RagLak – You Are The Music In Me (Episode 7)

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Also, in my previous update Lisa had suggested some actors for the supporting characters, i promised her i would introduce them in this episode so here they are

Nikita Sharma as Ananya
Roop Durgapal as Radhika
Adaa Khan as Kritika
Abhisheikh Malik as Vikrant
Zain Imam as Amit


It’s been two weeks since Lakshya and I have worked on lyrics together. A few days after Ananya went home, Lakshya ended up leaving for six days because of a family emergency. He was vague about what the emergency was, but it reminded me of when I still lived with Kritika and he was absent from his balcony for several days. A family emergency was his excuse then, too.
Based on conversations I’ve heard Amit have on the phone with Sanskar, I know it didn’t have anything to do with Sanskar. But he’s never mentioned having family other than Sanskar. When Lakshya returned a few days ago, I asked him if everything was okay and he said things were fine. He didn’t seem to want to share any details, and I’m trying to remind myself that his personal life is none of my concern.
I’ve immersed myself in college, and every now and then, I’ll attempt to write lyrics on my own, but it isn’t the same when I don’t have the music to go along with it. Lakshya has been home for a few days now, but he’s spent most of his time in his room catching up on work, and I can’t help but wonder if he’s kept his distance for other reasons.
I’ve been hanging out with Amit a lot and have learned more about his relationship with Radhika. I haven’t had any more interactions with her, so as far as I know, she still assumes I’m deaf.
Based on what Amit has told me, their relationship is anything but typical. Amit never met Radhika before she moved in six months ago, but she’s a longtime friend of Sanskar’s. Amit says that he and Radhika don’t get along at all, and during the day, they live separate lives. But at night, it’s a completely different story. He has tried to go into more detail than I care to hear, so I force him to shut up when he begins to overshare.
I’m really wishing he would shut up right now, because he’s in the midst of one of his oversharing moments. I have to leave for class in half an hour, and I’m trying to finish reading a last-minute chapter, but he’s intent on telling me all about last night and how he wouldn’t let her take her uniform off because he likes to role-play, and oh, my God, why does he think I care to hear this?
Luckily, Radhika walks out of her room, and it’s more than likely the first time I’ve ever been happy to see her.
“Good morning, Radhika,” Amit says, his eyes following her across the living room. “Sleep well?”
“Screw you, Amit,” she says in return.
I’m beginning to understand that this is their typical morning greeting. She walks into the kitchen and glances at me, then at Amit seated next to me on the couch. She narrows her eyes at him and turns toward the refrigerator. Lakshya is at the dining-room table, concentrating on his laptop.
“I don’t like how she’s stuck to you all the time,” Radhika says with her back to me.
Amit looks at me and laughs. Apparently, Radhika still assumes I can’t hear her, but I’m not finding much humor in the fact that she’s talking shit about me.
She spins around and eyes Amit. “You think that’s funny?” she says to him. “The girl obviously has it bad for you, and you can’t even respect me enough to distance yourself from her until I’m out of the house?” She turns her back to us again. “First she gives Lakshya some sob story so he’ll let her move in, and now she’s taking advantage of the fact that you know sign language so she can flirt with you.”
“Radhika, stop.” Amit isn’t laughing anymore, because he can see how white my knuckles are, clasped around my book. I think he’s afraid Radhika’s about to get hit upside the head with a hardback. He’s right to be afraid.
“You stop, Amit,” she says, turning back around to face him. “Either stop crawling into bed with me at night or stop shacking up on the couch with her during the day.”
I drop my book onto my lap with a loud slap, then kick my feet up and down against the floor out of frustration, anger, and flat-out annoyance. I can’t put up with this girl for another second.
“Radhika, please!” I yell. “Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up! Christ! I don’t know why you think I’m deaf, and I’m definitely not a whore, and I’m not using sign language to flirt with Amit. I don’t even know sign language. And from now on, please stop yelling when you speak to me!”
Radhika tilts her pretty little head, and her mouth hangs open in shock. She silently stares at me for several seconds. No one in the room makes a move. She turns her attention to Amit, and the anger in her eyes is replaced with hurt. She immediately looks away once the hurt takes over, and she heads straight back to her room.
I glance over to see Lakshya staring at me, more than likely wondering what the hell just happened. I lean my head back against the couch and sigh.
I was hoping that would feel good, but it didn’t feel good at all.
“Well,” Amit says, “there goes my chance to act out all the role-playing scenes I’ve been imagining. Thanks a lot, Ragini.”
“Screw you, Amit,” I say, understanding a little bit where Radhika’s attitude comes from.
I slide my book off my lap and stand up, then walk to Radhika’s door. I knock, but she doesn’t open it. I knock again, turn the knob, and push the door slightly open to peek inside.

