Raglak- mom’s kid (part 4)

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Mom’s kid mein aaj dekenge.. part 4

Laksh was staring at Ragini as he is going to swallow her. Ragini clutches her bag near her chest taking gulp. Laksh smiles. He remembers in same way when a L.K.G little girl does same thing.
Laksh comes and stands before Ragini. All college students looks at Laksh as he is going to do an adventure. Because, she is the daughter of district collector. That’s why all boys are afraid to surround her, but this guy… may be really mad..!!

Ragini closes her eyes in fear.

“you lost your precious assert” he says and she opens her eyes. Laksh was holding a bracelet. Which has doremon tiny pendants and few smiles. Ragini smiles and takes it from his hand. “thank you..” she says. Laksh keeps smiling and then Ragu looks at bite she made. “sorry also..” she says. Then the chocolate colour car appears and Ragini runs into the car.

Laksh keeps looking and the car moves, then he notices the car number. He closes his eyes and remembers something. Ragini in which she arrives to college is the same chocolate color car, but… the car number today is different from before one.

That means..???

Someone is kidnapping her..???

Laksh without thinking anything, starts his bike and raises to high speed to follow the car. Ragini was sitting in car, without any doubt. Then she observes the car is going in different direction.
Ragini soon takes her phone out and calls her mom..

{oh no..! she could ask that driver first.. for everything.. she remembers, “mom”}

But, that driver grabs phone from Ragini. “help..!!” she shouts. But, the car windows are closed. How outers can listen.? And they are black windows, no one can see..!

Laksh over takes the car… she wanted to shout and call Laksh.. but she is not aware that he is already on mission to rescue her.

Laksh stops his bike in front of the car. The car stops with sudden break. Ragini pinches that driver with her nails and grabs her mobile, she runs near Laksh.

“So, my doubt was true..!” Laksh says. Ragini, “save me plzz…!!” she requests.

Laksh smirks, “heroin doesn’t need to request a hero jaan..!” says Laksh and moves forward to fight with that goon. But he takes the car in reverse, and leaves the place.
“who is he..??” laksh amazes,

Ragini: I will ask mom..
She is about to call her mother, but Laksh stops.

Laksh: it’s ok. Don’t put her in tension. I will drop you in your house, then you can ask..

Ragini: ok, I will ask mom whether to come with you or not..!

Laksh looks at her in sudden shock expression.

Laksh: she is really a mom’s kid..!!

“Mom, one boy is telling that he will drop…. No..? but the car I came in was a kidnapper..!”

Ragini says everything, laksh was holding his head.

From other side Janaki shocks,
“what..??? who is the guy who saved you..??” she asks.

Ragini: what is your name boy..?

Laksh in smile,
“tell her that I’m Laksh Maheswari”

Ragini: mom, he is Laksh maheswari it seems.

Now, Janaki shocks still. “Give phone to that boy…”
Ragini gives phone to Laksh.

Laksh: mami…
Laksh says in phone and Janaki gets tears.

Janaki: bring my daughter to home Laksh..

Laksh: tell this to her only mami, she listens only to you..
Janaki smiles from other side.

Ragini was amazing listening to their convo. Ragini agrees to come with Laksh as her mom said.
Laksh takes Ragini to her home on his bike. Janaki receives them both.

Janaki: Laksh, how are you.

Laksh bends to her feet and takes her blessings. Janaki rubs his head. Ragini looking at them innocently.

Janaki: Ragu, he is your Ap aunt’s son..!!

Ragini excites, “Really..??”
Janaki nods her head.

Ragini: so, I got a new friend..?
Janaki: yes, he is your friend..!!

Ragini: ok, I will bring my teddy also..! she will meet him too..!!
Ragini runs into her room. Laksh looks at her in smile.

Janaki: Laksh, how is your mom, dad..?
Laksh: everyone are fine, except Shekar mama..!

Janaki smile vanishes.
Laksh: why don’t you go back to him..?

Janaki: if he can’t accept Ragini, I can’t accept him.

Laksh takes deep breath, “So, there is no solution for this..!”

Janaki: btw, who tried to kidnap Ragini..?

Laksh: no idea..! but, they changed car color, but forgot to change car number.

Janaki: I know..! it’s my so called husband.. or my son..!

Laksh: ok mami. I will go now…

Ragini: laksh wait..!!
Ragini runs near Laksh. She places her teddy bear in his hands.
“This is mr. teddy..! my best friend..!”
Laksh looks confused at teddy, ‘hai teddy..!” he says.

Janaki: Laksh, you have to do dinner and go. That’s it. we are meeting after so many years..!

Laksh agrees.

