raglak- that nyt change my life (hatred to love) (Epi-8)


so sorry frnds .I made u wait long.i was traveling back to my hm aftr so many days.u all know na hw difficult to get range during train journey.
am glad that my stroy is not at all boring.am making up to ur expectation.am overwhelmed with ur cmmnts.plz keep supporting nd shover ur love .guyss don’t wry rags will not easily forgive laksh.but she can’t stop loving him.she can’t control her self when she was with him.

recap: laksh cm afrr 2 dys .rags huggs him.he is happy to c her waiting for him

laksh’s pov coubtinues
utts sanky never waited for me.becoz they know hw much workholic I am.i may forget abt my surroundings while am working.

I broke d hug.made her [email protected] eyes
laksh: did u had ur dinner

she nodded in a no
laksh: u should have ate it.

tears were still rolling dwn frm her eyes.i don’t want to hurt her.

rags: laksh u go nd get fresh up.i will get ur food.she gave me my cloths nd towel.nd went to kitchen to get my food

when I cm back frm washroom.she was serving d food.i went near d sofa nd sat down.she handed me food .I was abt to eat but I remembered that she is also hugry.i put first bite in her mouth.

rag: laksh plz u have it.i will eat later
laksh: we will eat together.
rags: no
she was cutted by my words
laksh: am not asking u am just odering u .Don’t dare to say no.u don’t have any option rather than obeying me.
so have it

she took one bite nd put in my mouth.we feeded eachother.aftr dinner I lay down to sleep she too lay down near me.she placed her hed on my chest nd hugged me tight like she was missing my warmth horribly. I dragged her closer nd hugged her tight.soon sleep conquered both of our eyes nd we both sleeped in each others embrace.


it was sunday mng.i got up nd find him sleeping peacefully .i caressed his hair nd kissed on his forehead.he smiled in sleep.i got ready nd went to kitchen without disturbing him.
he got up in d aftr noon . in d nyt everyone is sitting in the living room.enjoying d chit chat. nd was watching india vs Australia match.he gave sanky, utts sid bhayyaa d gifts he brought for them.i nd swara got sm refreshment for them.he giffted big teddy to swara as she likes toys a lot.

utt: bhayya where is ragini bhabhi’s gift
I [email protected] him

sanky: he will give it personally hena lucky.sanky winked at laksh.

everyone laughed. nd we both were felt embarrassed. sanky made swara sit near him.she rested her head on his shoulder. I was abt to sit near utt.she leaned over sofa

utt: bhabhi plz sit with laksh bhayya.
I sit near him.he placed his head on my lap nd countinue to watch the match.i was caressing his hair.we chit chatted nd enjoyed a lot.aftr a long tym we all went to our room.
I was arranging our bed.to my surprise he hand over me a box.it was full of my favorite choclates
ragini: thank u
laksh I want to ask u smthng.
laksh: mmm
ragini: I want to rejoin my clg.my clg is going to reopen aftr our summer vacation on this Wednesday .I want to cmplt my studies as it is my bhai’ s dream

I [email protected] with hope

laksh: if u want cmplt ur studies u can. I don’t have any problem with it.i will talk to ur principal
ragini:r u sure laksh
laksh: yaaa

I was very happy nd hugged him tightly nd kissed on his cheeks
ragini: thank u

next mng
I got up early in d mng nd got ready nd went to have my sargi.its my first kaurvachouth aftr mrg.utts nd swara were akready there.they were arranging foods

ragini: swara why r u here.u r pregnant na hw can u keep da fast

sanky: bhabhi she wants to eat sargi with u and utts as its both of ur first kaurvachouth.

sid bhayya to joined with us.all sat dwn for surgi.sanky feeded swara.wher as bhayya feeded utt.i was happy nd little bit sad.i was abt to eat suddenly smone stopoed.it was laksh

lsksh: sorry guyss.little bit late.
he made me eat sargi.a tear escaped frm my eyes

laksh whispered to me: I am doing this all for my siblings happiness.if u are not happy.they may get doubt.

when he was getting ready for office.i asked him to fill my maang with sindoor as utt told me that it is a traditional ritual of her family

laksh: I don’t belive in this all.u do it urself.
ragini: for utt nd sanky’s sake

he agreed nd filled my maang. he went with out having his breakfast fast .he said he is having an important meeting in his office
evng.me utta swara was waiting for moon.sanky nd sid bhayya is already there.laksh is not cm yet.i was looking @ door countinuesly. sanky was teasing swsra

sanky: swara if u want u can skip ur every ksurvachoth.
swara: cheee sanky have sm shame.utt, sid rags bhabhi all r here only.
every one laughed. i gave them a fake smile. i heart saying tgat smthng bad gonna hapoen.i was worried abt laksh. he isn’t reached yet.his phn also not getting connected.

suddenly utt shouted in excitement
utt: ragini bhabhi, swara bhabhi moon cm
I [email protected] d door again.

utt nd swara broke their fast ( swara not kept fast just doing rituals)

utt: bhabhi call bhayya ask him where he is????
rag: I called him many tym not connecting
utt: he may be got stuck in any meeting.cm bhabhi u can break ur fast by cng his photo

rag: no utts I will wait for him

time passed .I was walking here nd there in d hall .it is abt to 10.i don’t know why I was feeling restlessness. I felt like dizzy nd was about to fall smone hold me it was my laksh. I looked @him.there is small wound in his foregead nd sm scratches in his hand nd blood on his shirt
ragini: what happened?
lsksh: nthng serious.my car hitted on a tree thats all
sanky: I will call doc
ragini: I will get to u water.
I was abt to get up.he took me to teerace

laksh: first break ur fast.

tearas were following frn my eyes he wiped it .first I looked at moon.then I looked at him through sieve. I took his blessing. he made me have water. I made him drink water

ragini: I know u didn’t have a single drop of water frm mng
laksh: I had my luch
ragini: both of us know d truth

aftr sm tym doctor cm nd dresses his wound
doc: don’t wry only small scratches .take rest mr maheshwari.all went to there room.we had our dinner together. I made him sleep

I too lay down beside him.my eyes were filled with teares.i felt sm one stabbed my heart when I saw him hurted.i felt like he said sm lie abt his accident there is smthng fishy.i don’t know why I felt like that

screen freezes on rags face.
guyss plz share ur viewssss nd suggestions.

Credit to: raglak

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