A pillow meets the back of the door with a thud. “Get the hell out of my room!”
I ignore her and open the door a little further until I can see her. She’s sitting on her bed, with her knees pulled up to her chest. When she sees me coming into her room, she quickly wipes her eyes, then turns the other way.
She’s crying, and now I really feel shitty. I walk to her bed and sit on the edge of it, as far out of her reach as possible. I may feel bad, but I’m still scared to death of her.
“I’m sorry,” I say.
She rolls her eyes and falls back onto the bed in a huff. “You are not,” she says. “I don’t blame you. I deserved it.”
I tilt my head. Did she really just admit that she deserved it? “I’m not gonna lie, Radhika. You are kind of a b*t*h.”
She laughs softly, then folds her arm over her eyes. “God, I know. I just get so annoyed with people, but I can’t help it. It’s not like it’s my goal in life to be a b*t*h.”
I lie back on the bed with her. “So don’t be one, then. It takes way more effort to be a b*t*h than it does to not be one.”
She shakes her head. “You can say that because you’re not a b*t*h.”
I sigh. She may not think I’m a b*t*h, but I sure have been feeling like one lately. “For what it’s worth, I’m more evil than you might think. I may not express my feelings in quite the same fashion as you, but I definitely have evil thoughts. And lately, evil intentions. I’m beginning to think I’m not as nice as I always thought I was.”
Radhika doesn’t respond to my admission for a few quiet moments. She finally sighs heavily and sits up on the bed. “Can I ask you something? Now that I know you can actually answer me?”
I sit up, too, and nod.
“Are you and Amit . . .” She pauses. “You guys seem to get along really well, and I was curious if . . .”
I smile, because I know where she’s going with this, and I interrupt her string of thought. “Amit and I are friends, and we could never be more than friends. He’s sort of oddly infatuated with this b*t*hy girl he knows.”
Radhika smiles, but then she quickly stops smiling and looks straight at me. “How long has Amit known that I thought you were deaf?”
I think back on the past few weeks. “Since the morning after I moved in?” I wince, knowing Amit’s about to experience the side of Radhika we all know too well. “But please go easy on him, Radhika. As strangely as you two show it, he really does like you. He might even love you, but he was drunk when he said that, so I don’t know for sure.”
If it’s possible to hear a heart stop, I just heard hers come to a screeching halt. “He said that?”
I nod. “A couple of weeks ago. We were leaving the club, and he was wasted, but he said something about how he’s pretty sure he might love you. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, though.”
She drops her eyes to the floor and is quiet for several seconds, then looks back up at me. “You know, most things people say when they’re drunk are more accurate and honest than the things they say when they’re sober.”
I nod, unsure if that’s a true fact or just a Radhika fact. She stands up and walks swiftly to the door, then swings it open.
Oh, no.
She’s about to kill Amit, and it’s partly my fault. I stand up and rush to the door, prepared to catch the blame for telling her what Amit said. However, once I reach the living room, she’s swinging her leg over his, sliding onto his lap. Amit’s eyes are wide, and he’s looking at her in fear, which tells me this isn’t one of her usual moves.
Radhika takes Amit’s face in her hands, and he hesitantly brings his hands to her lower back. She sighs, staring him hard in the eyes. “I can’t believe I’m falling in love with such a stupid, stupid asshole,” she says to him.
He stares at her for several seconds while her comment registers, and then his hands fly up to the back of her head and he crashes their lips together. He scoots forward and stands with Radhika wrapped around him. Then, without breaking for air, he takes her directly to his bedroom, where the door shuts behind them.
I’m smiling, because Radhika is more than likely the only girl in existence who could pull off calling someone an asshole and in the same breath confess her love. And oddly enough, Amit is probably one of the few guys who would find that appealing.
They’re perfect for each other.
Lakshya: How in the hell did you pull that one off? I was waiting for her to come out here and strangle him. You spend two minutes with her, and she’s all over him.
Me: She’s actually not as bad as she seems.
Lakshya: Really?
Me: Well, maybe she is. But I guess I admire that about her. She’s true to herself.
Lakshya smiles, sets his phone down, and drops his eyes back to his laptop. There’s something different about him now. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but I can see it in his eyes. He looks distraught. Or sad. Or maybe just tired?
He actually looks like a little bit of all three, and it makes me hurt for him. When I first met him, he seemed to have everything together. Now that I’ve gotten to know him better, I’m beginning to think that’s not the case. The guy standing in front of me right now looks as if his life is a mess, and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.
Lakshya: I’m still a little behind on work, but I should be caught up by tonight. If you feel like running through a new song, you know where to find me.
Me: Sounds good. I have an afternoon study group, but I’ll be back by seven.
He smiles halfheartedly and heads to his room. I know I’m beginning to understand most of his expressions. The one he just shot me was definitely a look of nervousness.


