raglak- that nyt change my life (hatred to love) (Epi-9)


guys plz pardon me.i made u wait so long.i was back to hm aftr a long tym.so my family was pampered me alot.they r not letting me to touch my phn.sm hw I managed to post this.may be this one is d worst done.not proof read.sry if mistake is there.

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sry guyys I can’t give . When sm ideas cracks on my mind.i add it too.

laksh’s pov
I know sm hw ragini will caught my lie.so immediately I closed my eyes when she made me lay down. poor girl I hurted no I betrayed her but she was taking care of me.i know she loves me a lot. what I done to her was not forgivable nd not easily forgettable .I saw concern, love, affection in her eyes .sry ragini I can’t love u back.becoz I love smone else.i can’t give u her place.but I will be loyal to u as u r my wife.
I touched my forehead it’s still paining.i thought abt last evng incidents. I was leaving frm offices as I was late.i leaved in hurry .I noticed that sm cars were following me.suddenly I noticed my car was surrounded by 4 cars.i stopped my car with a sudden jerk.

my mobile displayed a unknown number

unknown: oh laksh maheshwari.was egar to break his wife’s fast.poor girl she doesn’t know that its her first nd last karvachouth.aftr all she is going to becm widow

laksh: u coward dugal.what u thought I will get scared.peeche se war karna bad karoo.mardom ki tharah agaase ladooo

dugal: oh poor boy.u made me fail nd cracked d deal.its my deal.i will get it anyways.i feel pitty for ur wife just in 22yrs old.she is going to becm widow.nd in ur 25 u r going to god

laksh: shut up bastad.i will not leave u.

dugal: pahele unse tho niptalooo bachee then cm to me.
call got disconnected. my car surrounded by goons

I stepped out frm d car.one od goon hitted me with rod.i feel down.i tried to empower them.but they r large in no.i fought with them . suddenly cops who were ond night duty cm there nd arrested them.i thanked d inspector nd asked him to keep this as a secret.
I feel thirsty.i got up to drink water.she too got up

ragini: u want anything
laksh: water

she made me drink water.
ragini: laksh was it an accident
laksh: ya I was on phn suddenly a dog cm infront of my car.i was just saving it.my car got hitted in d tree

she [email protected] know she is not stasfied with my answer.i lay dwn dragged her to my chest.hugged her tight nd closed my eyes.i felt wet on my t shirt.i didn’t open my eyes.becoz if I talk to her she will definitely make me tell d truth.

rag’s pov
I got up.i saw him sleeping peacfully.i kissed his forehead .I got ready nd went down.when I was back he was getting ready .before he wear his blazer I snatched it.

ragini: u r not going office today
laksh: am perfectly okk
ragini:not at all.doc advised to take rest
laksh: ragini

he was cutted by my words.

ragini: I know u will say that .u don’t like me to interfere in ur lyf.i don’t have any right on u nad blahh blahh.

I gave him a three fourth nd v nevked t shirt

ragini: go nd change I will call utt.if u don’t want to get scold by ur siblings.go change.

laksh grabbed d dress nd went to change his dress. I give a victory smirk

I shouted: thats like my gud boy.

he cm aftr changing .I made him sit on d bed

laksh: am not seriously ill patient
ragini: but u need rest

I took aarathi thal.
laksh: I don’t belive in all this

I didn’t give any attention to his words.i made a tika on his forehead. I feeded him his break fast nd gave his medicine

I was abt to get up.he dragged me nd hold me by waist

laksh: I will get bore alone.
ragini: read this magazines or watch tv.donot dare to get up frm this bed.
lajsh:kkk .I will not get up frm bed it’s up to u

he winked @me

he dragged me closer nd took turn.nw I was on bed nd he was on me.he kissed on my lips.i cluthed his shirt .he made love with me in d mng.i don’t know why I felt like that I was craving for his touch.i was on his chest nd we both were covered with a blanket.slowly we both were fell in d sleep that too early mng

laksh’s pov

oh god she is just behaving like typical indian wife.i too enjoyed it.she made me take an leave frm office.she was treating me like a kid.oh god I loved it.i loved her care, her strictness. she was just like ma.she remembered me hw ma were there to take care of me when I was ill or got injured.a tear escaped frm my eyes.she was sleeping on my chest I hugged her tight .kissed her fore head

guyys plz pardon me if it is worst one.plz share d views nd cmmnt

Credit to: raglak

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