Raglak new ff _ yet to to titled

Everyone is waiting outside ICU,ladies are chanting prayers with teary eyes.sanskar is holding swaras hands to assure her that everything will b alright. Laksh is standing in a corner lifeless.. Reminiscing all recent happenings.. From the beginning to this moment all incidents passed through his mind Nd he realised he always had played with raginis feelings and for whatever she has become he is the sole reason.. He is guilty… He thinks even after everything how she stood by his family Nd saved him from jail. Form kavyas plans.. Nd hw she got stabbed.. His string of thoughts got broken when a nurse opened door and said that Ragini has gained consciousness…

Everyone gets so relieved Nd tries to get into ICU.. Nurse stops and says that only two people can enter. So swara Nd shekar decides to enter the room.. Laksh badly wanted to see her.. Just a glimpse of hher to make sure she is oke.. Nd o apologise to her for whatever he had dne.. BT he knows that Raginis Papa Nd dadi vl Never let him meet her.. So he juz stayed outside..

Ragini sees swara nd shekhar .. She knew they are all tensed. She smiles at them and ensures that she is OK.. She holds swaras hand and asks: laksh is alryt na?? Swara nodded.. BT shekar was fuming with anger.
Shekar: laado u please stop thinking abt strangers.. Just think about your health only.. Ragini doesn’t say anything. She understands her fathers state f mind.. His anganger is justified..
Swara:what did you think ragini before getting to all dis?? You juz scared us all.. You don’t know what we have been going through for past hours. We cudnt even breath.. Nd laksh … She stops seein shekhars anger..
Shekhar: don’t repeat this ragini.. I can’t lose you.. YU can’t guve up on ur life for the one who cheated you..
Ragini cries.. Nurse asks them to go out.. Nd let ragini take rest..
Shekhar Nd swara comes out Nd says that Ragini is alright..
Shekhar asks maheshwaries to leav from hospital and pleads laksh to not come infornt f my laado again.
Laksh is bbroken.. He wantes to apologise to shekhar for slapping him..BT HD knows dis NT the right time.. So he left hospital with his family with. Heavy heart..

Raginis POV
She is thinking about recent incidents. How laksh apologised to her. Saved from police.. Holika pooja covo. She smiles .. I tried not tto love you laksh.. But I can’t stop loving you.. You are living in my heartbeat.. I will love you till The moment it stops beating .. Don’t know I have a feeling that YU too started to feel for me.. No ragini no.. It can’t happen.. YU don’t deserve to dream anything. It’s your one sided love DAT made you do all those crimes.. NW it shall not repeat. I won’t expect anything in my life.. I will live for my family.. Let God decide my future.. I will face whatever comes into my life..
Screen ends with raginis determined face
So this is my first episode.. Please tell me whether to continue or not Nd give suggestions also.. M not a good writer.. So forgive fr NY mistakes..

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  1. Ya plz continue…. but it’s same as serial with little bit of change….

    1. It’s different… Don’t worry. Thank you fr ur suport

  2. Nice
    Please continue plz…plz…plz…plz…plz…..

    1. Thank you … M happy.. Nd yes I vl continue.. Advance sorry in case if I disappoint..

  3. plz countinye dr

    1. Sure dear. Thank you for commenting..

  4. it was awesome nitu dear I will definitely read ur ff till the end and no mistakes dear
    love u loads
    keep smiling

    1. Thanks a lot.. Lots f love Nd hugs for this support. Dis comments boosts up my confidence since I have never ever written a story in my life.

  5. Nice nd continue

    1. Thank you.. I vk continue.. 🙂

  6. Superb . Hope you will show a proper redemption and then love story. Not like cv’s do din m pyaar bhi aur shaadi bhi.??

    1. Dis is a shiort ff.. 17-20 parts. I vl try my bestto not disappoint RagLak fans. Dis story is actually wat I wanted for RagLak after kavya track.. BT cv’s ruined it..

  7. Superb awesome…… but similar to that of the actual serial story …. so plzz make it different and give raglak their importance which is to be given … anyways luvd ur ff…..

    1. Thank you dear. Ds vl different from serial Nd yes it’s juz RagLak.. Nd deri love

  8. Guys sorry.. I had posted a intro Nd it think it’s not updated intellyupdates.. Story starts after ragini getting stabbed by kavya.. Nd dis s my first attempt.. M NT at alla. Good writer. So m confused whether to continue or not. I want suggestions. If YU people doesn’t like it YU can b frank I vl not continue. If YU wud lyk to read dis ff pls suggest a name also. It vl b only on RagLak.. Nd yes new entry fr ragini vl gv mre screen space. It vl b a triangle live story. Short series hai. 17-20 episode. So pls comment

  9. Dont worry It’s completely different from serial. . dis is purely based in RagLak love story.. Nd yes new entry also has a prominent role.. It I mainly focused on three people’s povs emotions and thoughts..

  10. Yeah do continue, hoping it to be an awesome one

    1. Thanks … M a reader f ur ff .. Nd I vl try to make dis ff better. 🙂

  11. Its good
    In serial raglak are given least importance
    At least in this we can expect some raglak moments
    Thank you for this and plz continue

    1. Thanks ammu… I hope DT I won’t disappoint YU.. 🙂

  12. NYC …. And it is perfect… Don’t worry

    1. Ooo thankyu lavanya. I know it’s not perfect.. BT still felt good. Thanks for the encouragement…

  13. Pls continue it

    1. Yes sure. Thankyuuu

  14. Awesome

    1. Thank you swati…

  15. plz continue this ff nitu it is awesome

    1. Thank you sanchami..:)

    1. Thank you Sindhu..:)

    1. Thank you.. 🙂

  16. Superb start dear and plz plz plz continue

  17. Thank you lovely…:)

  18. Awesome ☺

    1. Thankyuuu:)

  19. Don’t wry I’m sure u ill grt support frm all raglak fans…cntnu

    1. Ooo so sweet f YU. Thank you…

  20. Superb dr plz continue

    1. Thankyuuu dr.. 🙂

  21. Awesome 🙂 pls continue

    1. Thankyuuu

  22. superb… plzz continue..

    1. Thankyuuu

  23. awesome…

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