I assumed she didn’t feel like writing tonight when she didn’t show, and I told myself I was okay with that.
However, it’s a few minutes past eight, and my light just flickered. I can’t ignore the rush of adrenaline pumping through me. I tell myself my body is having the reaction it’s having because I’m passionate about writing music, but if that were the case, why don’t I get this excited when I write alone? Or with Sanskar?
I close my eyes and gently lay my guitar next to me while inhaling a steady breath. It’s been weeks since we’ve done this. Since the night she let me hear her sing and it completely changed the dynamic of our working relationship.
That’s not her fault, though. I’m not even sure if it’s my fault. It’s nature’s fault, because attraction is an ugly beast, and I’ll be damned if I don’t conquer it.
I can do this.
I open the door to my bedroom and step aside while she comes in with her notebook and her laptop. She walks confidently toward the bed and drops down onto it, then opens her laptop. I sit back down and open mine.
Ragini: I couldn’t pay attention in class today, because all I wanted to do was write lyrics. I wouldn’t let myself write any, though, because it comes so much better when you play. I’ve missed this. I didn’t think I would like it at first, and it made me nervous, but I love writing lyrics. Love, love, love it. Let’s go, I’m ready.
She’s smiling at me and giddily patting her palms against the mattress.
I smile back as I lean against the headboard and begin playing the opening to a new song I’ve been working on. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m hoping that with her help, we’ll make some headway tonight.
I play the song several times, and she watches me some of the time, then writes some of the time. She uses her hands to tell me to pause or back up or move on to the next chorus or to restart the song altogether. I keep a close eye on her while I play, and we continue this dance for more than an hour. She does a lot of scratching out and makes a heck of a lot of faces that I’m not sure convey that she’s having any fun.
She eventually sits up and tears the paper out of the notebook, then wads it up and tosses it into the trash can. She slaps her notebook shut and shakes her head.
Ragini: I’m sorry, Lakshya. Maybe I’m just exhausted, but it’s not clicking right now. Can we try this again tomorrow night?
I nod, doing my best to hide my disappointment. I don’t like seeing her frustrated. She takes her laptop and notebook and starts to walk back toward her bedroom. She turns back around and mouths, “Good night.”
As soon as she disappears, I’m off the bed and digging through the trash can. I pull out her wadded-up sheet of paper and take it back to my bed and unfold it.
There are random sentences, some marked out, some not. I read all of them, attempting to work my way around them.
Reading her words feels like an invasion of her privacy. But is it? Technically, we’re in this together, so I should be able to read what she’s writing as she writes it.
But there’s something different about this song. It’s different because this song doesn’t sound like it’s about Vikrant.
This song sounds a little like it could be about me.
I shouldn’t be doing this. I should not be picking up my phone right now, and I should definitely not be contemplating how to persuade her to help me finish this song tonight.
Me: Don’t be mad, but I’m reading your lyrics. I think I know where your frustration is coming from.
Ragini: Could it be coming from the fact that I suck at writing lyrics and a few songs is all I had in me?
I pick up my guitar and head to her bedroom. I knock and open her door, assuming she’s still decent since she just left my room two minutes ago. I walk to her bed and sit, then grab her notebook and pen and place her lyrics on top of the notebook. I write a note and hand it to her.
You have to remember the band you’re writing lyrics for is all guys. I know it’s hard to write from a male point of view, since you’re obviously not male. If you stop writing this song from your own point of view and try to feel it from a different point of view, the lyrics might come. Maybe it’s been hard because you know a guy will be singing it, but the feelings are coming from you. Just flip it around and see what happens.
She reads my note, then picks up the pen and shifts back on her bed. She looks at me and nods her head toward my guitar, indicating that she’ll give it a try. I scoot off the bed and onto the floor, then stand my guitar upright and pull it against my chest. When I’m working out chords to a new song, it helps to play this way sometimes so I can feel the vibrations more clearly.
I close my eyes, lean my head against the guitar, and begin playing.


