raglak- that nyt change my life (hatred to love) (Epi-6)


hey guysss is it becming boring

laksh’s pov
he left my study leaving me hell shocked. hw can I love her I hate her sid.u r mistaken sid .I can’t love her becoz I was love with my princess when I was 10 years old

I took my diary.there is a photo of her in it.she is really bubbly nd cute.i was met her on park when I was 10 yr old.she saved my utt frm an accident. I thanked her.
laksh: thanks for saving my little sis
girl: its kk

laksh: don’t u get hurt
girl: no am kkk
laksh: let us be frnds.am lucky
nd u?
girl: well my bhayya calls me princess u can also call me that
laksh: kk bye

we often met in d park.we becm thick frnds.but oneday changed my, sanky nd utt’s lyf.our parents (dp nd ap) died in a car accident. my chacha ram prasd nd chachi brought 3 of us here [email protected] my last day of mumbai .I waited for her for a long tym she didn’t cm. agin when I was 20 destiny snatched my chacha chachi also.i took over d responsibility of our family bussibess.i expanded it well.i was busy with making my sibling future safe in all these day.

I returned to mumbai.i found her hm locked.i know abt her hm but I never went there.i just know she was living with her parents nd bhaii.i never met her family.even we both did not know much abt each other.i enquired abt her family to her neighborhood. they told ne that she moved to smwhere with her parents when her father faced sm financial problem nd on that day she nd her family met with an accident. four of them died in d spot.

I was shattered by knowing abt her death.i felt smone stabbed my heart.i cm back.the pain was unbearable. I made myself busy with my office.i know I can’t get her back.but she is my one nd only love.for me in lyf love happens only one tym.
I kept her photo back.i thought abt my beautiful memories with her.her smile which motivates me to go ahead in my life.my thoughts were disturbed by utt ‘s voice
utt: bhai I want to talk to u? .is everything ok between u nd rags bhabhi.she always seems to be lost.she lost her charming smile.

laksh: may be she is missing her bhai

utt: I don’t know why I am feeling a deep pain in her eyes which she is hiding in her fake smile.aftr mrg u both didn’t spend much tym like when u r dating

laksh: don’t give much stress to u r little brain.it will blast oneday surely
utts: laksh bhayya.
lajsh: okk meri maaa I will talk to her

rag’s pov
bhai was looking so worried while leaving .what happened to him? what happened b/w laksh nd bhayya
what they were talking abt. my thoughts were disturbed by laksh.

laksh: get ready fast we r going out for dinner
rag: but
laksh: don’t dare to say no. waise u don’t have any option rather than obeying me

I nodded in yes.i took out my dress nd went to get ready.when I was cm back frm washroom he was alredy waiting for me.
I was getting ready . suddenly his arm encircled me. I get shocked

laksh: be happy infrnt of my sibling.do not give chance for them to get any doubt. one more thing when I am in hm.u should be near me.do not wear typical behenji cloths when we r alone.

saying this he bitted on my shoulders.
laksh: u r looking so hot in green saadi.do not dare to look beautiful like this I may change our dinner programme.
he pushed me out of his embrace.
laksh: u have 5 min .cm down fast

I got ready nd cm near his car he was waiting for me.aftr half an hour we reached hotel paradeez.already he booked a table for us. he odered sm foods and asked me abt my choice.i [email protected] him as he knows my likes nd dislikes. I ordered sm noodles .he instructed d waiter to not add mushrooms in my food.we silently had our dinner.

hotel manager invited us for couple dance as it’s their 59th anniversary. I tried my best to deny.but laksh draged me to dance floor.we danced on song sun raha hai na frm meri ashiqui.he draged me more closer pulling my waist.we both were lost in each other.our lovely mnts flashed in my mind.then our wedding nyt .a tear escaped frm my eyes.he jerked me and went frm there all of sudden.i too followed him

we were in parking area.
laksh: u wait here.i forgt my car keys in hotel I will get back. I noded in yes

aftr sm tym I felt sm one is cmng near I turn to back.i found 3 mens cmng near me.i git scared nd moved backward. tgey cm near me

one of them: hey beauty what r u doing here alone that toi in nyt
2 nd man: can I accompany u
3rd: furst ask her rate naaa

suddenly smone frm back punched him hard.it was my laksh.he beaten them very badly

laksh: hw dare you to misbehave with my rags.
I was shocked to hear such words frm his mouth
he taken a stone to hit them.he was very angry that he may kill them. I know hw to calm him .I hugged him tightly.he too reciprocated.the goons ran away frm us

rag: laksh plz stop it plz
laksh: hw d bastred can

I cut his words by placing my lips on his.he was first shocked by my action.then he too joined it.the kiss becm more passionate.aftr sm tym I broke d kiss.
I saw his hands were bleeding .I torn my sadi’s pallu nd tied it in his hand. we drove back to hm.silence between us broken by him

laksh: brave step ragini

I don’t why I blushed like hell hearing his compliment.as soon as we reached hm.we went to our room.becoz both of us did not want our siblings get know about d incident.
aftr got freshed when I cm to room.i saw him standing near window.he is tightening his fist in anger.i know he is still thinking abt d same.i hugged him frm back.

rags: thanks for saving me.nd thanks for calling bhayya here
laksh: I didn’t call him
rags: we both know d truth.

I walked away but he dragged me closer.i want return gift for my dinner plan.by saying this he took me in his hand placed me on d bed.he kissed on my lips shoukders.slowely he un dressed me nd himself.he then start to make love with me.i don’t for hw many hrs we did it nd when nd hw we both fall in deep sleep in each other’s embrace

precap: laksh’s pov

guyss thanks fir for ur valuable cmmnts.if u feeling anythng wrong with my ff plZ share with me .if it is getting bore also plz share ur views

Credit to: raglak

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