“Ho..! I have assignment..!” Ragini again runs into her room to bring her bag. Janaki gets busy in work. Ragini sits at study table in hall and Laksh sits beside her.

Laksh opens her books and sees, she has written nothing but every page is scattered. Scattered with pen marks, some pages are torn.

“I’m waste..!” was written is some pages.. some pages are seemed like dry bcz they may have been wet sometime ago.

Laksh looks at Ragini. She was innocently opening all her book and there is a cute smile on her face.
Laksh gets amazed that behind that cute smile she was undergoing a lot of depression. She can’t grasp anything soon. That’s why she was lagging behind everyone. She was feeling lonely and that’s why she did friendship with the lifeless doll.
Laksh keeps looking at her.

Ragini: will you help me..??
Laksh: haa..?
Ragini: I’m not understanding anything. But, lecturers have crossed two units. But, I didn’t understand anything..! I couldn’t take down notes.. they are dictating everything fast..! and those girls.. didn’t give my notes when I asked….

Laksh observes changing expressions in Ragini’s eyes. She is now going to break down. Then soon he holds her hand. She looks at him.

Laksh: Ragini, no worries..! I’m here naa..!
Ragini blinks her eyes.

Laksh starts explaining each and every point to Ragini very patiently. Ragini too listens carefully. At last she successfully completes her assignments.

Ragini: hurray…!!
She shouts happily.
Laskh smiles.

Then Laksh happens to look at a book in which Ragini has kept many chocolate wrappers.

Laksh: hey, why did you store them like this..??
Ragini: don’t you know..? if we store wrappers like this a new chocolate comes from it..!!

Laksh: what nonsense..? it’s not true..! you and your stupid works..!!
He says and throws all those wrappers in dust bin. Then he looks at Ragini who was glaring at him.

Laksh: not like that Ragini..! you have to throw wrappers when u finish eating..! (he is scaring a bit in himself)
Ragini soon bites his hand.

“aaahhh..!” Laksh shout fills in whole house. Later Janaki applies medicine to him.

Janaki scolds Ragini, “what is this Ragu..? say him sorry..!”
Ragini was just holding her teddy and looking at Laksh.

After the dinner, Laksh takes leave from both of them. Ragini comes out to give him send off.
He is about to get on his bike. “Laksh..” she calls.

Laksh comes near her again. “what..? you want to bite me again..?” he asks.

Ragini takes his hand and kisses where she bit him. Laksh surprises.

“Mom also does same thing when I get a wound like this..!” she says and looks at Laksh. Laksh was looking at her affectionately, Ragini smiles and runs back into her house. Laksh too smiles and leaves. But Janaki observes everything.

Precap: Shekar to meet Janaki. The reason for their separation…? Raglak’s fun in fresher’s party.

From Astra’s creation box

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  1. awesone dr. cute ragu. i have seen anjali movie many times. baby shamili had acted like an experienced person. really appreciable. i think baby shamili got national award for this film.

    1. Astra

      orori raja.. veradhi veeraa…. mechindi ee devasena.. aa..aaa… nee name chudagaane naku ee song ye gurthuvasthundi telusa.. thank u dear. avnu baby shamili super asalu..!

      1. ?? i like that song very much. dandalayya is also an emotional song. i like ur ffs so much. all ffs are with different story. excellent dr.

    2. Astra

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  2. Outstanding episode and Raglak scenes are sooooo cute. Loved it. Eagerly waiting for Raglak fun.

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  6. Harita7

    some what this story is close to my heart and totally fell in love with ragu and her character.
    all the character are shaped well and all your story r super .more over each and ever story u make my love for ragini character strong.hoping for next lovely update.

    1. Astra

      thank you so much for the comment haritha.. i’m truly glad to hear this. yes, i will try to present all lovely updates.. take care dear..

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    raglak scenes were too cute and lovely fell in love with them
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    Asthu am falling for this ff ..they r Cho Cho cute dear…
    Like clutching her bck…then chocolate colour car…laksh finding that she’s been kidnapped…laksh saving Ragu…ragu asking her mom permission to go with laksh…laksh tlking with janaki…her teddy…laksh’s lecture…haha!!that chocolate wrapper’s…
    U knw wat evn nw me n my bestie usd to buy choci for eo and stre that wrapper till the nxt choci…hehe!!
    And the bite…oh god…
    Atlast ragu’s kiss…that’s so cute and her dialogue evn mom also will do the same to my wounds…laksh’s dialogue was the highlight”wat u wanna bite again”haha!!hilarious…
    I can’t wait for next chappy.. Post soon dear…what happened btwn janaki n shekar???

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    anyways, love u…

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