raglak- that nyt change my life (hatred to love) (Epi-12)


haii.guyys am back with another epi of my ff.tellyupdates had given same epi no (epi-8) to last 3 episodes.it was 9,10, 11 episodes respectively.thanks for d warm wishes for my presentation. I got sm tym so decided to post another epi.huyys I can’t say when I can updates next part.sry for d inconvenience.

rag’s pov
when I entered to room with aarathi thal,he was cm out of washroom.he just had a towel on his waist. I took a sudden turn suddenly I felt a wet hand on my belly.he placed his chin on my shoulder nd hugged me tightly frm d back.i closed my eyes . his fragrance is making me mad.

laksh: don’t blush like red tomatoes. I will loose my control.then u will be responsible for d happenings. he kissed me on my nape bited on my shoulders.i clutched my saadi with one hand.he was slowly began to kiss my neck.his wet hands r playing on my belly.which made thousands of butterflies In my stomach.i know what will happen next.he took me in his arms then took me to bed.he slowly placed a kiss on my forehead. Idrop of water frm his wet hair fell on my lips.he leaned toward my lip.he kissed it hard nd began to suck it.he kissed my whole body.i don’t know why am not resisting him.i don’t want to forgive him so easly.then why am surrendering myself to him.why his clossoness makes me fell him.why I accepting that he have every right on me. no rags u can’t flew with ur emotion. I tried to push him . but his grip on my waist was so tight.he slowely took of my sadi he entered to me.ge made it hard.it was paining teras were rolled out frm my eyes.he slowely looked at me nd stopped it.
he get frm me nd took his towel nd wrapped himself in it

laksh: don’t think I was melted with ur tears.now also I hate u.i only want tears on your eyes.nwa days I was being soft u .it doesn’t means that I forgot my insult.u insulted mr.lsksh maheswari.si u have to pay it for all ur lyf. I will make it difficult to u to bearth normally.


laksh: don’t dare to utter a word infront of me.

he hold me tightly. I winced in pain.he leaved me and went for a bath.
aftrsm tym he cm wearing shirt which I was gifted him

I looked at him

laksh: don’t fly ind sky.i just wore it becoz I like this colour.donot think to much.grt ready fast

by saying this he went out of d room.

laksh’s pov.

when I saw her on d mng in red sari.i lost my control.i just made out it with her.i was giving her pain.her tears melted my eyes.her eyes simply showed her love towards me.i can’t allow this.she should hate me.i can’t give her my princess place.she is trying to get it.i was getting soft her becoz I feels bad when I hurts her. if things go like this. she will again love me.i may also fall for her. i know i began to care for her.i do not know that is it love or anything else . can’t .I can’t betray my princess.
my thoughts were disturbed by utts

utt: laksh bhayya bhabhi sanky bhayya swara .where r u all

all gathered in living hall . utt sid hugged both her brothers

sanky: why r u shouting early in d mng
utt: first have this laddu

she grabbed d ladoo box frm sid.i put ladoos in everyone mouth

swara: sweet what’s thus for utt.tell fast na
utt: ohffoo swara guess it naaa

swara: oh I forgot.ur exam result agayaaa
utt: ha result cm.but not exams
everyone looks confused @her

sid: utts am going to break this suspense.
she is expecting saale saab.
me nd sanky jumbed in excitement.

we both hugged her made her sit in sofa.we two both also sat bedide her

sanky: I going to becm mama
utts:no chotte mamu

I again hugged her
laksh: thank u nd congratulations to u both.
ragini hugged sid
rag: am going to becm bua
laksh: no mammi
she becm silent for while.
she hugged utt nd said: child can call me whatever she or he wants
swara nd ragini too congragulated utts nd sid
utt: by d way ragini bhabhi.we crossed ur chance.laksh bhayya when u r going to me make bua again.

I smriked @ ragini.she was looking @ me with moist eyes.

utt: she is looking cute already.tho socho jab unki baby bump hoga thab aur kithanaa cute lagegaa

utts laughs nd sid swasan agrees to it

swara: laksh ragini u should also think abt it .
she said patting her tummy.sanky hugged her tightly.