Oh, God. He’s doing that thing again. The mesmerizing thing.
When I’ve seen him play his guitar like this in the past, it was before I knew he couldn’t hear himself play. I thought maybe he just played this way to get a different angle on the strings, but now I know he does it so he can feel the music better. I don’t know why, but knowing this makes me love watching him even more.
I should probably be working on the lyrics, but I watch him play the entire song without once opening his eyes. When he finishes, I quickly glance down to my notebook, because I know he’s about to open his eyes and look up at me. I pretend I’m writing, and he flips his guitar around the correct way, then leans back against my dresser and begins playing the song again.
I focus on the lyrics and think about what he said. Lakshya was right. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that a guy would be singing them. I was focused on pouring my feelings onto paper. I close my eyes and try to picture Lakshya singing the song.
I try to imagine what it would be like to be honest about what I’m feeling for him and use that to take the lyrics a little further. I open my eyes and cross out the first line of the song, then begin rewriting the first verse.
I think the real reason I’m not able to write tonight is that every line that ends up on paper is about Lakshya, and I know Lakshya will be able to see through it. He pulled the lyrics out of the trash and already read through them, so he has to have an idea. Still . . . he’s here, wanting me to finish the song. I focus on the second verse and try to keep his advice in mind.
I continue to go through the lyrics on the page, crossing out the old lines and changing them up as Lakshya plays the song several times.
The page becomes messy and hard to read, so I set it aside and open my notebook to rewrite everything. Lakshya stops playing for a few minutes while I transfer everything onto the new page. When I look up at him, he points to the page, wanting to read what I’ve written. I nod.
He walks to the bed and sits next to me, leaning in toward me to read what I’ve got so far.
I’m extremely aware that he might see right through the lyrics and know they have more to do with him than with Vikrant, which causes panic to course through my veins. He pulls the notebook closer to him, but it’s still on my lap. His shoulder is pressed to mine, and his face is so close he could probably feel my breath against his cheek . . . if I were breathing. I force my eyes to fall where his have, onto the lyrics rewritten across the page on my lap.
Lakshya picks up the pen and marks through the last line, then tilts his head to face me. He points the pen at himself and makes a writing motion in the air, indicating that he wants to change something.
I nod, full of nerves and fear that he doesn’t like it. He presses his pen to the paper, next to the lyrics he crossed out. He pauses for a few seconds before writing and slowly turns to face me again. His expression is full of trepidation, and I’m curious about what’s causing it. His eyes fall from mine, slowly grazing over me until his attention is back on the page. He inhales and carefully exhales, then begins writing the new lyrics under the old line.
When he’s finished writing, he sets the pen down across the paper. His eyes turn to mine again, and I don’t know if he’s expecting me to respond to what he just wrote, but I can’t. I’m trying not to allow myself to feel as if there’s any truth behind his lyrics, but his words from the first night we wrote together flash through my head.
“They’re your words, Ragini. Words that came from you.”
He was telling me then that lyrics have truth behind them, because they come from somewhere inside the person who wrote them. I look back down at the page.
Oh, my God, I can’t. I didn’t ask for this. I don’t want this.
But it feels so good. His words feel good, his closeness feels good, his eyes searching mine make my heart go haywire, and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how something that feels like this can be so wrong.
I’m not a bad person.
Lakshya isn’t a bad person.
How can two good people who both have such good intentions end up with feelings, derived from all the goodness, that are so incredibly bad?
Lakshya’s expression grows more concerned, and he pulls his gaze away from mine and picks up his phone.
Lakshya: Are you okay?
Ha. Am I okay? Yeah. That’s why my palms are sweating and my chest is heaving and I’m clenching the sheet beside me on the bed so I don’t do something to him with these hands that I’ll never forgive myself for.
I nod, then gently push him aside as I stand up and walk to the bathroom. I shut the door behind me and lean against it, closing my eyes and silently repeating the mantra in my head that I’ve been repeating for weeks now.
Ananya, Ananya, Ananya, Ananya, Ananya.


