raglak: a new way to love (episode 1)


Hey guyzz..im anna..i think u all forgt me …I told u that I will write my ff after my xam..but my xam was super tuf..but I wll keep my promise to u.
Here is the link for the prmo..if u all forgt that promo portion


before starting my first chapter..i would like to give my thanks to my frends who supported with their coments.thank you very much and love u-KRIYA,ANI,DAFSI,SWATI,AMMU,PRATEEKSHA,DIVYA,SREE,NIKKI.
Laksh:swara,im very happy now.i don’t what to do.i will go propose her right now.
Swara:areey….laksh what a lover are you..plz b romantic like ur brother..propose in a filmy way such that she wont forget in her life .
Laksh:ok my dear bhabhi jiiiii.now comeon I want to see my ragini .
Swara:aaha…my ragini…ok ok..chalo…meri jiju….but one sec I want to tell mom that everything is fine.

Swara calls sumi and tells that everything is fine for swasans marriage and after that raglaks marriage.but don’t tell to ragini about this matter now.because laksh wanted to propose her to surprise her.sumi agrees.
Both of them headed towards baddi.at that time sanskar was also coming to baddi.
Sanskar(to himself):now everything is fine I got swara and laksh got ragini our family got happiness back.god I wish everything to be like this forever.
At that time he was in traffc jam..and he saw a girl look alike ragini carrying a bag and crossing road for railway station.but he think that ragini cant be here since she will be bc in marriage preparation..green signal ..and sanskar headed towards baddi.

Swalak and sansar reaches baddi at same time.
Laksh:bhai,whata timing..bhabhi was waiting for u.
Sanskar:oh my would be wife waiting for me…
Swara:I was not waiting for anyone…who will wait for you??(she makes faces)(sanskar too)
Laksh:plz don’t start again….swara and bhai come I want to meet ragini now..i cant wait to see her..
Swasan:acha baba…come we can go.
Swara ran towards mom and ask
Swara:ma wot happened ..y r u like this…(crying as she cant see her mom in that way)
Sumi didn’t respond.swara saw a paper in her hand and read it

I know what im doing is not unforgivenable.but I need to do that for everyones happiness.i don’t want to make others sad because of my presence.ma laksh loves swara and next week is their marriage.i don’t have much courage to see that.because I love laksh.but his happiness lies in swara..and his happiness is mine.so for his happiness I will do this.plz don’t search me.im going far away.
Love u all ways.swara best wish for ur married life.
Swara breakdown ..and crying loudly..sanskar goes and holded her…he took the letter gt shocked and give letter to laksh…laksh stand like a statue with now emotions..he goes to raginis room and close the door.looking at her picture hanged on the wall.
Laksh:you said you love me..den is this the way to show your love for me?how can I b happy without u..u r my happiness…u snatch it from me…no I wont allow u to go far from me..i will search for and wait for till my last breath..becoz im only yours ragini im only yours..u and I cant be stay away from each others..u r made for me and im to you..how can you leave me alone….
Laksh breakdown ..and strted weeping..he broke the glass wich was near him …his hand was bleeding…
Hearing the sound of breaking glass..sansakr open the door with force…and saw laksh in this state..he do dressing..and make him sit in couch…

Sanskar:plz b strong,ragini cant stay away from us.we can search her..
He thought for sometime..and remember ragini going towards railay station..
Sankar:laksh ,I got it I saw ragini going towards railway station …laksh..come
Laksh:ha bhai come..laksh go towards car madly…both of them headed towards railway station
{will they be able to find ragini?what will be raginis fate in Mumbai?is it raglaks stories end?for these answers wait for my second chapter}bye guyzz

Please comment me if you like it..i know many silent readers are their but plz just one comment if u like it..it will really encourage writers like us that’s y….and u can also give me suggestions…

Credit to: anna

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