raglak- that nyt change my life (hatred to love) (Epi-7)

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guys I felt that I m not doing well that’s why I asked u people that is it boring.nd sm one cmmnd on one of my episode am copied the storyline of one of d previous ff.i felt very hurted.it was my own idea.if u felt I copied it plz forgive me.

rag’s pov

I was in our room arranging his cupboared.it has been one mnth we got married. that day changed my lyf .shattered all my dreams. in this one mnth he never forced me to get closer aftr d first week of our mrg.

suddenly two musculine hands were encirecled me.i know it’s him.i know his touch .nowdays I am not feeling shocked or feared on his touch.i used to it.may be nowadays am enjoying his touch or I accepted my defeat or I accepted him as my husband.
my thoughts were disturbed by his voice
still he is hugging me.

laksh: ragini am going to out of town for 2 days.u will be happy that u will get rid of my tortures
I looked @ him
laksh: I thought to enjoy this nyt.
he looked at me.nd I nodded in yes.

aftrsm tym I got ready in d same white knee length dress which I worn in our wedding nyt.i cm out frm washroom.he dragged me closer nd kissed on my lips.his kiss was gentle.he tried to not hurt me.he made me lay on d bed.he cm over me. we spent romantic time. aftr 1 or 2 hr we stopped it we both were completely wet in d sweat. he lay down beside me nd dragged me to his chest nd captured in his tight embrace nd slept

I looked @ him.oh my god he is damn cute while sleeping. I kissed on his forehed.i was amused at my action.why I surrender myself in front him.why I didn’t restricted when he made love with me.is my heart is melting.did I forgive him.thousands of questions were echoed in my mind

in this mnth I realized one thing he loves me more than anything.his ego is not allowing him or he is not yet realized that he felled for me. the fact that he married for his silly revernge killing me inside.but my heart is melting becoz of his concern

last week when I got fever.he took care of me like sid bahyya.he was awake allnyt he sat beside me nd changed d cold cloth on my forehead whole nyt.i was touched with his action.

2 days before we were in kulmandir for havan on laksh’ s parents behalf .I was got busy in arrangements .I don’t know hw my pallu got fire.he ran towards me.nd took off my pallu nd thrown it away . He hugged me tightly. there is so many eyes who were looking @ me with lust.he made me wear his blazer.

day by day he is getting soft to me.he cares for me but shows that he is doing this for his siblings.i felt immense pain in heart when I remembered that he is not there for two days.tears were following frm my eyes.i don’t know why? I hugged him tight nd placed my head on his chest.i kissed on his bare chest.in sleep he tighten his grip on my waist.i slowly fell in deep sleep

laksh’s pov

sid one question changed my attitude towards her

sid: what will u do if anyone played with utts feeling.

i remember ge asked ne this on uttsid engagement day.i stand numb for few min .oh god I played with a respect of a girl.i played with her feeling.i felt sum guilt
slowly I becm soft towards her.is it love was sid said true.no I can’t love her.i can’t giver her my princess place .my one nd only love is my priness.i know I can’t get her back.she is no more.but her memories r with me. for me in lyf love happend once.i care abt ragini .i don’t love .I can’t lover her. sm tym I got jealousy abt her.
I got scared when her pallu got fire.

oh god what was that.on d day y of sid utt mrg. when she cm dwn I saw utt’s clgmates boys were cmplimenting her. I heard one of d boys said that he fell in love with her .ya love at first tym.i got anger nd I tighten my fist in anger.i dragged her to corner. I took her mangaluthra frm her sadi petals nd placed it like everybody can notice it easily. I aso filled her maang which is alredy filled. i said her : if u r a suhagaan then why u r hiding the sign
then I draged her to d hall.i introduced hr as mrs.laksh maheswari to mrs.mehtha.i said it bit loud so that d boy can hear.i gave her a side hug.i smirked @d boy with pride

today I made love with her with out any force.i felt like she was enjoying my touch.aftr we were done with it I dragged her on my chest nd closed my eyes.aftr sm tym she hugged me tight.i don’t know why I felt very happy.her tears made my chest wet.oh god again made a sign.was she not ready for it.was she accepted it as her fate.or she felt bad that am leaving her for 2 days.d second choice was better.i hoped that it cm true.i als o fell in deep sleep

rag’s pov

I arranged his bag.he allowed me to do it.i was surprised. when going he waved @ everyone.i was standing behind utt.his eyes were searching for me.aftr got in d car he again looked back @ me nd droved to his destination
I felt our room empty when ever I entered in to it.i was missing him horribly. the two days like hell for me.every sec passed as years

in d nyt I was unable to sleep I was turning again nd again.i felt @ cloud 9 when my phn displayed his name

lakah: ragini
rag: mmmm
laksh: ragini r u there
rag: mmm
lakah (in anger tone): can’t u speek
any ways I called to inform that am reached safe.plz tell this utt nd sanky.i was unable to conbect them.
rag: okk laksh all d best fir ur deal
laksh: thank u ( I felt happiness in his voice may be my illusion)

he hanged up.i took his photo frame hugged it tightly nd sleep slowly conquered my eyes

next mng
I was very happy that he is cmng back.i made his favorite food.i waited for him he didn’t cm yet.i was standing near d window.it was abt 2 am.i suddenly felt his presence nd turned back.i found him at our room entrance .I ran towards him nd hugged him tightly

lakah’s pov
aftr 2 dauys I was back to hm. I was completely exhausted.its abt 2 am.i opened my hm main door with spare keys.i silently went to my room.i was shocked to c her standing near d window.when I entered our room.she looked back nd cm running towards me.she hugged me tightly.i was shocked nd happy.i too reciprocated to d hug

screen freezes in the faces if raglak

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Credit to: raglak


  1. it’s doing very good starting its made me angry by 1st part but by laksh 1st pov I understand his love with bunch of ego so I loved ur ff..
    before laksh realizing his love dnt relive that ragini his princess & make him to open his heart to ragini about princess..

  2. i have always been a silent reader. i just love ur ff. i was waiting for ur ff desperately. plz plz update other part today nd make it long.

  3. Nita

    Wow lovely dear…it is not at all boring…. I love it….plz update next part soon…. Today only if possible…. Plz….

  4. Aaradya

    It s not at all boring and please when is ragini going to get pregnant. I want to know how will he take care of her when she is pregnant.

  5. Sam KK Shukla

    U don’t know yar … It’s simply awesome n rocking ……. Please don’t stop writing …… Never ever think it’s boring ….. U rocked it

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