After several minutes, she finally walks back into her bedroom. She smiles at me, walks to the bed, and picks up her phone.
Ragini: Sorry. I felt sick.
Me: You okay?
Ragini: Yeah. Just needed water, I guess. I love the lyrics, Lakshya. They’re perfect. Do we need to run through them again, or can we call it a night?
I really would like to run through them again, but she looks tired. I’d also give anything to feel her sing them again, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I already beat up my conscience enough while I was writing the rest of the lyrics down. However, the fact that I was more than likely writing about her didn’t seem to stop me, because the only thing on my mind was the simple fact that I was actually writing. I haven’t been able to write lyrics in months, and in just a matter of minutes, it was as if a fog lifted and the words began to flow effortlessly. I would have kept going if I didn’t feel I’d already gone way too far.
Me: We’ll call it a night. I’m really happy with this one, Rags.
She smiles, and I pick up my guitar and head to my room.
I spend the next several minutes adding a final verse to the song, transferring her lyrics into the music program on my laptop, and filling in the guitar chords. Once it’s all entered, I hit send, close it out, and text Sanskar.
Me: Just sent you a very rough draft with lyrics. I really want Ragini to hear this one, so if you have time this week to work up a rough acoustic, send it over. I think it’ll be good for her to finally be able to hear something she created come to life.
Sanskar: Looking at it now. I hate to admit this, but I think you were right about her. She really was sent to earth just for us.
Me: Starting to seem that way.
Sanskar: Give me an hour. Not busy, so I’ll see what we can work up.
An hour? He’s sending it tonight? I immediately text Ragini.
Me: Try not to fall asleep. I might have a little surprise for you after a while.
Ragini: Um, . . . okay?
• • •

Forty-five minutes later, I get an e-mail with an attachment from Sanskar that says, Rough cut. I open it on my phone, find a set of headphones in the kitchen drawer, and head to Ragini’s room. She opens the door after I knock and lets me into her room. I walk over to sit on her bed and motion to the spot on the mattress beside me. She looks at me questioningly but walks to the bed. I hand her the headphones and pat her pillow, so she lies down and places them in her ears. She continues to watch me warily, as if I’m about to pull an elaborate prank on her.
I scoot down next to her and prop myself up on my elbow, then hit play. I set the phone down between us and watch her.
A few seconds pass, and her head swings in my direction. An “Oh, my God” passes her lips, and she’s looking at me as if I’ve just given her the world.
And it feels pretty damn good.
She smiles and puts her hand over her mouth as her eyes fill with tears. She tilts her face back up to the ceiling, more than likely because she’s embarrassed by her emotional reaction. She shouldn’t be. It’s exactly what I was hoping to see.
I continue to watch her as she listens, and her face conveys a mixture of emotions. She smiles, then exhales, then closes her eyes. When the song ends, she looks at me and mouths, “Again.”
I smile and hit play on my phone again. I continue to watch her, but the second her lips begin moving and I realize she’s singing along to the song, my smile is washed away by a sudden emotion I didn’t expect to feel at all.
Never in all my life and in all my years of living in a world of silence have I wanted to hear something as much as I want to hear her sing right now. I want to hear her so bad it physically hurts. The walls of my chest feel as if they’re closing in on my heart, and I don’t even realize that my hand has moved to her chest until she turns to me, startled. I shake my head, not wanting her to stop. She nods slightly, but the beat of her heart against my hand is increasing by the second. I can feel the vibration of her voice against my palm, but the material between my hand and her skin hinders my ability to feel her the way I want to. I move my hand upward, until it’s at the base of her throat, and then I slide it up even farther, until my fingers and palm are flush against her neck. I scoot closer to her so that my chest is pressed against her side, because the overwhelming need to hear her has completely taken over, and I don’t allow myself to think about where the invisible lines are drawn.

