raglak: a new way to love (promo)


Hey guyzz.im anna.
And this is just a promo for my new ff.since my exam is on Sunday.i cant write an ff.i will update my ff after that.so here it goes.
My ff starts when ragini gt to know that laksh loves swara……..
But…later on laksh found out that its just an attraction towards her and he really loves ragini.for telling this matter he calls swara to the park.both of them came to the park.
Laksh:swara ,I want to say an important matter to you.
Swara:even I have to say an important matter to you.
Laksh:so you say

Swara:no first you say.
Laksh took a deep breath and said”swara really I don’t love you I gt to know that it was just affection towards you.i can consider u only as my frend.bcoz I love ragini.the way she cares me and looks at me,I don’t know no one can replace her .im sorry if I hurt you sorry swara.please forgive me”.
Suddenly a smile come on her face.laksh gt confused.
Laksh:swara what happened ?why are you smiling?
Swara:im really happy for you laksh.im happy that my sister gt a good man like you.you know what…I came here to tell you that im in love in sanskar…till I came I was scared that how I tell this matter to you so now im really happy.
Laksh(smile):so u r gonna my bhabhi isn’t!!!
Swara:and u are devar/jiju??
Laksh:devar….after allu will marry first then only my marriage na.
Swara:ok jiju

They both laugh..and hug each other in happy.ragini who was walking by the road saw them hugging each other ,gt heart broken.she quickly walk towards her home.
She reachd home and found out that everyone is preparing for swaras marriage.but she mistaken it
as swalak’s marriage.she bcme more sad.she went to her room thought for something pack her bag and write a letter for her family and went to through back door…she took train to Mumbai.
What will ragini have to face in Mumbai?what will be the reaction of swara and laksh when they found out that ragini left ?will laksh move on?did it affect swasans marriage?can they found out ragini?

For these answers,my ff will come soon.
If you al like this promo please comment in the comment box plz.i want to know whether you all like it or not.

Credit to: anna

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