raglak- that nyt change my life (hatred to love) (Epi-11)


Hey guyss am back another episode of my ff.i know last episode was boring .I updated it in hurry .I myself didn’t like it

Laksh’s pov

When I entered our room.it was just like a war field.lots of books were scattered here nd there. Ragini is surrounded by book she was wearing a tank top nd track suit .she made a bun on her hair which is totally messed up.

Laksh: ragini
She was not listening anything. I went near her.she was crying .
Laksh: ragini
What happened?
Ragini: only one week to my exam.i didn’t cmplt one revision.i missed a lot of class.i was totally confused with economics chapters.i don’t know wat to do?

She again started crying. I wiped her tears.i made her sit
Laksh: I will help u?
Ragini: sure
She asked me with puppy face nd pouting her lips.i just wanna kiss a rose juicy lips.i controlled my self
Laksh: yupp surely.i will take a shower nd then I will help u.u plz clean all these mess nd wash ur face.

When I cm back she was already waiting fir me.she dragged me to d bed nd took her book
Ragini: I can’t understand this theory nd it’s explanation.hw cm it .plz solve this.and in this chap I was obsessed with this equation plz explain me

Laksh: ragini take a break. Ask one by one.u have enough tym to prepare.

I explained her doubts .she was quick learner. She easily understood all thing I explained. I was happy with it.
Aftr dinber we were again sat with her studies .when I was explaining I noticed that she is starring at me
Laksh: anythng wrong with my face
Rags: nthg
Laksh: tell me Ragini.donot dare to say lies.
Ragini: why r u helping me laksh? U hate me naa
Laksh: becozzz

My words were cutted by her cute replay
Rags: I know u r doing this ur siblings. U want show them we r a perfect couple nd all ur bl my ahh blahhh he na laksh.

I got angry .I dragged her closer.nw hrr front is touching my chest.she us shocked by my action.i slowely whispered to her: becoz ur my wife.if u not get gud mark.it will affect my reputation.my touch made her shiver.i can sense her nervousness .I too want to make her mine . I controlled my self.

Laksh: concentrate on ur studies

.i got a call I went to attend .when I cm back I saw her sleeping like a child.i took her in my arm.placed her in bed nd covered her with blanket.i too lay down beside her.he hugged me tightly.a smile waa on my lips .we bith r addicted to each others embrace nd warmth.we can’t get nice sleep with out our tight embrace.
All week went like this.i helped her.she was little bit nervous abt her exam

Rag’s pov
Oh god.today is my first exam.i prepared well.but am very much nervous abt exam.laksh helped a lot to prepare for exam .oh god he was too gud in ego . That’s why he got golden medal in his mba. Laksh handed me a ganapathi idol and asked me too keep it with me.
When I entered to exam hall .I felt like am going for war.whwn I got my exam paper I was happy.it was very happy.when I looked through the window I saw laksh who is standing near his car.i got an extreme confidence .I wrote it well.aftr finishing my exam when I cm out d clg. I saw laksh was waiting for me out side.i ran towards him nd hugged him tightly

Laksh: hw was it
Ragini:very nice

All d exams were went like this .aftr a week my exams got cmplted. Me and laksh becm more closer.i know ge loves me.but he wa showing that he hates me.

In d nyt.i was arranging my bed.he cm aftr attending a call.i hand over him a gift
Laksh: what’s this
Ragini: a gift for helping me.plz don’t reject.
He opened the box.it was a shirt
Ragini: laksh plz wear this tomorrow plz
Laksh: okkk

He cm nd hugged me frm back.i got his mind.he placed me on bed.he slowly kissed me on my forehead , lips my shoulder.i was enjoying his touch.slowly he made love with me.aftr one or two hr we slept in each others embrace

Plz share views nd support me . guys in this week from tues onwards my project presentation going to be start.i will not be able to update regularly.if possible I will try my best to update fast

Credit to: raglak

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