The vibration of her voice stops, and I feel her swallow as she looks up at me with the exact emotions that inspired most of the lines in this song.
There’s no other way to describe how I feel. I know that the way I think about her and feel about her is wrong, but I struggle so much with how right it feels when I’m with her.
She’s no longer singing. My hand is still wrapped around her throat, and her face is tilted toward mine. I slide my hand a little higher until it’s grazing her jaw. I run my finger around the cord to the headphones and pull them away from her. I return my fingers to her jaw, slowly slipping my hand behind her neck. My palm conforms so perfectly to the back of her head it’s as if my hands were made to hold her like this. I gently pull her toward me, and she turns her body slightly toward mine. Our chests meet, and it creates a force so powerful that every other part of me is demanding to be pressed against every other part of her.
She reaches her hands up to my neck and lightly places her palms against my skin, then slowly eases her fingers up and into my hair. Having her so close feels as though we’ve created our own personal space, and nothing from outside our world can make its way in, and nothing from inside our world can make its way out.
Her breaths fall in waves against my lips, and although I can’t hear them, I imagine they sound like how a heartbeat feels. I let my forehead fall against hers, and I feel a rumble from deep within my chest rise up my throat. The sound I feel pass my lips causes her mouth to open in a gasp, and the way her lips are slightly parted causes my mouth to immediately connect with hers in search of the relief I desperately need.
Relief is exactly what I find the second our lips meet. It’s as if every pent-up, denied feeling I’ve held toward her is suddenly uncaged, and I’m able to breathe for the first time since I met her.
Her fingers continue to sift through my hair, and my grip tightens against the back of her head, pulling her closer. She allows my tongue to slip inside and find hers. She’s warm and soft, and the vibrations from her moans begin to leave her mouth and flow straight into mine.
My lips softly close over hers, and then I part them, and we do it all over again, but with less hesitation and more desperation. Her hands are now running down my back, and my hand is slipping to her waist, and my tongue is exploring the incredible way hers dances against mine to a song only our mouths can hear. The desperation and speed at which we’re escalating this kiss make it apparent that we’re both attempting to get as much out of each other as we can before the moment ends.
Because we both know it has to end.
I grip her waist tightly as my heart begins to tear in two, half of it remaining where it’s always been, with Ananya, and the other half being pulled to the girl beneath me.
Nothing in my life has ever felt so good yet hurt so achingly bad.
I tear my mouth away from hers, and we both gasp for breath as the desperate grip she has on me keeps me locked against her. I refuse to allow our mouths to reconnect as I struggle to figure out which half of my heart I want to save.
I press my forehead to hers and keep my eyes closed, inhaling and exhaling in rapid succession. She doesn’t attempt to kiss me again, but I can feel her chest as her movements change from begging for breath to fighting back tears. I pull back and open my eyes, looking down on her.
Her eyes are shut tightly, but the tears are beginning to fall. She turns her face and covers her mouth with her hand as she tries to roll onto her side, away from me. I lift up onto my hands and look down at what I’ve done to her.
I’ve done the one thing I promised her I would never do.
I just made her a Kritika.
I wince and drop my forehead to the side of her head and press my lips against her ear. I find her hand and reach for the pen beside us on the nightstand. I turn her hand over and press the tip of the pen to her palm.
I’m so sorry.
I kiss her palm, then crawl off the bed and back away. She opens her eyes long enough to look at her hand. She makes a tight fist and pulls her hand to her chest, then begins to sob into her pillow. I take my guitar, my phone, and my shame . . . and I leave her completely alone.


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    • ShrutiRao



      hahaha…Zain is like the perfect best friend material…fools around with you but he will kick your ass when required 😂😂
      and i assure you..when they get together..it’s going to be the perfect thing ever 😀

      PS: i love reading your comments 😀

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    • ShrutiRao



      Aaaahhh…thank you so much Akshata and i’m so glad to see that you’re abole to connect to the characters…that is a big compliment to my writing 🙂

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