat tgere for few min.then went to bath room to have a bath.i stood under d shower.clod water is running all over my body.painful memorues of my wedding nyt.his nyt tortures, yesterday incidents ( hw laksh forced her hurt her) then their encounter .I felt immense pain in my heart.i was boiling in anger nd frustration that I can’t resist him which may cost my bhai’s happiness. no i don’t feel angry I feel pitty on myself.i felt pitty on my helplessness.
aftr a long warm bath I went to dining hall joined them for dinner.i kept avoiding him.

at nyt in our room.i was arranging our bed
laksh: ragini pass me d file on d table
I gave him with out uttering a word
laksh:hw is ur head ache.r u feeling better I just noded in yes.he kept talking with mr.but I just noded in yes or no.i know he was irritated he closed his laptop with a thud .I layed down in d bed.i turnrd off d light nd too layed on bed.i was lsying near him but stairing opposite site.when I turn to his side .he gave me glare
I gave him”what now” look.he grabbed my waist.nd dragged me to his chest .took me in his embrace.

laksh: I was addicted to it.i want sleep peacefully.
he said it with a bit irritated tone.a tiny smile cm on my lips

laksh’s pov
I was irrited by her attitude. she is avoiding me.i dragged her to chest.i can’t sleep with out her hug.i closed my eyes.aftr sm tym I felt wet on my chedt.yaa she us sobbing by burying her face in to my chest. she is saying smthng in low tune but it is audiable to me.

rag: laksh why r u hurting me.is ur ego is more than my feelings. hw can u break smone heart.what will u do if it is happend with ur sis.can u just think abt it.laksh on our first meeting I just want to eplain u that money is not everything. in lyf.its all abt emotion respect nd all.i know my way was wrong.i should not insulted u infront of ur client.laksh why u played with my feeling.u know Iam feeling disgusting abt my helplessness.smtym u shws concern for me.the very next moment it changes ti hatred.plz don’t do this I can’t bear ur hatred more.i don’t have enough strength to fight back.if u feel happy on seeing me helpless or in pain.i will bear all this.plz don’t hurt my bhayyyaaa.plz am begging u.

she cried for a long tym.i wanted to console her but smthng stopped me.

in d mng.
I wasgetting ready to office.she cm there holding her clg bag.
lak: I will drop
rag: no need I will go my self.no need to pick me in d evng also
lak: am not asking u am odering u
rag: am not u slave.u can’t oder me
lak: don’t forget that still I can harm ur brother.
rag: no u will not do it as utt is ur lyf
lak: I will take it my own way
I said it with sm harsh tone.
ragini stamped her foot nd abt to go I grabbed her to my chest.i hugged her tightly.
rag: laksh leave me
she was cutted by me.i placed my lips on her soft rossy lips I sucked it hard.she tried to push me.but all vent in vain.she did not parcipipated at all.it made me angry.i bitten her loper lips.then kissed on her neck.she moaned a little.
I pushed her away

laksh: don’t show me attitude my dr.i grabbed my key nd bith sat in my car.we reached there in half an hr.when she stepped out frm car a boy cm nd hugged her.i hitt my fist in anger. aftr sm tym they broke apart
ragini: hey manik when did u cm back
manik: ystrdy
I stepped out of d car.both r busy in talk.he is still side hugging her.i dragged her to my chest nd placed a kiss on my forehead. she was in shock by my action.

lk: rags thum apni pati ko introduce nahi karenge

ragini: laksh this my besty sam.sam he is my hubby laksh maheshwari.

sam: nice to meet u man.damn possessive .but I liked it

lak: am a kind

as usual I picked her frm clg.i was got angry I saw her again with sam.we drove hm silently. she kept mum all evng.in nyt when I try to speek.she again showed me attitude.it increased my anger.i took her nd thrown her on bed.i leaned overher.
rags: laksh u can’t fore me.
lk: why? ur my legally wedded wife .I have d ryt.
I kissed allover her body.she tried a lot to rest.i undressed my self nd her.when I looked in to her eyes .I feel guilty but suddenly sam thoughts nd her attitude flashed on my mind.i becm more angry.i made it harder for her .I made it wildly several times.i stopped it aftr we both were got drenched in sweat. I saw helplessness in her eyes which made me week.i wrapped a bedsheet over us nd hugged her tightly

Credit to: raglak

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