I was imagining her with a cute tummy.i smiled with out my knoweldge.

sid: smone us blushing hearing abt becmng papa.all teased me nd ragini

swara: tomorrow is holi .so rags cm we have to prepare for it.
ragini: swara utts u both take rest.i will handle it.
swara: hw can u handle it alone.
sanky:me nd sid will help her
laksh: am leaving for my office. I left frm there

next day (holi)
I got up nd get reddy in white kurtha nd pyjama.
I tried a lot to tie d knot of my pyjama.
hw sanky bd sid all nanges to wear this
.i cm out.swara utts sid sanky r were in d hall.my eyes were searching for her
utt:kisse doont raha hoo

laksh: kisi ko bhi nahi

I was abt to apply color on her.swara stopped me.

swara: sid should apply on her first.its his right.

sid applied on utts nd sanky applied on swars bd vise versa.sanky nd sid applied on my forehead. they all went out to play holi with neighbors.

I heard her dound frm kitchen . She was instructing d sevents to arrange the colour plates in garden. I walked to her nd grabbed her by waist.she looked gere there.
ragini: laksh plz leave.all servents r here only

l bend towards her I applied d colours on my forehead to her maang by touching ny forehead with her.she stood still.i took dm colours nd applied on my cheeck.then I applied it on her cheeck by touching both of her cheeck with my cheek.she cluched my kurtha tightly. she was breathing heavily. then I leaned towsrds her nd kissed her lips hard.

aftr sm tym I broke d kiss nd dragged her to garden.sidutt swasan applied colour on her.utt swara ragini sid nd sanky danced on d songs.they dragged me too.sanky pushed me over ragini.

aftr smtym.ragini got drunk .swara nd utts made her drink bhaang.then ragini was began behave childishly. she poured colours on everyone.she was talking nd talking.she suddenly got disseppeard.i searched her. I asked sid but he didn’t see her frm lonv ago . He was with utt.i went to search her.i saw her near pool side.she was sitting there nd playing with water

laksh: ragini cm
ragini: no lsksh I want to play.
i gave her angered glare. she was looked at with me with puppy eyes nd pout lips.
she dragged me made me sit beside her
she took handful of nd poured it on me

laksh (shouts): ragini what r u doing
I hold ger hand tighty
ragini: its paining (with puppy eyes)
she got up took a bucket full of color water nd pour it on me.i took her in my arms nd walked towards our room

ragini: leave me I want to play more.she was shaking her legs.she was hitting me with her hands nd legs.

I placed her in bed.she began to start crying

laksh(irritated tone): why r crying now

ragini: why r u feeling bad.u r d one who want to make me cry .who want make my lyf hell.u should be happy to c my tears.laksh smile na.like this. she give me painful smile.

I felt very bad.she stood up in d bed.she took off her saadi pallu nd thrown it away

ragini: u want my body na.take it.use me like d way u want.am surrendering myself infront of u.give me pain laksh.c am ready for it.i will not restrict.

tears r rolking down frm her eyes.

ragini: what r u waiting for . Do what u want.i will tolerate all this for my bhsi’s sake.when u cared while am having fever I thought u cares me.when I saw ur jealouy in utt mrg for me.i thought u love me. but I was wrong.u can never love me.u married me for ur silly revenge naa.laksh am ready to bear any pain.i will bear anythng for ur happiness. if u feel happy when u will c me in pain.i will bear it for u r happiness

saying this she fell on my arms.i was feeling very hurted.i changed her cloths nd mine too.i placed her on bed.i kissed her forehead. I was abt to leave she grabbed my hand.

ragini: laksh why u did this to ne? I love u wholeheartedly.? why u made lust with me? why don’t i have any place in ur lyf.laksh I can’t live without u .Don’t do this to me.

tears were following frm her eyes
I kissed her agin.nd covered her with blanket.she hold my hand again

ragini: laksh.plz be here only.i can’t sleep without ur hug.no pillow can give me the warmth which I gets while sleeping on ur chest. i feel very prorective on ur tight embrace plz don’t move.

I too lay beside her.she hugged me tightly.placed her head on my chest nd slept. I hugged her tight.

screen freezes on d guilt filled face on laksh nd innocent sleeping face on ragini

Credit to: raglak

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