RAGLAK – I am married to a stranger epilogue

Both of them had dinner..
Ragini cleaned the table and was setting her sari properly..
Laksh slowly came behind her and back hugged her.

” chale ?? Lets go to room.. Im actually sleepy.. ”

Ragini was confused… He was actually fine all the time.  And suddenly he is sleepy.. The time was also just 8:30

” laksh apki tabiyat tho teekh hai na..I mean.. you are feeling sleepy so fast. ”
She touched his forehead and neck..
Laksh who was already in a naughty mood was getting aroused by her touch..

” ha.. Im all ok Ragini .. Lets go to room.  ”

“Ok.. Lets go..” saying this she goes to the room followed by him..

She sat in front of the dressing table and was about to remove her earrings when  Laksh stopped her.

” ill help you Ragini ..”

He di k t know how to initiate a conversation..
He was controlling himself as he didn’t want to do anything that he would regret later ..  He wanted to take their relationship to the next level.. But is she ready.  He had no idea how to ask her.  The nervousness .. awkwardness.. And all were making him dumb..

He slowly and care fully removed her earrings.. Both of them Were feeling different..  Laksh understood what that feeling meant but Ragini.. She was trying to figure it out…

After removing her earring his hands  slowly moved to her neck.

He was opening the hook of her necklace.. But it was not opening..
So he bent and opened it with His teeth..
He lost his control as soon as his lips touched her skin..Ragini closed her eyes unable to bear this unrecognizable feeling..

Laksh couldn’t control himself..
He puzzles the curve of her neck..leaving His breath on her skin.. She clutched her mangalsutr and gasped..
He slowly encircled his hands around her waist touching her bare asking inside her sari making it difficult for her to breath .. He dipped his face in the crow of her neck and gave her a trail of wet kisses.

She moved her head in th opposite direction making it more comfortable for him.

He he again gave her a trail of open mouth kisses from her nak to her collar bone..
” laksh..   ” she moaned in a mare  whisper.  Causing the beast in him to awaken.
He bit her hard in her neck.
“Aah..”She moaned breathing heavily causing her elevations  to move up and down..

He understood he couldn’t control more.. He made her stand up and turned her toward him..
She had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily..

” open your eyes Ragini ”
He said in sensuous voice making her to tremble which didnt go unnoticed by him .

He slowly kissed her cheeks..
” open ur eyes.. Pls. ”
She slowly opened her eyes.
She could see his eyes were darker than usual.  Their were many emotions in it….love.. desire.. passion..care..  concern… lust….

She felt she was burning under his gaze..
” Ragini… Can we take our relationship ro the next level.. ” he asked her in a husky voice…
She was shocked .. She didnt expect him to ask it so straight.  She looked everywhere except him in dilemma how to answer him.. yes she wanted it.. But she was too shy to tell him frankly..
He cupped her face making her look at him.. ” Ragini its ok if you don’t want… Im sorry.. ” he felt that she was not interested.. So he immediately left to the washroom leaving a confused Ragini behind..

Did nt he want to hear my answer .. She thought..
But then she understood that he misunderstood her.

She thought to wait for him.  Their reason encounter even aroused her desires too..
Both of the wanted each other.. But then one was shy.

After sometime Laksh came out of the washroom.  And  saw Ragini sitting in front of the dressing table again..

” I didnt change Ragini ? ” he asked her. He though she would have changed by now..

” woo Laksh.. I thought you are there na.. So why should i do it myself.. ”

He was confused.
What does she mean by that.. does she expect me to remove her clothes or what he thought ..  And thats when it strikes him what haaye told.
He looked at her through the mirror and asked.  ” r u sure Ragini. ”

She looked down shyly.. And Laksh under stood this as a green signal.. He moved closer to her and stood begin her.. She saw his gaze was not on her.. But on her chest which was moving up and down.. She felt shy and looked away.. He slowly made her stand up and turned her towards him.  Without a second thought he pulls her to himself making her crash on him.. He was testimonies horny feeling her boss*ms on his chest.. He growled.. And captured her lips..
He was sucking her upper and lower lip simultaneously .. She too was responding with equal passion.. sher one hand was on her back and the other hand was caressing his hair.
He pulled her more close and slowly unpinned her sari from her shoulders making it fall on her arms.. He slowly pulled out of the kiss due to lack of breath.. He then looked at her partially visible upper half ..  He could see the swells of her boss*m due to the deep neck of her blouse..  it was making him mor thirsty.. She was shivering under his gaze..  He slowly bent forwarded and kissed her skin just above her blouse near her cleavage.
” laksh..  ” she gasped..
He moved further down kissing her cleavage..  And kicking it.
He burried..  his face there kissing it.  While she went weak on her knees..

He picked her up making her pallu fall down revealing her whole upper body to him.  He hated her blouse for being a barrier..
He made her lies down on the bed covering them with a blanket and stitching off the light.. He got rid off all the barriers and made her his.

After twenty five years

” mom.. Im really scared .. I mean he is a stranger to me.. how can I adjust.  ” asks diya to her mom.

” diya.. there is nothing to worry.. ratan is a good guy. And i told he knows you from so long… I mean he saw your photo long before.. So.. its fine beta. ” her mom said.

” arrey.. princes.  Even me and Ragini had an arranged marriage.. And look how we love each other..  And ratan is a good boy you see. ” said her father..

” hmm..Ok .. remember I am marrying him only because you two are forcing me “she said and went to her room..

” Ragini why did you tell her that ratan knew her before.. ”

” wo Laksh.. slip of tongue.. Im sorry..”

” imagine if maa jad told you that i knew you before.  So you think our confession would have been so good.  No na.  You are such a kid inspite if being the mother of two kids .. huh.. ”

” haa papa.. mamma is such a a kid” said thier son raksh.  Who was two years younger than his sister.

” waise.. mom dad. Dont expect me to do an arranged marriage.. you know I am like papa.. I have already found my love.. ” he said.  While leaving Raglak shocked .

The end..  o

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