Raglak : A Musician Tale of Love (part 1)

After 4 shots of hot vodka. Am still thinking about HER. A small smile crept on my  lips. HER soft kissable lips, big round eyes, s*xy waist,HER softness.

i can’t stop imaging herself in my arms, my bed. HER thoughts r too s*xy like her to increase my hormones to make me………. Horney

She was something no she was everything in my life no she is  nothing u heard it right she is nothing. If she can walk away from me this easily. I can also live with out HER .

Sry guys. U must be confuse about me nd why am here in this 3 rd class shitty night CLUB THE LAVONELLA BEACH Club which is famous for one nyt stands

Myself laksh maheshwari, I know u people must know about me. Yup the young much popular rock start with d huge girl fan following. ?????
Every one like to boost about themself???

Kkk am here to get drunk and forgot her. i showed off 4 shots of vodka par ma kasam it tastes yuck. still my mind wandering about HER . 
Kya hai don’t give me that look
I know I like night PARTIES, CLUB, pubbing but i hate alchol.
I just wanted to get HER out of mind. Its has been 3 months she got vanished from my life leaving me this vulnerable.

So am here to get drunk nd and………………here to get  me a one night stand

Don’t get me wrong i need something really bad to get HER out of mind
(poor little he doesn’t even know hw much he has already fallen for his girl).

  He was wandering his eyes through d girls who were cozily dancing in d pub. But none could get my attraction. Suddenly someone tapped my shoulders to get my attention.

   I turned to find kavya singhaniya, hot girl of city drooling over my well tonned abs and……..

She was in black knee length dress which merely covered her private parts.
Kavya: hey lucky  u here
Laksh: yep dr( oh god where u trapped me)
I just again turn to crowd.
Kavya: looking for fun han?????
I gave a  her a cold stare
Kavya: me too

With in  a swift movement she were on my lap tracing my hot abs with her fingers.
Laksh: WTF
(in mind  u only want to f**k  smone to get HER  off ur head sry guys this stupid idea given my frnd omi nd am here set this plan 
Hw cheap lucky
Take d chance man she only initiated this)
I took her in my hand
Kavya: 308
I gave a confused look she laughed nd said
Get a room for this man.
I got in d room nd throw her to d bed. She literally stripped herself fast. I closed my eyes HER smile flashed on my brain

Laksh: i need this
I too got in d bed nd she dragged. Me to her nd pressed hersef on me  nd  leaned to kiss me. I was least interested in this. As our lips were inches apart my mind occupied HER thoughts.
I sighed d closed my eyes.
Laksh: am not here for this PDA. Get to action lucky
As a thought to f**k her hard in d bed. HER Thoughts, HER SOFTNESS, HER PINK Folds, HER EVERYTHING CM TO MY MIND

Laksh: urghhhh i can’t do this.
I pushed her nd got off d bed. She was confused nd composed herself.
She came in front of me and hugged me
Kavya : what happened handsome

I slightly pushed her
laksh : sry kavya, plz leave me alone
Kavya: u r rejecting me laksh  me kavya singhaniya
Laksh:Kavya plz leave

She sighed in anger nd wore her cloths as am still in my boxers sitting on d bed covering my face with both my palms

Kavya(anger) if u love ur girl this much why do not yo go nd f**k that b*t*h

Before she could cmplt she felt a high blow on cheek
laksh (with blood shooted eyes) get out off here u b*t*h
I screamed from  bottom of my lungs nd she literally ran from there

Uphhh done with this part. Ary guys this story have sm mature content. I think it’s not too hot to handle plz bear with me for few shots.

I already started this story in watpad. If guys want i will update it here tooo

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