Raglak – Lovers or Enemies (prologue)

Hey my lovely readers!! It’s Saghi here with another ff. This will be Raglak ff. Hope u guys will like it….

A cute girl of 8 is playing in a park with her best frnd a smart boy of 9.. Years passed and their friendship grew stronger and stronger.. And both started feeling special for each other..

Now girl is 21 and boy is 22 its friendship day.. Both decided to confes their felings to each other..

But destiny has its different plans.. What happens when these best friends instead of becoming lovers became biggest enemies of each other..

Hope u guys liked it… please do comments and let me know should I continue. I’ll update first chapter on Monday.. I’ll update first chapter on Monday. I’ll update my other ff’s  next week. Saadi love story on Tuesday and Dil vil pyar vyar on thrusday..

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    Interesting continue keep going

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  6. Interesting and plz continue. Thanks for Raglak story

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  10. Nice.love hate stories are my favourite

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